Wisconsin updates substitute form approval requirements

Wisconsin has released the approval requirements for substitute forms. A substitute tax form is a computer generated tax form produced by a software developer or payroll provider for use in lieu of the Wisconsin Department of Revenue’s official form. Reproduced tax forms that deviate from the official forms are considered substitute tax forms. If the guidelines are followed, the Department will accept reproductions of official forms with prior approval. Developers are advised to make every attempt to make the layout of the forms as similar to the Department’s official forms as possible. Software developers must comply with the required specifications within this document for each form to be considered approved for use. Approval of Substitute Forms: Initial submissions of substitute forms with 1D bar-codes must be submitted to the Department for approval no later than December 29th. All other substitute forms must be submitted for approval no later than January 14th. It is also recommended that submission be made using PDF files as e-mail attachments. Hard copy substitute forms submissions, including the OCR forms required for testing should be mailed to the Wisconsin Department of Revenue as follows: Michael Sutter, DTS Mail Stop 4-163, 2135 Rimrock Rd., PO Box 8903, Madison, WI 53708-8903. (Wisconsin Department of Revenue, Approval Requirements for Substitute Tax Forms, August 4, 2014.)

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