Hawaii amends its UI law regarding the Employment and Training Assessment

Hawaii’s Employment Security Law has been amended as follows:

Employment and Training Assessment. For 2011 only, all employers will be subject to the Employment and Training Assessment. Beginning again in 2012 (as in 2010 and previous years), employers assigned the minimum rate of 0.0% or the maximum rate of 5.4% will be exempt from this assessment.

In addition, the Employment and Training Assessment will be increased to 0.2% this year to pay the interest due on the state’s Title XII advance. If interest payments on a Title XII advance are subsequently waived by federal law, the aggregate amount of interest payments collected will constitute the total assessments payable by employers for 2012 only, and no Employment and Training Assessment will be collected from any employer in that year and no refund will be paid retroactively to any employer based on the federal waiver of interest payments.

Interest on Title XII advances. Note that, also for 2011 only, monies in the Employment and Training Fund may be used to pay interest due on Title XII advances to the Unemployment Compensation Fund.