Oklahoma amends its UI rules on various topics

Oklahoma has amended its rules under the Oklahoma Employment Security Act as follows:

Aggregated data. The rules now define the term “Aggregated Data” to mean statistical data that has been stripped of any information that would identify any particular individual or employer, so that data concerning any specific individual, employer, or claimant cannot be discerned if the information is made public.

Confidential information. New rules allow government agencies, public entities and political subdivisions to obtain confidential information maintained by the Oklahoma Employment Security Commission after entering into an agreement that describes how the information will be used, transmitted, and safe guarded. All costs involved in providing information will be set out in the agreement. The information will be held confidential by the receiving entity at all times and will not be disclosed or open to public inspection but aggregated data may be released. The rules specify which agencies are authorized to obtain the information and the purposes for which it may be used.

Hearings. Provisions pertaining to new evidence, failure to appear, continuances, recordings, cameras and attendance have been revoked.

Board of Review records. Language that allowed the record in an appeal filed with the Board of Review to include additional evidence presented at the Board of Review hearing, if granted, has been eliminated.

Board of Review decision. Language that provided that the Board of Review decision should be based on additional evidence submitted at the Board of Review hearing, if granted, has been eliminated.