Payroll News Library


11/30/2018 -Arkansas and Missouri voters approve minimum wage increases
11/29/2018 -New FLSA opinion letters do about-face on 80/20 tip rule
11/28/2018 -IRS issues annual inflation amounts for 2019
11/27/2018 -North Carolina issues 2019 withholding tables
11/26/2018 -Georgia issues 2019 withholding tables
11/16/2018 -North Carolina adds counties eligible for hurricane tax relief
11/15/2018 -IRS updates process for liability determination, FUTA control
11/14/2018 -North Carolina voters approve new rate limit
11/13/2018 -SSA’s official COLA notice appears in Federal Register
11/12/2018 -DOL issues 2018 annual UC certifications of states under FUTA
11/9/2018 -NJ DOL issues FAQs on new earned sick leave law
11/8/2018 -Alaska’s minimum wage will increase to $9.89 Jan. 1
11/7/2018 -1.5% trigger surcharge in RUIA tax rate for 2019
11/6/2018 -IRS issues 2019 COLAs on dollar limitations on pension plans
11/5/2018 -Iowa issues withholding tables for 2019
11/2/2018 -Vermont’s minimum wage will increase to $10.78 on Jan. 1
11/1/2018 -Joint employer, overtime rules top fall agency list
10/31/2018 -Proposed regulations issued on HRAs
10/30/2018 -Reminder: Employers must give time off to vote in some states
10/29/2018 -Daylight Saving time to end Sunday, November 4
10/26/2018 -IRS grants more relief to Hurricane Michael and Florence victims
10/25/2018 -Florida’s minimum wage increases to $8.46 on Jan. 1
10/24/2018 -CMS announces 2019 Medicare Parts A & B amounts
10/23/2018 -IRS issues proposed rules on De Minimis error safe harbors
10/22/2018 -IRS pulls back 2019 Form W-4 changes
10/19/2018 -South Carolina updates Code conformity
10/18/2018 -Delaware makes no changes in 2018 W-2 and 1099 filing requirement
10/17/2018 -New Jersey’s minimum wage increases to $8.85 per hour on Jan. 1
10/16/2018 -2019 OASDI tax and earnings base increases to $132,900; COLA is 2.8%
10/15/2018 -Indiana announces changes to local income tax rates
10/12/2018 -Montana’s minimum wage will increase to $8.50 on Jan. 1
10/11/2018 -Colorado’s minimum wage increases to $11.10 on Jan. 1
10/10/2018 -IRS needs to improve withholding compliance program
10/9/2018 -House approves several tax bills
10/8/2018 -Missouri updates withholding tables
10/5/2018 -South Dakota’s minimum wage to increase January 1
10/4/2018 -DHS issues proposed rules on green cards and self-sufficiency
10/3/2018 -IRS reminds employers on family and medical leave credit
10/2/2018 -Large employers can now e-file employment tax returns
10/1/2018 -2019 per diem rates issued for travel expense reimbursements
9/28/2018 -Utah updates guidance on pass-through entity withholding
9/27/2018 -State Department employee could not exclude foreign income
9/26/2018 -IRS extends deadlines, provides tax relief for hurricane victims
9/25/2018 -WK projects annual inflation amounts for 2019
9/24/2018 – IRS updates 402(f) notice safe harbor language
9/21/2018 – Small businesses and self-employed urged to meet tax obligations
9/20/2018 – Retirees urged to use withholding calculator to avoid penalty
9/19/2018 – Taxpayers urged to avoid penalty for tax underpayment
9/18/2018 – IRS adjusts Pub. 1494 levy amounts for head of households
9/17/2018 – Interest rates remain the same in the fourth quarter of 2018
9/14/2018 -San Francisco, California payroll expense rate will be 0.38% for 2018
9/13/2018 -Ohio issues guidance on changes to residency guidelines
9/12/2018 -Colorado requests comments on proposed minimum wage order
9/11/2018 -TIGTA: Use Fed/State program better to improve compliance
9/10/2018 -IRS updates procedures on liability/information return penalty
9/7/2018 -Minnesota’s minimum wage will increase January 1
9/6/2018 -DOL seeks input on white collar regs’ salary level
9/5/2018 -New opinion letters address FLSA issues
9/4/2018 -Illinois issues withholding tables for exemption increase
8/31/2018 -Pennsylvania DOR updates eFile/ePay website
8/30/2018 -Indiana assessment proper for county tax withholding errors
8/29/2018 -Citrus grove owner not joint employer under common law
8/28/2018 -IRS provides guidance on meaning of covered employee
8/27/2018 -IRS issues 4th quarter 2017-2018 priority guidance plan
8/24/2018 -Minnesota discusses submission of W-2s and 1099s using e-Services
8/23/2018 -California EDD grants filing relief for victims of fires
8/22/2018 -Professionals must protect EFINs, PTINs and CAF numbers
8/21/2018 -IRS issues 2019 draft of Form W-2
8/20/2018 -GSA issues 2019 CONUS per diems
8/17/2018 -Here’s a reminder on the Oregon statewide transit tax
8/16/2018 -SIFL rates issued for the second half of 2018
8/15/2018 -SSA to issue Form W-2 mismatch letters
8/14/2018 -GAO issues report on the 2018 federal withholding tables
8/13/2018 -Maryland updates percentage method withholding tables
8/10/2018 -New Jersey modifies local payroll tax
8/9/2018 -California EDD grants filing relief for victims of fires, storm
8/8/2018 -IRS updates procedures for unagreed employment tax cases
8/7/2018 -Final rules accelerate W-2 filing, modify extension requests
8/6/2018 -House passes two HSA bills
8/2/2018 -North Carolina reminds employers on mandatory EFT
8/1/2018 -Connecticut reminds employers on EFT
7/31/2018 -California interest rates increase for first half of 2019
7/30/2018 -New Jersey issues new withholding tables
7/27/2018 -Missouri reduces tax rates for individuals
7/26/2018 -Hawaii authorizes mandatory electronic filing
7/25/2018 -DOL clarifies minimum wages for recreational employees
7/24/2018 -DOL issues guidance on nurses and caregivers
7/23/2018 -IRS updates substitute forms W-2/W-3 guidance
7/20/2018 -IRS posts third-party payroll video
7/19/2018 -New York updates new employer tax information
7/18/2018 -Idaho withholding guide updated with new W-4 worksheet
7/17/2018 -California grants extension for employers affected by Pawnee Fire
7/16/2018 -July per diems issued for foreign areas
7/13/2018 -Massachusetts increases minimum wage, enacts family leave
7/12/2018 -Delaware minimum wage to increase
7/11/2018 -California announces new electronic payment options; future penalties
7/10/2018 -Alaska regulations protect employees’ rights to keep tips
7/9/2018 -U.S. Sup. Ct.: Tip-pooling challenges dropped
6/29/2018 -NY DOL clarifies “hours worked” for home health workers
6/28/2018 -Michigan adjusts wage payment law
6/27/2018 -Hawaii updates Code conformity
6/26/2018 -D.C. voters approve raising the minimum wage for tipped workers
6/25/2018 -USCIS has a new website:
6/22/2018 -DOJ will not defend constitutionality of ACA’s individual mandate
6/21/2018 -Seattle repeals head tax on big business
6/20/2018 -SSA announces new matching program with Office of Child Support Enforcement
6/19/2018 -IRS urges users to renew ITINs now
6/18/2018 -Interest rates remain the same in the third quarter of 2018
6/15/2018 -NV Sup. Ct. defines “health benefits” for minimum wages
6/14/2018 -California “ABC test” expands definition of employee
6/13/2018 -IRS issues 2019 draft Form W-4
6/12/2018 -IRS addresses claims for adjustments made after calendar year
6/11/2018 -New Mexico issues revised 2018 withholding tables
6/8/2018 -Iowa Governor signs tax reform bill
6/7/2018 -IRS updates Modernized e-File testing specifications
6/6/2018 -IRS issues guidance on extended time for levy challenges
6/5/2018 -Law change affects moving, mileage and travel expenses
6/4/2018 -IRS to bring back aggregation for information return filing
5/25/2018 -Alabama amnesty begins July 1
5/24/2018 -Value of tuition waiver benefit was income
5/23/2018 -Employer appropriately withheld taxes from employee’s wages
5/22/2018 -IRS issues 2019 HSA inflation amounts
5/21/2018 -IRS issues 2019 HSA inflation amounts
5/18/2018 -Potential implications of expanding private disability insurance
5/17/2018 -IRS highlights WOTC for employers
5/16/2018 -Here’s the status of DOL’s upcoming regulatory agenda plans
5/15/2018 -Kentucky issues new withholding tables
5/14/2018 -Kentucky issues new withholding tables
5/11/2018 -New Jersey enacts paid sick leave legislation
5/10/2018 -Nebraska has a personal exemption credit, standard deduction
5/9/2018 -Michigan deadline changed, E-Filing requirement enacted
5/8/2018 -Inflation adjusted HSA limit changed back to $6,900
5/7/2018 -Idaho issues new withholding tables for 2018
5/4/2018 -Oklahoma changes reconciliation due date
5/3/2018 -North Carolina updates withholding booklet; no new tables
5/2/2018 -Indiana updates substitute forms guidelines
5/1/2018 -IRS issues guidance on tip reporting
4/30/2018 -USCIS says E-Verify program is modernized
4/27/2018 -NE restores personal exemptions, sets standard deductions
4/26/2018 -Kentucky legislature enacts tax law, overriding Governor’s veto
4/25/2018 -WHD issues guidance on white collar exemptions
4/24/2018 -DOL issues guidance on lump-sum garnishment payments
4/23/2018 -Utah issues new withholding tables effective May 1, 2018
4/20/2018 -Idaho adds regulation on employee status in franchises
4/19/2018 -Hawaii electronic funds transfer program rule amended
4/18/2018 -PEOs had standing to sue for FICA refunds
4/17/2018 -IRS issues FAQs on employer credit for family leave
4/16/2018 -DOL issues guidance on tips
4/13/2018 -Ohio notifies PEOs on reporting requirements
4/12/2018 -IRS requests comments on EFTPS
4/11/2018 -New York creates opt-in payroll tax, updates Code conformity
4/10/2018 -IRS issues tips for updating Form W-4
4/9/2018 -Colorado issues new withholding tables
4/6/2018 -West Virginia adjusts withholding return due dates
4/5/2018 -Indiana approves local income taxes, changes
4/4/2018 -TIGTA issues reports on IRS payroll filing, fraud detection
4/3/2018 -IRS issues tips for using the withholding calculator
4/2/2018 -Oklahoma issues new exemption certificate
3/23/2018 -Minnesota offers employment tax seminars
3/22/2018 -USCIS invites employers to E-Verify teleconference
3/21/2018 -Idaho updates Code conformity
3/20/2018 -New Mexico modifies annual withholding statement requirements
3/19/2018 -Missouri reissues 2018 withholding tables
3/16/2018 -Alabama enacts tax amnesty program
3/15/2018 -Pilot FLSA program will test employer self-reporting
3/14/2018 -IRS updates technical guidelines for employment tax issues
3/13/2018 -Interest rates increase for the second quarter of 2018
3/12/2018 -IRS modifies 2018 inflation adjustment amounts
3/9/2018 -Virginia updates Code conformity date
3/8/2018 -Louisiana releases guidance on updated withholding tables
3/7/2018 -March per diems issued for foreign areas
3/6/2018 -IRS releases new withholding calculator, W-4
3/5/2018 -North Dakota releases 2018 withholding tables
3/1/2018 -Alaska eliminates minimum wage exemption for disabilities
2/28/2018 -SIFL rates issued for the first half of 2018
2/27/2018 -9th Circuit to revisit DOL’s interpretation in tip credit case
2/26/2018 -President’s 2019 budget contains some payroll-related items
2/23/2018 -Indiana business must withhold on shareholder-employee premiums
2/22/2018 -Mass. common carrier exemption applies to school bus drivers
2/21/2018 -N.C. waives Form NC-3 late filing penalties
2/20/2018 -Louisiana issues 2018 withholding tables; implement ASAP
2/16/2018 -IRS issues 2nd quarter 2017-2018 priority guidance plan
2/15/2018 -SSA updates substitute forms W-2/W-3 guidance
2/14/2018 -Minnesota issues substitute form specifications
2/13/2018 -Pre-shift wait time not compensation under Portal Act
2/12/2018 -2018 pension limitations not affected by Tax Cut and Jobs Act
2/9/2018 -Puerto Rico issues withholding certificates for 2018
2/8/2018 -Illinois updates information on withholding payment
2/7/2018 -IRS updates electronic filing specifications for ACA forms
2/6/2018 -CFPB prepaid accounts rules are final
2/5/2018 -IRS issues Pub 15 plus W-4 withholding guidance
2/2/2018 -Pennsylvania Governor directs overhaul of state overtime rules
2/1/2018 -Illinois discusses W-2 electronic filing, storage requirements
1/31/2018 -Petition for review filed in RRTA taxes case
1/30/2018 -2017 EEO-1 survey filing period is open, deadline is March 31
1/29/2018 -Oregon has issued the 2018 withholding formulas
1/26/2018 -North Carolina issues Form NC-3 and FAQs
1/25/2018 -Massachusetts issues substitute form specs
1/24/2018 -Maryland lawmakers override governor’s sick and safe leave veto
1/23/2018 -IRS, states, and tax industry warn employers of Form W-2 scam
1/22/2018 -Federal contractors must use E-Verify
1/19/2018 -DOL proposed regulation would allow association health plans
1/18/2018 -Justices opt to stay out of joint-employer battle
1/17/2018 -Missouri issues 2018 withholding tables; will be reissued
1/16/2018 -Mississippi issues new withholding tables for 2018
1/15/2018 -IRS issues 2018 percentage method withholding tables
1/12/2018 -Wisconsin updates some withholding pubs
1/11/2018 -Puerto Rico issues guidance on withholding, pensions
1/10/2018 -Employers may file ACA forms electronically on January 22
1/9/2018 -IRS posts guidance on Form 1099-MISC with NEC in Box 7
1/8/2018 -IRS releases 2018 wage amounts exempt from levy
1/5/2018 -Delaware posts withholding forms
1/4/2018 -D.C. issues guidance on EFT
1/3/2018 -IRS intends to reestablish IRPAC
1/2/2018 -IRS issues guidance on 2018 withholding
12/22/2017 -Illinois issues new withholding tables for 2018
12/21/2017 -D.C. issues 2018 withholding tables
12/20/2017 -Connecticut updates withholding guide; no new tables
12/19/2017 -California issues 2018 withholding tables
12/18/2017 -IRS to release withholding tables in January
12/15/2017 -California’s minimum wage to increase to $11 and $10.50 per hour
12/14/2017 -DOL intends to rescind 2011 tip-pooling rule
12/13/2017 -Interest rates remain the same for the first quarter of 2018
12/12/2017 -IRS warns taxpayers about W-2 e-mail scams
12/11/2017 -New Mexico issues 2018 withholding tables
12/8/2017 -IRS issues 2018 Tier 2 railroad retirement tax rates
12/7/2017 -SSA changes 2018 wage base to $128,400
12/6/2017 -N.Y. State, City, and Yonkers 2018 withholding tables issued
12/5/2017 -Minnesota issues 2018 withholding tables
12/4/2017 -Both Senate and House tax bills include payroll items
11/30/2017 -Missouri’s minimum wage will increase to $7.85 on Jan. 1
11/29/2017 -CT updates guidance on electronic filing of Form W-2 for tax year 2017
11/28/2017 -CT issues guidance on electronic filing of 1099-R, 1099-MISC, and W-2G
11/27/2017 -Form W-2 filing penalties on the rise
11/24/2017 -Delaware announces withholding tax 2018 due dates
11/22/2017 -IRS reminds employers reporting due date is January 31
11/21/2017 -Both Senate and House tax bills include payroll items
11/20/2017 -Maine issues withholding tables for 2018
11/17/2017 -New York City expands paid sick leave law to crime victims
11/16/2017 -Nebraska Form W-3N will not be mailed to previous year E-Filers
11/15/2017 -DOL issues 2017 annual UC certifications of states under FUTA
11/14/2017 -IRS updates FAQs on employer shared responsibility
11/13/2017 -House passes roll back of revised joint-employer standard
11/3/2017 -Washington issues rules for mandatory paid sick leave in 2018
11/2/2017 -Puerto Rico updates Christmas bonus regulations
11/1/2017 -New Jersey issues specifications for reporting W-2s via electronic filing
10/31/2017 -CRS issues report with resources to answer ACA questions
10/30/2017 -Daylight Saving time to end Sunday
10/27/2017 -Montana DOR addresses 2018 withholding
10/26/2017 -Connecticut explains new pension withholding for 2018
10/25/2017 -2018 OASDI bases increase to $128,700; COLA is 2.0%
10/24/2017 -IRS issues 2018 COLAs on dollar limitations on pension plans
10/23/2017 -IRS issues 2018 inflation adjustments
10/20/2017 -California updates 2018 computer overtime exemptions
10/19/2017 -Alaska’s minimum wage will increase to $9.84 in 2018
10/18/2017 -IRS encourages leave-based donations due to Maria
10/17/2017 -President issues executive order pushing HRA expansion
10/16/2017 -California grants relief to employers affected by wildfires
10/13/2017 -Ohio’s minimum wage will increase to $8.30 per hour in 2018
10/12/2017 -New Jersey minimum wage will increase to $8.60 in January
10/11/2017 -Montana minimum wage will increase to $8.30 on January 1
10/10/2017 -Colorado to hold hearing on proposed Minimum Wage Order 34
10/9/2017 -Canadian’s U.S. unemployment income subject to U.S. tax
10/6/2017 -Wisconsin expands EFT requirement
10/5/2017 -South Dakota’s minimum wage will increase to $8.85 per hour in 2018
10/4/2017 -North Carolina issues Information for entities withholding income tax
10/3/2017 -2018 per diem rates issued for travel expense reimbursements
10/2/2017 -Indiana announces changes to local tax rates for October 1
9/29/2017 -West Virginia updates EFT requirements
9/28/2017 -Minimum wage on federal contracts increasing to $10.35
9/27/2017 -EEOC implements OMB stay of EEO-1 pay data collection
9/26/2017 -IRS issues proposed regs on truncated SSNs
9/25/2017 -Wolters Kluwer issues projected tax adjustments for 2018
9/22/2017 -New York expands paid sick leave benefits for 9/11 responders
9/21/2017 -DOJ will drop Fifth Circuit appeal of overtime rules
9/20/2017 -IRS gives tax relief to victims of Hurricane Irma
9/19/2017 -IRS encourages leave-based donations due to Irma
9/18/2017 -Interest rates remain the same for the fourth quarter of 2017
9/15/2017 -Virginia reminds payors about tax amnesty
9/14/2017 -California prohibits retaliation against immigrant workers
9/13/2017 -Texas district court puts an end to the overtime rule
9/12/2017 -IRS issues record retention guidance due to Harvey
9/11/2017 -IRS encourages leave-based donations due to Harvey
9/8/2017 -Oregon increases payroll tax to fund transportation projects
9/7/2017 -New York issues guidance on new Paid Family Leave Program
9/6/2017 -EEO-1 Report’s compensation data requirement stayed
9/5/2017 -South Carolina issues 2017 withholding tables
9/1/2017 -Minnesota minimum wage to increase January 1, 2018
8/31/2017 -Illinois Freedom to Work Act amended
8/30/2017 -Arizona withholding return due dates changed
8/29/2017 -SIFL rates issued for the second half of 2017
8/28/2017 -Police officers not entitled to overtime for duty work on PDAs
8/25/2017 -IRS warns tax professionals of W-2 email scam
8/24/2017 -Profit sharing bonus properly excluded from regular rate
8/23/2017 -Oregon governor signs workplace scheduling bill
8/22/2017 -Requirements for reproduction/substitute forms corrected
8/21/2017 -GSA issues 2018 CONUS per diems
8/11/2017 -Illinois flood-related deadline relief extended
8/10/2017 -Wisconsin issues bulletin on military pay, withholding
8/9/2017 -Michigan program allows authorized businesses to retain withholding
8/8/2017 -TIGTA: Potential underreported tax not being addressed
8/7/2017 -Maine issues new withholding tables; implement immediately
8/4/2017 -DC deduction, exemptions, credit and rates updated
8/3/2017 -Delaware updates personal income tax: W-2 and 1099 FAQs
8/2/2017 -District Court had jurisdiction over FICA refund claims
8/1/2017 -DOL’s prohibition on employers retaining tips is invalid
7/28/2017 -EBSA removes state payroll deduction IRA regulations
7/27/2017 -Social security annual report projects $130,500 wage base
7/26/2017 -IRS lists certified professional employer organizations
7/25/2017 -IRS updates substitute forms W-2/W-3 guidance
7/24/2017 -USCIS updates E-Verify manuals
7/21/2017 -Newer version of Form I-9 to be released
7/20/2017 -California extends deadlines due to fires
7/19/2017 -Senate releases draft health care reform bill version II
7/18/2017 -Illinois issues new withholding tables; implement immediately
7/17/2017 -Idaho issues new withholding tables for 2017
7/14/2017 -Illinois income tax rate increased to 4.95% beginning July 1, 2017
7/13/2017 -IRS issue final and temporary final regs on international withholding
7/12/2017 -DOL to resume issuing wage-hour opinion letters
7/11/2017 -DOL will defend salary level authority in overtime appeal
7/10/2017 -Kansas issues new withholding tables, supplemental wage rate
6/30/2017 -Maine changes information return deadline
6/29/2017 -Louisiana authorizes electronic tax returns, payments
6/28/2017 -CFPB requests comments on payroll cards
6/27/2017 -House passes mobile workforce tax simplification
6/26/2017 -Senate releases draft health care reform bill
6/23/2017 -Kansas legislature overrides veto, enacts income tax rate increase
6/22/2017 -Interest rates remain the same for the third quarter of 2017
6/21/2017 -Court strikes PTIN fees; IRS suspends registration, renewal
6/20/2017 -Information request on OT rule is in the works
6/19/2017 -New York issues new withholding tables for New York City
6/16/2017 -Ohio court overturns state control of labor and fringe benefits
6/15/2017 -Michigan discusses reciprocal agreements
6/14/2017 -California EDD has payroll advice for cannabis businesses
6/13/2017 -SSA announces a new matching program with the OCSE
6/12/2017 -DOL withdraws informal guidance on joint employment
6/9/2017 -Pennsylvania amnesty period ends soon
6/8/2017 -Delaware adopts federal due dates for returns
6/7/2017 -Employer successfully raised MCA exemption defense
6/6/2017 -President signs bill killing state payroll deduction rules
6/5/2017 -President’s 2018 budget contains some payroll-related items
5/26/2017 -Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, EITC now available to nonresidents
5/25/2017 -Oklahoma adjusts standard deduction
5/24/2017 -President did not willfully fail to pay trust-fund taxes
5/23/2017 -Employer self-funded health plan payment not excluded
5/22/2017 -Lawmakers seek clarification on franchise joint employers
5/19/2017 -Ruling that ROV technician qualified as ‘seaman’ reversed
5/18/2017 -USCIS updates E-Verify supplemental guide for employers
5/17/2017 -USCIS reissues some receipt notices for work documents
5/16/2017 -IRS releases HSA inflation adjustments for 2018
5/15/2017 -Senate votes to kill DOL state payroll deduction rules
5/12/2017 -Retiree ineligible to contribute to HSA due to Medicare entitlement
5/11/2017 -Small businesses can apply research credit to payroll liability
5/10/2017 -Budget bill has E-Verify provision, no mandate to use
5/9/2017 -IRS updates Form 941-X and instructions
5/8/2017 -House passes health care bill with payroll related items
5/5/2017 -Hawaii withholding return filing changed from monthly to quarterly
5/4/2017 -DOL gets another extension in defense of overtime rule
5/3/2017 -DOL offers advice on how to handle uniform costs
5/2/2017 -President outlines tax cut; EO issued to reduce tax burden
5/1/2017 -IRS releases rules for filing, reproducing substitute forms 941
4/28/2017 -New Jersey addresses taxability of signing bonus
4/27/2017 -Michigan to allow bulk filing of forms
4/26/2017 -Arkansas addresses withholding of tax on pay for domestic services
4/25/2017 -Piece-work pay plan that reduced weekly bonus violated FLSA
4/24/2017 -USCIS tells employers to review some Form I-9s
4/21/2017 -South Carolina bars subdivisions from mandating benefits
4/20/2017 -Puerto Rico labor and flexibility law provisions summarized
4/19/2017 -Illinois eliminates annual withholding for most employers
4/18/2017 -Arizona issues alert for Form W-2 email phishing scam
4/17/2017 -Employer may violate minimum wage if tip credit is applied
4/14/2017 -Iowa law bars local laws exceeding state or federal minimum wage
4/13/2017 -Withholding required on employee discounts taxed to employees
4/12/2017 -Common-law employer liable for employment taxes
4/11/2017 -Worker tax information discoverable in worker reclassification case
4/10/2017 -Pre-employment training was noncompensable
4/7/2017 -President Trump repeals “contractor blacklisting” rule
4/6/2017 -Representative introduces one-page Obamacare repeal bill
4/5/2017 -Payroll card rules delayed until April 1, 2018
4/4/2017 -IRS issues process to report payroll data losses
4/3/2017 -IRS issues employee FICA consent refund requirements
3/30/2017 -Vermont filing deadline extended for businesses affected by Stella
3/29/2017 -Utah requires electronic filing for withholding returns
3/28/2017 -North Carolina delays semiweekly withholding payment vouchers
3/27/2017 -Maryland updates filing due date regulations
3/24/2017 -Hawaii DOT revokes requirement to file Form 941 with Form HW-14
3/23/2017 -Virginia enacts 2017-2018 amnesty program
3/22/2017 -Independent contractor need not have worked for others
3/21/2017 -Congress to repeal payroll deduction savings plans rules
3/20/2017 -Vetoed Obamacare repeal bill reintroduced in the Senate
3/17/2017 -SD law nixes joint-employer liability between franchisees, franchisors
3/16/2017 -IRS requests comments on Forms 943
3/15/2017 -Interest rates remain the same for the second quarter of 2017
3/14/2017 -“Blacklisting rule” abolished and sent to Trump
3/13/2017 -House Republicans unveil ACA repeal, replacement bill
3/10/2017 -S.C. issues guidance on nonresident shareholder, partner withholding
3/9/2017 -Missouri Supreme Court upholds St. Louis minimum wage
3/8/2017 -Enhanced sentence proper for failing to pay employment taxes
3/7/2017 -Trump discusses tax reform, ACA replacement in joint address
3/6/2017 -USCIS updates Form I-9 handbook
3/3/2017 -New York paycard rules are repealed
3/2/2017 -Montana amends wage and tax statement due dates
3/1/2017 -Louisiana extends deadlines for taxpayers in disaster areas
2/28/2017 -Arkansas updates Code conformity
2/27/2017 -DOL seeks extension of overtime rule injunction
2/24/2017 -Virginia enacts Code conformity legislation
2/23/2017 -No closing agreements to prepay FICA nonqualified deferred pay
2/22/2017 -Corporation was successor employer for annual wage purposes
2/21/2017 -OMB provides guidance on executive order on regulations
2/17/2017 -District of Columbia amends withholding regulations
2/16/2017 -Connecticut revises guidance regarding withholding requirements
2/15/2017 -Arkansas lowers income tax rates
2/14/2017 -Congress targets payroll card regulations for repeal
2/13/2017 -IRS issues Pub 15-A, Employer’s Supplemental Tax Guide
2/10/2017 -Minnesota issues guidance on withholding responsibilities
2/9/2017 -USCIS reminds employers on new visa regulation
2/8/2017 -USCIS reminder: new I-9 form must be used
2/7/2017 -Administration doubles down on eliminating regulations
2/6/2017 -President Trump begins ACA repeal with executive order
2/2/2017 -NY releases model templates for use of paycards, direct deposit
2/1/2017 -Montana issues withholding, filing reminders
1/31/2017 -California provides relief to taxpayers affected by winter storms
1/30/2017 -Tax cuts predicted; regulatory freeze issued, ACA action taken
1/27/2017 -Oregon interest rates increased for 2017
1/26/2017 -Georgia announces 2017 interest rate
1/25/2017 -IRS requests comments on EFTPS for reporting agents
1/24/2017 -North Dakota discusses due dates, extensions
1/23/2017 -Minnesota enacts Code conformity law
1/20/2017 -Maine clarifies 2017 withholding calculations
1/19/2017 -Illinois taxpayers required to file quarterly returns in 2017
1/18/2017 -CO employers/payers reminded to submit timely W-2s, 1099s
1/17/2017 -Evidence points to willful failure to pay employment taxes
1/16/2017 -January per diems issued for foreign areas
1/13/2017 -Rhode Island releases information for reporting W-2s electronically
1/12/2017 -New York launches multi-agency unit to police minimum wage rules
1/11/2017 -Regs issued on withholding of tax on U.S. source payments
1/10/2017 -IRS issues guidance on certified professional employer status
1/9/2017 -Reminder: Inauguration day is a payroll holiday
1/6/2017 -New York increases administrative and executive exemptions for 2017
1/5/2017 -Illinois updates withholding publicationss
1/4/2017 -North Dakota issues 2017 withholding tables
1/3/2017 -Idaho updates withholding pub; no new tables
12/22/2016 -Fifth Circuit expedites review of ruling blocking overtime rule
12/21/2016 -IRS issues decreased 2017 mileage rates
12/20/2016 -Congress passes bipartisan Veterans Tax Fairness Bill
12/19/2016 -Bipartisan Cures Act permits certain small business HRAs
12/16/2016 -Congress passes small business HRA bill
12/15/2016 -Interest rates remain the same for the first quarter of 2017
12/14/2016 -North Carolina issues 2017 withholding tables
12/13/2016 -California issues 2017 withholding tables
12/12/2016 -IRS issues 2017 percentage method withholding tables
12/9/2016 -FLSA overtime rule blocked by court, appealed by DOL
12/8/2016 -House passes small business HRA bill
12/7/2016 -IRS issues Tier 2 tax rates for 2017
12/6/2016 -N.J.-Pennsylvania reciprocal agreement will NOT be ending
12/5/2016 -Oregon announces new deadline for electronic filing of W-2s, 1099s
12/2/2016 -South Carolina issues 2017 withholding tax tables reminder
12/1/2016 -Indiana updates withholding guidance on out-of-state income
11/30/2016 -DOL issues 2016 annual UC certifications of states under FUTA
11/29/2016 -IRS extends ACA information reporting due dates
11/28/2016 -Overtime rule effective December 1 unless blocked by court
11/23/2016 -District of Columbia releases user sign-up guide
11/22/2016 -Missouri’s minimum wage will increase to $7.70 January 1
11/21/2016 -USCIS has issued the new Form I-9
11/17/2016 -IRS updates substitute forms W-2/W-3 guidance
11/16/2016 -IRS releases 2017 wage amounts exempt from levy
11/15/2016 -Minnesota issues 2017 withholding tables
11/14/2016 -Kentucky issues 2017 withholding tables
11/4/2016 -Alaska’s minimum wage will increase to $9.80 per hour
11/3/2016 -Premiums rising, enrollees to pay 40-49 percent of costs in donut hole
11/1/2016 -IRS issues 2017 inflation adjustments
10/31/2016 -Daylight Saving time to end Sunday
10/28/2016 -California DIR updates overtime exemptions for 2017
10/27/2016 -RRB retirement wage bases, tax rates for 2017
10/26/2016 -Reminder: Employers must give time off to vote in some states
10/25/2016 -2017 OASDI tax and earnings base increases
10/14/2016 -Ohio requests school district codes on Form W-2
10/13/2016 -D.C. reminds employers on new withholding requirements
10/12/2016 -IRS updates electronic filing specifications for ACA forms
10/11/2016 -Bill to delay final OT rule for 6 months clears House
10/10/2016 -CFPB finalizes prepaid account (payroll card) regulations
10/7/2016 -Illinois discusses withholding income tax changes for 2017
10/6/2016 -Connecticut updates tax guide for withholding on nonpayroll amounts
10/5/2016 -Short-week payments not excludable as benefits from wages
10/4/2016 -IRS issues deposit guidance
10/3/2016 -Claims Court nixes “reimbursement” for FICA settlement
9/30/2016 -South Carolina updates withholding information
9/29/2016 -District of Columbia discusses increases in standard deduction
9/28/2016 -IRS reminds employers of WOTC changes, requirements
9/27/2016 -Minimum wage rate for federal contractors published
9/26/2016 -Wolters Kluwer projects 2017 inflation adjustments
9/23/2016 -South Carolina issues reminder about 2017 tax tables
9/22/2016 -Pennsylvania issues 2017 tax amnesty program guidelines
9/21/2016 -Minnesota online services unavailable September 29, October 5
9/20/2016 -USCIS says a new Form I-9 is coming
9/19/2016 -Interest rates remain the same for the fourth quarter of 2016
9/16/2016 -NC amends supplemental wage withholding regulation
9/15/2016 -NY paycard regulation further strengthens protections for workers
9/14/2016 -DC issues important information for bulk withholding filers
9/13/2016 -San Francisco, CA payroll expense tax released
9/12/2016 -Male employee’s equal pay claim fails
9/2/2016 -Louisiana tax filing and payment extensions granted due to flooding
9/1/2016 -California requires prompt payment of final wages to retirees
8/31/2016 -Short-week payments not excludable as benefits from wages
8/30/2016 -SIFL rates issued for the second half of 2016
8/26/2016 -IRS posts draft publication 5164 on electronic filing of ACA forms
8/25/2016 -IRS, state provide tax relief to Louisiana storm victims
8/24/2016 -Indiana local income taxes discussed
8/23/2016 -Companions can be employees of individuals
8/22/2016 -GSA issues 2017 CONUS per diems
8/17/2016 -IRS issues interim guidance on CPEOs in response to comments
8/16/2016 -IRS updates ITIN expiration FAQs
8/15/2016 -LinkedIn profile did not prove “highly compensated” status
8/12/2016 -Minnesota discusses upcoming deadline for withholding tax returns
8/11/2016 -California EDD issues electronic filing reminder
8/10/2016 -Arizona addresses withholding requirements for tip income
8/9/2016 -IRS describes ITIN changes, renewals
8/8/2016 -South Carolina issues 2017 withholding tables
8/5/2016 -Oklahoma discusses employer’s liability to withhold tax
8/4/2016 -Minnesota’s minimum wage goes up August 1
8/3/2016 -Final rule on sick leave for government employees near
8/2/2016 -Withheld pay doesn’t surrender hourly computer exemption
8/1/2016 -FLSA penalties for minimum wage and overtime increased
7/29/2016 -Pennsylvania authorizes local school payroll tax
7/28/2016 -SSA adjusts 2017 fee for SSN verification transactions
7/27/2016 -IRS addresses failure to file certain information returns
7/26/2016 -Proposal would phase in threshold increase under OT rule
7/25/2016 -DOL clarifies effective date for HCE exemption
7/13/2016 -California changes electronic payment process
7/12/2016 -Electronic ACA information returns can still be filed
7/11/2016 -Idaho issues new withholding tables for 2016
6/29/2016 -D.C. Council gives final nod to increased minimum wages
6/28/2016 -Unused benefits pay must be included in regular rate
6/27/2016 -E-Verify will begin deactivating some user IDs
6/24/2016 -D.C. is changing withholding forms
6/23/2016 -California reminds employers of mandatory e-file and e-pay
6/22/2016 -Arizona updates guidance on withholding tax remittance date
6/21/2016 -House committee hears testimony on DOL’s overtime rule
6/20/2016 -U.S., Czech Republic enter into supp. Totalization agreement
6/17/2016 -North Carolina updates Code conformity tie-in date
6/16/2016 -Midwest interstate truck drivers exempt from overtime pay
6/15/2016 -Minneapolis ordinance gives sick, safe-time leave to employees
6/14/2016 -Republican Senators move to block DOL’s final overtime rule
6/13/2016 -Interest rates remain the same for the third quarter of 2016
6/10/2016 -Colorado issues withholding tax filing tips
6/9/2016 -California addresses electronic filing and payment requirements
6/8/2016 -Ark. Sup. Ct.: Despite custom, donning and doffing compensable
6/7/2016 -Arizona law addresses minimum wage, nonwage compensation
6/6/2016 -Wellness program cash rewards not excluded from income
5/26/2016 -Beef plant employees can’t show entitlement to meal break pay
5/25/2016 -Mississippi bill phases out franchise tax, reduces income taxes
5/24/2016 -Arizona enacts change to Code conformity date, partnership returns
5/23/2016 -Final white collar overtime rule carries a few surprises
5/18/2016 -California trucking companies get chance to reclassify drivers
5/17/2016 -Network administrator fell “squarely within” exemption
5/16/2016 -IRS erroneously treats some payroll deposits as being late
5/13/2016 -California requires employers to electronically submit tax returns
5/12/2016 -IRS requests comments on Forms 13920 and 13930
5/11/2016 -Regs clarify tax rules for partnership with disregarded entity
5/10/2016 -DOJ reminds employers to comply with employment tax laws
5/9/2016 -IRS issues 2015-2016 3rd quarter priority guidance plan
5/6/2016 -U.S. Virgin Islands minimum wage to increase to $10.50 per hour
5/5/2016 -Special rule cuts payroll tax for successor employers
5/4/2016 -IRS releases electronic specs for ACA information returns
5/3/2016 -Final rules provide method for adjusting AFRs
5/2/2016 -IRS issues 2017 inflation adjustments for HSAs
4/22/2016 -IRS requests IRSAC nominations
4/21/2016 -Minnesota shares new withholding tax calculator
4/20/2016 -Oregon amends wage statement rules
4/19/2016 -California law expands paid family leave benefits
4/18/2016 -DOL had authority to promulgate tip-pool rule change
4/14/2016 -NY enacts $15 minimum wage; 12-week paid family leave
4/13/2016 -California to raise the minimum wage to $15 statewide
4/12/2016 -IRS requests comments on Form 5884
4/11/2016 -IRS reviews employment tax claims
4/8/2016 -West Virginia authorizes reciprocity agreements
4/7/2016 -NC bans local government regulation of wages and hours
4/6/2016 -California minimum wage agreement reached
4/5/2016 -IRS revises procedures for electronic filing of Form 8027
4/4/2016 -IRS issues substitute forms specs for Forms W-2c/ W-3c
4/1/2016 -South Carolina interest rate increases in second quarter 2016
3/31/2016 -Idaho bars localities from surpassing state minimum wage
3/30/2016 -California voters to decide on gradual minimum wage increases
3/29/2016 -Lawmakers move to nullify proposed white collar rules
3/28/2016 -IRS updates modernized e-File (MeF) guide
3/25/2016 -Maine enacts tax conformity legislation
3/24/2016 -Corporation was successor employer for wage purposes
3/23/2016 -Countdown to overtime rule ticks closer
3/22/2016 -IRS clarifies tax treatment of retroactive transit benefits
3/21/2016 -IRS updates specifications for filing Form 1042-S electronically
3/17/2016 -Pennsylvania raises minimum wage in state government
3/16/2016 -IRS releases rules for filing, reproducing substitute forms 941
3/15/2016 -SSA requests input from software developers, providers
3/14/2016 -IRS announces 2016 housing amounts for those abroad
3/4/2016 -Oregon minimum wage bill approved
3/3/2016 -IRS simplifies rules for filing employment tax returns
3/2/2016 -Chamber of Commerce seeks extension of comment period
3/1/2016 -President signs increase in failure to file penalty
2/29/2016 -Daylight saving wage and hour issues arise this month
2/26/2016 -Maine citizens’ initiative to increase minimum wage to go on ballot
2/25/2016 -SIFL rates issued for the first half of 2016
2/24/2016 -Congress passes increase in failure to file penalty
2/23/2016 -New payroll reporting requirements in the works
2/22/2016 -President’s budget contains some payroll items
2/8/2016 -IRS provides updates to Publication 1220
2/4/2016 -Insurance investigators nonexempt, entitled to overtime
2/3/2016 -Pennsylvania minimum wage did not apply to time spent traveling
2/2/2016 -IRS gives large employers five important ACA facts
2/1/2016 -In-home domestic companionship service was exempt
1/29/2016 -Minnesota discusses 2016 withholding tax updates
1/28/2016 -Massachusetts issues guidance on 2016 amnesty program
1/27/2016 -Iowa discusses military retirement benefits
1/26/2016 -Georgia updates withholding guide
1/25/2016 -E-file providers must have all forms before filing returns
1/22/2016 -Wisconsin releases publication on annual W-2 electronic reporting
1/21/2016 -Utah reminds employers of new due date for reconciliation forms
1/20/2016 -Minnesota discusses various withholding responsibilities
1/19/2016 -Taxi drivers were employees; cab company owes UI taxes
1/18/2016 -Guidance issued on retroactive transit, parking benefit parity
1/15/2016 -NYC government employees will see $15 minimum wage by end of 2018
1/14/2016 -Minnesota revises specifications for electronically submitting W-2s
1/13/2016 -Minimum wage is scheduled to increase in 14 states
1/12/2016 -Health coverage information reporting deadlines extended
1/11/2016 -IRS issues 2016 employment tax publications
1/8/2016 -Illinois 1st half 2016 interest to remain the same
1/7/2016 -Colorado 2016 interest to remain the same
1/6/2016 -California offers relief for employers affected by terrorist attack
1/5/2016 -Ohio posts 2016 withholding forms and letter
1/4/2016 -Medical resident’s wages not excludable under treaty
12/31/2015 -Interest rates remain the same for the first quarter of 2016
12/30/2015 -Contributions to governmental plan were subject to income and FICA taxes
12/29/2015 -IRS corrects procedure providing guidelines for substitute forms
12/28/2015 -Extenders bill sent to the President
12/23/2015 -Massachusetts issues withholding tables for 2016
12/22/2015 -North Carolina issues 2016 withholding tables
12/21/2015 -Maryland issues 2016 withholding guide, only three changes
12/18/2015 -IRS initiative helps employers keep payroll taxes current
12/17/2015 -Health coverage information reporting deadlines approaching
12/16/2015 -2016 New York , NYC, and Yonkers withholding tables issued
12/15/2015 -Connecticut issues 2016 withholding tables
12/14/2015 -IRS issues 2016 percentage method withholding tables
12/11/2015 -Washington issues 2016 industrial insurance rates
12/10/2015 -Ohio updates magnetic media reporting guidance
12/9/2015 -DOL may issue final OT rule by July 2016
12/8/2015 -Wisconsin withholding tables will not change for 2016
12/7/2015 -Maine issues new withholding tables for 2016
12/4/2015 -Buffalo and Rochester adopt $15 minimum wage for city workers
12/3/2015 -Colorado proposes minimum wage increase for 2016
12/2/2015 -IRS addresses employer payment of employee health insurance
12/1/2015 -Information sought on professional employer organizations’ practices
11/30/2015 -IRS issues 2016 Tier 2 railroad retirement tax rates
11/25/2015 -Electronic filers of ACA information returns must use AIR programs
11/24/2015 -DOL announces states with 2015 FUTA credit reductions
11/23/2015 -Kentucky issues 2016 withholding tables
11/20/2015 -NY Governor raises minimum wage for state workers to $15 by 2021
11/19/2015 -IRS extends comment period for Form W-2 automatic extension regs
11/18/2015 -Ohio local tax rates: November election results
11/17/2015 -IRS requests comments on ATIPs
11/16/2015 -California issues 2016 withholding tables
11/13/2015 -IRS requests comments on Consumer Tipping Survey Study
11/12/2015 -IRS issues reminders on employment taxes
11/11/2015 -Obama signs bipartisan Budget Act of 2015
11/10/2015 -IRS revises procedures for electronic filing of Form 8027
11/9/2015 -IRS releases 2016 wage amounts exempt from levy
11/6/2015 -Utah employers subject to new electronic filing requirement
11/5/2015 -North Carolina updates employers on withholding changes
11/4/2015 -Iowa withholding tables will not change for 2016
11/3/2015 -Action against employer for refund of FICA taxes dismissed
11/2/2015 IRS issues 2015-2016 1st quarter priority guidance plan
10/29/2015 RRB retirement wage bases, tax rates for 2016
10/28/2015 IRS/SSA updates substitute FormsW-2/W-3 guidance
10/27/2015 IRS issues 2016 COLAs on dollar limitations on pension plans
10/26/2015 IRS issues 2016 inflation adjustments
10/21/2015 SSA adjusts 2015-2016 fee for SSN verification transactions
10/20/2015 IRS provides updates to Publication 1220
10/19/2015 2016 OASDI tax and earnings base remains the same
10/16/2015 Connecticut provides guidance on electronic filing of payroll forms
10/15/2015 California updates computer, physician overtime exemptions
10/14/2015 IRS updates guide on IRS employment tax audits
10/13/2015 President revises PPACA’s definition of small businesses
10/12/2015 Arizona will not change withholding rates for 2016
10/08/2015 Alabama enacts amnesty bill
10/07/2015 Indiana announces changes to local income tax rates
10/06/2015 IRS issues guidance for examiner employment tax audits
10/05/2015 Judgments against Tyson reversed in donning-doffing suits
10/02/2015  Oregon’s minimum wage will not increase in 2016
10/01/2015   New Jersey’s minimum wage will stay the same in 2016
9/30/2015 Portland, Maine boosts hourly minimum wage to $10.68 by 2017
9/29/2015 California disaster relief announced for victims of wildfires
9/28/2015 IRS issues 2015 Form 1094 and 1095 series
9/25/2015 Massachusetts announces launch of new electronic tax filing system
9/24/2015 Indiana DOR reminds taxpayers of amnesty period
9/23/2015 California EDD extends relief to those affected by wildfires
9/22/2015 Wolters Kluwer projects 2016 inflation adjustments
9/21/2015 2016 per diem rates issued for travel expense reimbursements
9/10/2015 Kentucky updates WRAPS user guide
9/9/2015 September foreign per diem rates released
9/8/2015 Employers’ tip-pooling arrangement didn’t violate FLSA
9/4/2015 Ohio executive retirement plan not subject to municipal tax
9/3/2015 Alabama discusses withholding tax exemption change
9/2/2015 IRS offers PPACA webinars for employers, coverage providers
9/1/2015 IRS provides additional information on Early Contact Program
8/31/2015 DOL’s companionship and live-in care services regs upheld
8/28/2015 California requires electronic filing of withholding returns, payments
8/27/2015 NLRB declines jurisdiction over Northwestern football players
8/26/2015 CONUS per diem rates released for fiscal 2016
8/25/2015 Small Business: CCH Federal Tax Perspectives available
8/24/2015 IRS reminds employers to correctly classify workers
8/21/2015 Value of transit pass excludable from employee’s income
8/20/2015 IRS creates initiative to prevent payroll tax delinquencies
8/19/2015 SIFL rates issued for the second half of 2015
8/18/2015 New rules remove automatic extension to file W-2
8/17/2015 IRS issues draft Forms 1095
8/14/2015 NY Board recommends $15 minimum wage
8/13/2015 President signs highway bill with payroll items
8/12/2015 Ohio issues new withholding tables
8/11/2015 Idaho issues new withholding tables
8/10/2015 Connecticut issues new withholding tables
8/07/2015 Massachusetts authorizes a tax amnesty
8/06/2015 Trust fund gains a year; no wage base change projected
8/05/2015 IRS issues final regs on where to file for refunds and credits
8/04/2015 IRS employment tax form EMS system is being retired
8/03/2015 Self-insured employers must file ACA information returns
7/30/2015 Louisiana adjusts penalty waiver provision
7/29/2015 Indiana discusses Fall 2015 tax amnesty
7/28/2015 States begin to issue guidance on marriage benefits
7/27/2015 Washington ‘piece rate’ workers must receive minimum wage
7/24/2015 Kansas DOR provides information on 2015 tax amnesty program
7/23/2015 Colorado explains waiver of EFT requirement
7/22/2015 HRA contributions exempt from gross income
7/21/2015 CRS issues research tool for the Affordable Care Act
7/20/2015 Volunteer firefighters didn’t fall within volunteer exemption
7/17/2015 Michigan law prohibits local regulation of minimum wages
7/16/2015 Alabama severance pay from voluntary separation was taxable
7/15/2015 Right to marry extended to same-sex couples in all states
7/14/2015 Department of Labor proposes new overtime rules
7/13/2015 President-signed trade bill increases ACA return penalties
7/02/2015 Ohio local tax rate changes coming
7/01/2015 Missouri modifies provisions relating to withholding on tips
6/30/2015 California income earned by Canadian employees taxable
6/29/2015 IRS issues draft ACA Forms 1094-C, 1095-B, and 1095-C
6/26/2015 Rhode Island’s minimum wage will increase to $9.60 in 2016
6/25/2015 Los Angeles minimum wage to increase to $15 by 2020
6/24/2015 Cadillac tax threatens employer HSA contributions
6/23/2015 SSA updates Form W-2c electronic filing specifications
6/22/2015 SSA updates Form W-2 electronic filing specifications
6/19/2015 Scranton, PA increases Local Services Tax
6/18/2015 Nevada law creates independent contractor presumption
6/17/2015 Kentucky raises minimum wage for some
6/16/2015 Tyson convinces Court to review FLSA, donning and doffing case
6/15/2015 North Dakota issues new withholding tables
6/12/2015 NY Department of Labor issues proposed rules on paycards
6/11/2015 Kentucky revises employer withholding guidelines
6/10/2015 Penalties paid for failure to timely pay final wages are not wages
6/09/2015 IRS offers seminar on employer shared responsibility
6/08/2015 Interest rates remain the same for the third quarter of 2015
6/05/2015 Massachusetts Tips Act not violated by franchisee no-tipping policy
6/04/2015 Illinois amends regulation on W-2 electronic filing deadline
6/03/2015 Indiana local income taxes reorganized
6/02/2015 NLRB illuminates franchise’s “joint employer” status
6/01/2015 President signs bill eliminating tax on benefits to fallen officers
5/22/2015 Indiana adjusts local tax authority; updates Code references
5/21/2015 Severance payments to executives in merger not parachute payment
5/20/2015 OCSE reminds employers of mandatory electronic orders
5/19/2015 USCIS offers on demand I-9 and E-Verify webinar
5/18/2015 TIGTA issues report on IRS’s ACA compliance readiness
5/15/2015 MT penalties, withholding provisions amended for pass-through entities
5/14/2015 Interest accrued on FUTA tax if employer failed to pay by January 31
5/13/2015 IRS requests comments on Form 4670
5/12/2015 IRS’s private delivery services list changed
5/11/2015 IRS issues 2016 inflation adjustments for HSAs
5/08/2015 New York mandatory withholding e-file rule in effect
5/07/2015 Missouri enacts amnesty, offset provisions
5/06/2015 IRS issues draft publication on filing ACA forms electronically
5/05/2015 IRS issues 2014-2015 priority guidance plan
5/04/2015 IRS’s private delivery services list changed
4/30/2015 Missouri interest rate on refunds unchanged
4/29/2015 Nevada cab drivers entitled to minimum wage
4/28/2015 Minnesota issues withholding tax reminder
4/27/2015 Illinois updates household employee withholding publication
4/23/2015 Maryland passes amnesty bill
4/22/2015 Illinois updates publication on W-2, W-2G, and 1099 requirements
4/21/2015 AR exempts out-of-state disaster responders from certain taxes
4/20/2015 One-time pay deduction was not violation of salary-basis test
4/17/2015 Virginia issues reminder for pass-through entities
4/16/2015 Maine amends withholding rule
4/15/2015 Illinois partner not responsible party in failure to pay withholding taxes
4/14/2015 Illinois updates publications on withholding requirements
4/13/2015 TIGTA: IRS processes should reduce third-party payer risks
4/10/2015 West Virginia increases threshold for electronic filing and payment
4/9/2015 Arizona tax bracket dollar amounts to be adjusted for inflation
4/8/2015 Alabama issues new W-2 due date reminder
4/7/2015 CCH summarizes recent Canadian payroll news
4/6/2015 Here’s some payroll record spring cleaning tips
4/2/2015 South Dakota enacts youth minimum wage
4/1/2015 IRS asked to clarify tax treatment of employer-provided vehicle charging
3/31/2015 Most employers unsure of best way to comply
3/30/2015 IRS names countries eligible for waiver of residency rules
3/27/2015 NY issues bulletin on legislative changes to MCTMT for individuals
3/26/2015 Interest rates remain the same for the second quarter of 2015
3/25/2015 DOL seeks stakeholder input on “shaping smarter regulations”
3/24/2015 House again approves bill exempting volunteers from PPACA
3/20/2015 Wyoming adjusts termination pay deadline
3/19/2015 Colorado discusses annual reconciliation information
3/18/2015 IRS seeks comments on EFTPS forms
3/17/2015 SSA to revise its regulations on applications for SSN cards
3/16/2015 USCIS issues new E-verify publication; updates another
3/13/2015 South Carolina to implement new EFT program
3/12/2015 Missouri issues substitute forms guidance
3/11/2015 D.C. wage theft prevention law is now effective
3/10/2015 Connecticut issues guidance on correct withholding
3/9/2015 IRS issues guidance on FICA refunds
3/6/2015 Idaho updates Code conformity date
3/5/2015 March foreign per diem rates released
3/4/2015 NY increases minimum wage for tipped employees to $7.50 per hour
3/3/2015 Daylight saving wage and hour issues arise this month
3/2/2015 IRS issues substitute form specifications
2/27/2015 Massachusetts authorizes fiscal year 2015 tax amnesty program
2/26/2015 Georgia releases withholding tax guide
2/25/2015 Colorado taxpayers reminded to establish withholding tax account
2/24/2015 IRS extends WOTC deadline until April 30
2/23/2015 Payroll timekeeping system violated employee’s religious rights
2/20/2015 Arkansas to reduce tax rates
2/19/2015 IRS issues reminder on tips
2/18/2015 President releases budget proposal with payroll items
2/17/2015 IRS releases guidance on severance pay
2/13/2015 Idaho corrects withholding guide
2/12/2015 IRS issues 2014-2015 priority guidance plan
2/11/2015 IRS issue reminder on protective claims for refunds
2/10/2015 D.C. issues 2015 EFT guide
2/9/2015 IRS to offer webinar on employer-provided vehicles
2/5/2015 West Virginia updates withholding publication
2/4/2015 Connecticut suspends some electronic filing mandates
2/3/2015 House bill exempts EMS volunteers from PPACA’s mandate
2/2/2015 House passes bill repealing health reform’s 30-hour rule
1/23/2015 Wisconsin explains treatment of transportation fringe benefits
1/22/2015 IRS issues guidance on retroactive transit benefits
1/21/2015 IRS releases 2015 wage amounts exempt from levy
1/20/2015 House bill exempts EMS volunteers from PPACA’s mandate
1/19/2015 House passes bill repealing health reform’s 30-hour rule
1/16/2015 New York removes annual wage notice requirement
1/15/2015 Illinois adopts emergency amendment on W-2 electronic filing
1/14/2015 Hawaii wages did not include tip income
1/13/2015 D.C. issues final 2015 withholding tables
1/12/2015 Missouri issues 2015 withholding tables
1/9/2015 RRB issues 2015 tax rates
1/8/2015 – Vermont issues 2015 withholding tables
1/7/2015 – North Carolina issues 2015 withholding tables
1/6/2015 – New Mexico issues 2015 percentage method withholding tables
1/5/2015 – IRS issues 2015 Pubs. 15 and 15-A
12/31/2014 – Alaska’s new minimum wage to take effect Feb. 24, not Jan. 1
12/30/2014 – President signs appropriations bill with payroll items
12/29/2014 – IRS revises procedures for electronic filing of Form 8027
12/24/2014 – Indiana announces changes to state and local income tax rates
12/23/2014 – Colorado issues withholding tables for 2015
12/22/2014 – Senate passes extenders bill with payroll provisions
12/19/2014 – House-passed ABLE bill contains a payroll provision
12/18/2014 – House passes one-year extension bill with payroll provisions
12/17/2014 – Minnesota issues 2015 withholding tables
12/16/2014 – Massachusetts issues withholding tables for 2015
12/15/2014 – IRS issues 2015 mileage rates
12/12/2014 – Chicago, IL minimum wage to increase to $13 by 2019
12/11/2014 – New York releases state and Yonkers 2015 withholding tables
12/10/2014 – Kansas issues 2015 withholding tables
12/09/2014 – Connecticut issues 2015 withholding calculation and pension tables
12/08/2014 – IRS issues 2015 percentage method withholding tables
12/05/2014 – WK Law & Business projects 2015 car and truck values
12/04/2014 – DOL issues 2014 FUTA credit reductions
12/03/2014 – SSA/IRS issue reminder on taxation of international students
12/02/2014 – States must have electronic child support by Oct. 1, 2015
12/01/2014 – IRS issues guidance on transportation fringe benefits
11/24/2014 – IRS updates specifications for filing Form 1042-S electronically
11/20/2014 – Wisconsin withholding tables to remain the same for 2015
11/19/2014 – Ohio local tax rates: November election results
11/18/2014 – Missouri minimum wage will increase to $7.65 January 1
11/17/2014 – State Laws That Prohibit Low Attachment Stop-Loss Contracts Would Not Be Preempted By ERISA: EBSA
11/14/2014 – San Francisco minimum wage to increase to $15 by 2018
11/13/2014 – IRS releases rules for filing, reproducing substitute forms 941
11/12/2014 – IRS issues tax calendars for 2015
11/11/2014 – Kentucky issues withholding tables for 2015
11/10/2014 – California issues 2015 withholding tables
11/07/2014 – LAN engineer was exempt computer professional
11/06/2014 – Restaurant failed to comply with preconditions for tip credit
11/05/2014 – Nebraska amends numerous withholding regulations
11/04/2014 – IRS issues more 2015 inflation adjustments
11/03/2014 – Maryland withholding tables to remain the same for 2015
10/31/2014 – Arizona minimum wage will increase to $8.05 January 1
10/30/2014 – SSA signals changes to sick pay reporting
10/29/2014 – 2015 OASDI tax and earnings base is $118,500; COLA is 1.7%
10/28/2014 – IRS issues 2015 COLAs on dollar limitations on pension plans
10/27/2014 – Arkansas issues 2015 withholding tables
10/23/2014 – Georgia caps tax rate on ballot
10/22/2014 – California issues publication on nonwage audits
10/21/2014 – Alabama EFT threshold reduced
10/20/2014 – Employer can’t designate payment for employee’s tax
10/15/2014 – Several states’ voters will get to decide state minimum wage
10/14/2014 – Corporation had to pay penalties for reclassified workers
10/13/2014 – Reminder: Employers must give time off to vote in some states
10/10/2014 – Washington minimum wage will increase to $9.47 in 2015
10/9/2014 – Ohio minimum wage will increase to $8.10 per hour on January 1
10/8/2014 – Employees with new H-1B status subject to FICA withholding
10/7/2014 – DOL issues final rules on minimum wages for contractors
10/6/2014 – Indiana announces changes to local income tax rates
10/1/2014 – New Jersey’s minimum wage will increase to $8.38 on January 1
9/30/2014 – E-Verify widget now available for employers
9/29/2014 – 2015 per diem rates issued for travel expense reimbursements
9/26/2014 – Oregon minimum wage will increase to $9.25 in January
9/25/2014 – Minnesota discusses submission of W-2s and 1099s using e-services
9/24/2014 – Louisiana rule provides guidelines for 2014 amnesty program
9/23/2014 – IRS issues final regs on voluntary withholding agreements
9/22/2014 – CCH projects 2015 standard deductions, exemptions, tax rates
9/19/2014 – Virginia issues notice of withholding due date change for employers
9/18/2014 – Oregon wants 1099s filed electronically
9/16/2014 – Arkansas voters to decide on minimum wage increases
9/15/2014 – IRS releases guidance on employee “parking”
9/11/2014 – Chicago raises minimum wage for some
9/10/2014 – Colorado issues substitute forms guidance
9/9/2014 – CCH summarizes recent Canadian payroll news
9/8/2014 – Interest rates remain the same for fourth quarter 2014
9/5/2014 – Massachusetts issues guidance on tax amnesty
9/4/2014 – California offers relief to those affected by earthquake
9/3/2014 – IRS issues 2014-2015 priority guidance plan
9/2/2014 – CONUS per diem rates released for fiscal 2015
8/29/2014 – Oregon issues substitute forms guidelines
8/28/2014 Nebraska voters will get to decide on minimum wage increase
8/27/2014 Minnesota issues substitute forms guidelines
8/26/2014 Midsize employers required to do Sec. 6056 reporting in 2015
8/25/2014 Owner’s advice to franchisee doesn’t make him FLSA employer
8/22/2014 Illinois limits fees on payroll debit cards
8/21/2014 CFO was liable for willful failure to pay hospital’s payroll taxes
8/20/2014 SIFL rates issued for the second half of 2014
8/19/2014 Monday-through-Sunday workweek OK under FLSA
8/18/2014 OFCCP proposes rules, equal pay form for federal contractors
8/15/2014 California extends deadlines due to fires
8/14/2014 Wisconsin updates substitute form approval requirements
8/13/2014 New York implements new wage policy for airport workers
8/12/2014 IRS updates specifications for filing Form 1042-S electronically
8/11/2014 IRS updates countries eligible for waiver of residency rules
8/8/2014 Illinois domestic employee withholding now reported to DOR
8/7/2014 Missouri unclaimed wages holding time reduced from 5 to 3 years
8/6/2014 Minnesota issues substitute forms guidelines
8/5/2014 SSN verification to avoid backup withholding changed
8/4/2014 IRS issues draft forms for health care reporting
8/1/2014 Massachusetts issues guidance regarding tax amnesty program
7/31/2014 Hawaii issues guidance on substitute forms
7/30/2014 Indiana issues guidance on withholding for race teams
7/29/2014 Student-employees were not employees
7/28/2014 EPA proposes to garnish employee wages
7/25/2014 Nevada minimum wage amendment also repealed statutory exemptions
7/24/2014 Minnesota expands storm-related tax relief
7/23/2014 Massachusetts authorizes tax amnesty program
7/22/2014 CA commissions cannot be allocated across pay periods
7/21/2014 IRS final regs allow truncated identification numbers
7/17/2014 Maine to eliminate combined reporting
7/16/2014 Hawaii allows pay cards again
7/15/2014 Deductions to pay employee credit card charges authorized
7/14/2014 Windsor impacts federal-state unemployment programs
7/11/2014 Massachusetts minimum wage to increase to $11 an hour by 2017
7/10/2014 Illinois minimum wage hike to be decided by voters
7/09/2014 Sup. Ct. denies petition for review in employment taxes case
7/08/2014 IRS issues final regs on disregarded entities: FICA, FUTA exceptions
7/07/2014 Ohio issues new withholding tables for July 1, 2014
7/03/2014 Yonkers, N.Y. issues new withholding tables for August 1, 2014
7/02/2014 Idaho re-issues new 2014 withholding tables
6/27/2014 Missouri mandates e-forms and other e-documents
6/26/2014 Mississippi updates substitute forms guidance
6/25/2014 Georgia updates employer’s tax guide
6/24/2014 DOL publishes proposed wage regs for contract workers
6/23/2014 TIGTA issue report on trust fund recovery penalty
6/20/2014 SSA adjusts 2014 fee for SSN verification transactions
6/19/2014 Employee of diplomatic delegation could not exclude wages
6/18/2014 IRS/SSA update substitute W-2/W-3 guidance
6/17/2014 – DOL sets agenda for new regulations
6/16/2014 – Vermont minimum wage to reach $10.50 per hour by 2018
6/13/2014 – California interest rate unchanged for second half of 2014
6/12/2014 – Washington wages paid to payroll processor were taxable
6/11/2014 – Utah updates substitute forms guidance
6/10/2014 – Interest rates remain the same for third quarter 2014
6/9/2014 – IRS/SSA update substitute/barcoding W-2/W-3 guidance
6/5/2014IRS updates substitute Forms W-2c and W-3c requirements
6/4/2014Michigan hourly wage will increase to $9.25 by 2018
6/3/2014Hawaii minimum wage will increase to $10.10 by 2018
6/2/2014White House takes on tip credit
5/23/2014SD minimum wage initiative proposed for November election
5/22/2014Colorado issues regs on filing extensions after natural disasters
5/21/2014California addresses cancelled direct deposit requests
5/20/2014Comments sought on Northwestern football “employee” status
5/19/2014IRS considers additional employer mandate guidance
5/16/2014Missouri legislature overrides veto, enacts tax cut law
5/15/2014Connecticut expanded collection efforts expected to raise $75 million
5/14/2014Tax relief available for victims of Alabama storms
5/13/2014New E-Verify resources are issued
5/12/2014Employer must pay undocumented workers
5/8/2014BSO online has some new additions
5/7/2014Employers advised on over-withheld medicare tax
5/6/2014SSA issues an AccuWage software alert
5/5/2014NLRB to review Northwestern team’s union approval decision
5/2/2014Nebraska addresses use of payroll cards