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6/5/2017 Dairy consortium members with genuine organizational relationship can have MEWA, says DOL
6/2/2017 Employee placed in different job upon return from leave, laid off weeks later is denied FMLA claims
6/1/2017 On rehearing, panel reaffirms finding that retiree benefits were not vested
5/31/2017 Both employers and employees interested in using wearable activity tracking devices to enhance wellness programs
5/30/2017 ERIC urges Senate to expand HSAs, repeal Cadillac tax
5/26/2017 Just over a third of small business employees satisfied with benefits
5/25/2017 Rising health care benefit costs show no sign of abating globally, Willis Towers Watson survey finds
5/24/2017 Reporting requirements here to stay under AHCA, although perhaps will become simpler, expert says
5/23/2017 Employers continue to address health care cost increases
5/22/2017 Employers expect to keep popular ACA provisions, despite potential for law’s repeal
5/19/2017 IRS updates premium tax credit table, required contribution percentage
5/18/2017 GM didn’t violate FMLA by suspending electrician who failed to follow union–negotiated policy for calling in absences
5/17/2017 ACA’s contraception mandate accommodation rendered lower court injunction moot
5/16/2017 2018 inflation adjustments for health savings accounts released
5/15/2017 Employers view HSAs as part of their retirement benefits strategy
5/12/2017 Generational split on health benefits led by millennials
5/11/2017 Cardiac monitoring service breaches of unsecured ePHI leads to settlement with OCR
5/10/2017 Majority oppose use of hardball negotiating tactics to replace ACA
5/9/2017 All-encompassing strategy is key to building effective employee health care programs
5/8/2017 Preeclampsia screening must now be covered by group health plans
5/5/2017 Retirees of automotive manufacturer established entitlement to lifetime health benefits
5/4/2017 Measuring temporal proximity from last (not first) day of FMLA leave revives employee’s FMLA retaliation claim
5/3/2017 Employee who was ‘locked out’ over supervisor’s concerns about her gun failed to revive FMLA claim
5/2/2017 $100K settles agency’s first challenge to an employer wellness program
5/1/2017 Employers offering benefits have competitive advantage
4/28/2017 Ex-husband who declined COBRA coverage thinking he was still married is denied reinstatement
4/27/2017 Employers and employees see value in health coaching
4/26/2017 More well-being programs include employee financial security features
4/25/2017 Employer mandate provisions implemented but need improvement, TIGTA finds
4/24/2017 HHS finalizes rule to improve marketplace stability
4/21/2017 ACA’s risk adjustment program reduced claims costs per enrollee, study shows
4/20/2017 IRS spotlights employer shared responsibility payments
4/19/2017 Majority support paid leave, but think employers should foot the bill
4/18/2017 Review of sleep apnea policy’s lawfulness under ADA denied
4/17/2017 As employee expectations redefine workplace, retention is top priority, MetLife survey finds
4/14/2017 Change in enforcing FMLA notice procedures, timing of termination, suggested FMLA retaliation
4/13/2017 Nurse fired for sleeping on the job can’t claim FMLA retaliation
4/12/2017 More choice in employer plan offerings raises risk of adverse selection
4/11/2017 Employers overwhelmingly opposed to additional taxes on employer-provided health coverage
4/10/2017 DOL review of group health plan filings shows decline in percentage of self-insured
4/7/2017 Court lacked jurisdiction to hear failed CO-OP’s claim under ACA’s ‘3Rs’ program
4/6/2017 Telehealth may drive medical spending up, not down
4/5/2017 State grades improve after ACA coverage expansions, more work needed
4/4/2017 Bill to establish small business association health plans clears the House
4/3/2017 HHS OIG to review decision to pull outreach for ACA open enrollment
3/30/2017 Primary reason consumers enroll in HSAs is to pay for future medical costs
3/29/2017 Private exchange option used by less than 1 percent of employers for active employees
3/28/2017 CCIIO gives small group non-grandfathered policies more time to ease into ACA compliance
3/27/2017 Following CBO report, Senator Murray challenges Price to explain how “No One Will Be Worse Off”
3/24/2017 Study connects the dots between essential health care and paid sick leave
3/23/2017 Pretext evidence supports revival of ADA, FMLA claims of employee RIF’d between surgeries
3/22/2017 Health benefits seen as tool to improve employee morale, survey finds
3/21/2017 SHRM study finds parental and caregiving leave benefits have remained the same since 2012
3/20/2017 Employers search for diverse solutions to reduce health care costs
3/17/2017 House Republicans act to protect employer wellness programs
3/16/2017 Offering financial wellness programs increases employee satisfaction with benefits
3/15/2017 Employers Council on Flexible Compensation requests guidance on qualified small employer health reimbursement arrangements
3/14/2017 ERIC supports the American Health Care Act
3/13/2017 House Republicans unveil ACA repeal, replacement bill
3/10/2017 Whether sergeant protested FMLA policy in manner warranting denial of promotion was jury question
3/9/2017 HSA/HDHP enrollment tops 20 million
3/8/2017 Employee fired for threatening supervisor after tardiness write-up failed to revive FMLA claims
3/7/2017 ACA has had little to no adverse effect on employment and usual hours worked
3/6/2017 IRS issues transition relief for QSEHRA notice
3/3/2017 Single mom denied benefits for taking stale cake has claim revived
3/2/2017 Majority of consumers unaware of advantages of HSAs
3/1/2017 American Benefits Council advocates against cap on employer-sponsored coverage
2/28/2017 Small business advocates plead for better access, cheaper plans, fewer regulations
2/27/2017 Proposed ACA exchange regulations would tighten enrollment eligibility and allow higher deductible plans
2/24/2017 Employer must seek more information when employee requests FMLA leave to care for ailing grandfather
2/23/2017 Paid family leave passes in D.C. and is proposed again in Congress
2/22/2017 Lost BlackBerry and stolen laptop costs hospital $3.2M for ePHI breaches
2/21/2017 Markets remained concentrated among small number of issuers
2/17/2017 Evidence employee was discouraged from taking intermittent leave, fired after doing so, support revival of FMLA claims
2/16/2017 Honest belief employee was abusing FMLA leave defeats retaliation claim
2/15/2017 Forecast is mixed for health benefits in 2017 and beyond
2/14/2017 Needed health savings in retirement increases due to drug costs
2/13/2017 ACA has been a success in the individual market, survey says
2/10/2017 Even tasks performed rarely can be ‘essential’ under ADA
2/9/2017 Consumers find incentive to switch plans when net premiums change
2/8/2017 Over half of all MHPAEA violations in 2016 concerned annual dollar limits
2/7/2017 NBGH advocates for sustainable and affordable pricing for specialty drugs
2/6/2017 ACA repeal would interfere with Oregon’s universal health coverage proposals, say health policy
2/3/2017 State university is an arm of the state, immune from FMLA suit
2/2/2017 Companies report increase in productivity measures through focus on employee health
2/1/2017 Protected health info and HIPAA are focus of HHS discussion
1/31/2017 Survey highlights shifting benefit priorities in the workforce
1/30/2017 More Americans with pre-existing conditions insured due to ACA
1/27/2017 Employee proved retaliation for seeking leave to care for autistic child
1/26/2017 Employer need not reassign disabled employee without requiring her to apply like everyone else
1/25/2017 FAQs address integrated HRAs
1/24/2017 Employers with wellness programs get answers from EEOC on ADA notice questions
1/23/2017 ERIC cheers bill to repeal Cadillac Tax
1/20/2017 Failure to notify employee that proper medical release needed to return to work constituted FMLA interference
1/19/2017 Some ACA provisions could continue temporarily post-repeal
1/18/2017 Bipartisan bill introduced to repeal Cadillac tax
1/17/2017 ACA repeal bill introduced
1/16/2017 Current accommodation for employers objecting to contraception coverage will remain unchanged
1/12/2017 Nearly three-quarters of U.S. employees would like a customized benefits package
1/11/2017 Guidance describes premium age curves and state reporting
1/10/2017 IRS reminds employers of important health care reporting dates
1/9/2017 EEOC’s ADA, GINA wellness regs survive AARP’s attempt to thwart them
1/6/2017 ERISA and other claims against noncompliant group health plan for ACA violations dismissed
1/5/2017 No rapid crossover yet of “narrow provider networks” from health exchanges to employer plans
1/4/2017 Final rule updates ACA risk adjustment, cost sharing, and consumer choice
1/3/2017 EBSA guidance includes clarification of effect of CURES Act on HRAs
12/22/2016 Retirees of auto parts manufacturer not entitled to vested lifetime health care benefits
12/21/2016 How to meet Millennials’ unique benefits needs
12/20/2016 2017 standard mileage rates released
12/19/2016 IRS releases proposed regs on Health Insurance Provider Fee and risk adjustments
12/16/2016 Short-term disability plan was ERISA-exempt ‘payroll practice’
12/15/2016 Use of PTO plans continues to increase
12/14/2016 Robust benefits package essential in war for talent, SHRM survey finds
12/13/2016 HSA balances post significant growth in 2015
12/12/2016 IRS provides relief for Wisconsin small businesses unable to obtain SHOP coverage for 2016
12/8/2016 Employee productivity is top priority for wellness programs, according to Xerox survey
12/7/2016 EBSA does not have the ability to protect 79 million participants in self-insured health plans from claims denials
12/6/2016 Hiring holiday help is subject of latest IRS health care tax tip
12/5/2016 Registration begins for 2017 advance monthly payment HCTC program
12/2/2016 Demonstrations of support beat financial incentives for boosting employee health plan participation
12/1/2016 Medicare Part A and Part B premiums set for CY 2017
11/30/2016 Nearly half of employers view employer mandate as top health care concern going into 2017
11/29/2016 Wellness program choices should factor in generational differences in employee stressors
11/28/2016 IRS extends due date for furnishing Forms 1095-B and 1095-C to individuals
11/9/2016 Premiums rising, enrollees to pay 40-49 percent of costs in donut hole
11/8/2016 Next Administration will have power to change employee benefits landscape
11/7/2016 IRS issues 2017 adjusted limits for various benefits
11/4/2016 Employer could have understood employee’s communications to be accommodation request
11/3/2016 CDHP enrollees experience lower overall health care costs
11/2/2016 Employees are satisfied with their personal health plan, but dissatisfied with health care system as a whole
11/1/2016 Informal discussion letter sheds light on employer-sponsored wellness program incentives
10/31/2016 Enforcement relief extended for student health plans that might violate ACA
10/28/2016 Insurers must defend health plan administrator against beneficiaries’ class action suits
10/27/2016 Employer had discretion to terminate former employee’s disability benefits where it had substantial evidence of no ongoing disability
10/26/2016 Aon experts provide strategies for optimizing health care choices in 2017
10/25/2016 OSHA finalizes ACA whistleblower and retaliation rule
10/24/2016 Benefits enrollment success depends on communication, technology and cost
10/21/2016 Guaranteed benefits denied to beneficiaries of terminally ill employee who died before annuity starting date
10/21/2016 ERIC submits comments on ACA reporting requirements
10/20/2016 SHRM survey finds significant difference by gender in maternity and paternity paid leave
10/19/2016 Tax Exempt and Government Entities FY 2017 Work Plan priorities includes EP Examinations
10/19/2016 Uninsured rates down over all demographic categories
10/18/2016 Retired public safety officers didn’t have vested right to health insurance benefits in retirement
10/17/2016 PBGC proposed regs would expand its missing participant program to DC, multiemployer DB, and other DB plans
10/17/2016 GINA, ADA, and other claims over wellness program must be arbitrated
10/14/2016 Final rule gives seven days of paid sick leave to federal contractors’ employees
10/14/2016 IRS extends temporary nondiscrimination relief for closed DB plans through 2017
10/13/2016 HHS has work to do to safeguard electronic health information
10/13/2016 PBGC issues final regs lowering late premium payment penalties, providing new waiver
10/12/2016 IRS updates Employee Plans Compliance Resolution System
10/12/2016 Can health care spending be reduced while improving effectiveness?
10/11/2016 ALI CLE to present two employee benefits seminars in October
10/10/2016 Health plan will remedy improper ‘grandfathered’ status, ERISA noncompliance
10/7/2016 Marketplace plans cost less than average employer-sponsored plan
10/6/2016 2017 per diem rates issued for travel expense reimbursements
10/5/2016 IRS webinar addresses full-time employee status under ACA
10/4/2016 Clinton and Trump health reform proposals could both add to deficit, Commonwealth Fund says
10/3/2016 DOL announces two-month extension for public comments on Form 5500 modernization proposals
9/30/2016 Market volatility, election causing employer uncertainty around pre-65 retiree health care strategies, survey finds
9/29/2016 Top questions for employees to ask this open enrollment season
9/28/2016 Disability benefits are an often-overlooked piece of the benefits package
9/27/2016 CDHP out-of-pocket costs are much higher than those for traditional coverage
9/26/2016 Percentage of uninsured declined in 2015
9/23/2016 Mere presence of ‘psychiatric component’ not enough to limit LTD benefits
9/22/2016 California lawmakers pass bill to extend family leave to new parent bonding
9/21/2016 Cost growth projected to remain stable at 4 percent for 2017
9/20/2016 $100K will settle suit over employee discharged after returning from medical leave
9/19/2016 San Francisco issues 2017 employer health care spending rates
9/16/2016 Almost 10 percent of companies have implemented a spousal surcharge
9/15/2016 Low-income workers with HSA/HDHPs more likely to skip care
9/14/2016 Average cost of employee health care makes up 7.6 percent of a company’s annual operating budget
9/13/2016 HHS releases final rule to increase civil monetary penalties
9/12/2016 IRS issues final regulations defining terms related to marital status
9/2/2016 Humana authorized to sue insurer as Medicare secondary payer
9/1/2016 Most companies paying at least 5 percent more for health insurance premiums in 2016
8/31/2016 Health care costs for couples in retirement rise to $260,000
8/30/2016 Uninsured disproportionately poor, young, Latino, and small business workers
8/29/2016 2016 monthly national average premium provided
8/26/2016 ERISA preempted state-law claims arising from denial of severance benefits
8/25/2016 Nearly half of Americans think their employer isn’t investing enough in their health and wellness
8/24/2016 Employers out of touch with employee’s open enrollment preferences
8/23/2016 Employers expect health care costs to increase 5 percent in 2016 and 2017
8/22/2016 Large U.S. employers expect health benefit cost increases to hold steady for 2017
8/19/2016 Not finding bad faith or prejudice, court declines to award COBRA penalties
8/18/2016 Despite ACA expansions, gaps in women’s health coverage persist
8/17/2016 With data up for ransom, OCR offers guidance
8/16/2016 Employers should get an early start on new ACA requirements, experts agree
8/15/2016 Appeal request form available for employers who received Marketplace notice
8/12/2016 More multinational organizations are centralizing employee benefits governance
8/11/2016 Financial wellness programs can boost employee productivity and health
8/10/2016 Small employers cutting health coverage post-ACA, big employers hold steady
8/9/2016 Use healthcare data to maximize your wellness program dollars, experts say
8/8/2016 Proposed regulations issued on minimum essential coverage information reporting
8/5/2016 Survey finds concerns about changes in reporting retiree health benefit costs under GASB’s accounting changes
8/4/2016 Employees are satisfied with wellness programs, but more personalization is needed
8/3/2016 Not clear that building contractor had to contribute to fringe benefit fund when contracting with nonunion subcontractors
8/2/2016 Wellness tops ACA compliance as companies’ top priority
8/1/2016 Comments requested on alternative accommodation for providing contraceptive services
7/19/2016 DOL drastically hikes penalties for failures to meet notice, genetic information requirements
7/18/2016 DOL proposes changes to reporting regulations; updates to Form 5500 series
7/15/2016 Not clear that building contractor had to contribute to fringe benefit fund when contracting with nonunion subcontractors
7/14/2016 After design changes, health care costs will increase 5.5 percent in 2017
7/13/2016 Limits being set for specialty and biotech drugs
7/12/2016 Eight million taxpayers pay $1.7 billion in shared responsibility payments in 2014
7/11/2016 Additional Marketplace information is okay to include in COBRA notices
6/30/2016 Large employers’ response strategies to ACA mandates are keeping health insurance costs stable
6/29/2016 Experts weigh in on legislation designed to improve the ACA
6/28/2016 Telecommuting, bonuses and professional development opportunities on the rise, SHRM annual survey finds
6/27/2016 EEOC issues wellness notice to assist with ADA compliance
6/24/2016 Transgender nurse sues over exclusion of health coverage for gender dysphoria
6/23/2016 Employers continue to focus on containing costs
6/22/2016 Cadillac tax will impact FSAs, HSAs first
6/21/2016 Health history questions in job application violated ADA and GINA
6/20/2016 IRS, DOL, HHS, issue expatriate health plan proposed regulations
6/17/2016 Health benefits are do-or-die in the war for talent, businesses and employees agree
6/16/2016 Key value of private exchange is choice, employers and employees say
6/15/2016 Amicus brief filed concerning regulation of wellness programs
6/14/2016 EBSA’s “red flags” could mean your plan lacks parity
6/13/2016 IRS clarifies tax treatment of wellness program benefits and employer reimbursements
6/10/2016 FMLA allotment calculation should have included overtime that started voluntary, became mandatory
6/9/2016 Court declares $27k owed to printing services employee benefit plans non-dischargeable in bankruptcy
6/8/2016 Waiting periods not permitted for covered benefits, including pediatric orthodontia
6/7/2016 Annual health care costs for a typical American family now exceeds $25,000
6/6/2016 Employers to focus on employee well-being
6/3/2016 Seventy-eight percent of employers would keep some ACA-mandated provisions if law were repealed, report finds
6/2/2016 Marketplace cost-sharing got more costly between 2015 and 2016
6/1/2016 More companies pledge to fight the Cadillac tax
5/31/2016 Exchange enrollees are just as satisfied with coverage as those with employer-sponsored plans
5/27/2016 Award of unemployment compensation benefits does not equal entitlement to COBRA benefits
5/26/2016 Is there a better way than the ACA? Hearing asks experts
5/25/2016 Private exchanges may have insignificant impact on SHOP marketplaces
5/24/2016 TIGTA reviews IRS’s handling of premium tax credit claims
5/23/2016 Final rule eyes equity and an end to discrimination in health care
5/18/2016 Forward-thinking employers moving toward consumer-driven health plan model
5/17/2016 Teleworkers more likely to pursue wellness options on their own compared to office-based counterparts
5/16/2016 Special enrollment rules tightened, improving financial viability of CO-OPs
5/16/2016 IRS issues final regs and revised procedures for multiemployer plans in critical and declining status seeking benefit reductions
5/13/2016 Employee failed to tie her accommodation requests to her disability
5/12/2016 Idaho extends “grandmothered” health insurance plans
5/12/2016 PBGC proposed regs lower penalties for late payment of premiums
5/11/2016 IRS issues 2017 inflation-adjusted amounts for HSAs
5/10/2016 What steps are employers taking as they aim for small health care cost increases?
5/10/2016 IRS will withdraw portions of proposed regs affecting nondiscrimination requirements for qualified plans
5/9/2016 No revival of ADA claims of employee who self-monitored activities as accommodation
5/9/2016 PBGC report reveals need for significant revenue increase for multiemployer pension system
5/6/2016 ACA mandates contributed to increase in medical stop loss coverage, insurer finds
5/5/2016 Premium rate increases in marketplace not as severe as forcasted
5/5/2016 Senators and representatives introduce CRA resolution to stop implementation of DOL’s final ‘fiduciary rule’
5/4/2016 Employer offerings remain stable; age, race, income level affect coverage
5/4/2016 New program lets service providers correct missed restated pre-approved plan deadline, IRS says
5/3/2016 Congressional subcommittee holds hearing on how to promote a healthy workforce
5/2/2016 Guidance in new FAQs addresses coverage for preventive and mental health services
4/28/2016 Online SHOP enrollment transition relief extended, states should plan for 2019
4/27/2016 Ways and Means hearing on health care reform examines consumer-driven solutions
4/26/2016 Concerned about the Cadillac tax? Implement an HSA
4/25/2016 Confident about ACA compliance? Not so much, business owners say
4/21/2016 Loyalty on the rise while employees look to employers for financial security, Metlife annual benefits study finds
4/20/2016 OPM updates FMLA definition of spouse for federal employees
4/19/2016 More employers investing in “total well-being” programs
4/18/2016 IRS provides some reassurance on application of excise tax to employer payment plans
4/14/2016 CMS needs to step up and state-based marketplace security
4/13/2016 HSA contributions must be prorated for the year an individual reaches age 65
4/12/2016 Certain arrangements to reimburse medical expenses up to fixed amount violate ACA, IRS says
4/11/2016 Employers scramble to avoid Cadillac tax in 2020
4/8/2016 Medicaid MCOs ABPs, CHIP join the mental health parity party
4/7/2016 Self-insured plans covered 31 million participants in 2013, most recent annual report finds
4/6/2016 CO-OPs are doing well, even if they are disappearing
4/5/2016 approves 11 of 12 fake applications, improvement still needed
4/4/2016 Denial-of-benefits letter’s failure to specify plan’s suit-limitations period rendered that limit inapplicable
4/1/2016 Future Cadillac tax may be to blame for employers’ shrinking HSA contributions
3/31/2016 ACA was great starting point, but more must be done to improve U.S. health care system
3/30/2016 Tight management squeezes out high drug prices, Express Scripts claims
3/29/2016 Out-of-pocket costs vary widely by plan for those eligible for cost-sharing reductions
3/28/2016 Limited use of small employer tax credit continues
3/25/2016 Not a joint employer, company didn’t have enough employees for ADEA coverage
3/24/2016 Sixth Circuit must rethink whether ERISA preempts Michigan health-insurance tax law
3/23/2016 Employers continue to invest in technology to promote employee wellbeing
3/22/2016 Many companies plan to retain domestic partner benefits
3/21/2016 Departments addresses application date of proposed SBC template changes
3/18/2016 Expert reminds employers that 2015 transition relief has expired for 2016 plan year
3/17/2016 FAQs address how moratorium on 2017 fee will impact plan year rate changes
3/16/2016 ERISA preempts Vermont’s health insurance reporting law
3/15/2016 Lax oversight and improper payments alleged in
3/14/2016 Consumer-friendly changes coming to marketplace plans
3/11/2016 Small employers can retroactively claim Small Business Health Care Tax Credit for years prior to 2014, says IRS
3/10/2016 Employees don’t understand benefits because most aren’t reading communication materials, says IFEBP
3/9/2016 HSAs surpass $33 billion
3/8/2016 With Cadillac tax delayed, employers are not rushing to end health benefits
3/7/2016 Health advocacy group urges Supreme Court to uphold ACA’s contraceptive coverage requirement
3/4/2016 Appellate court joins sister circuits, upholds nonprofit accommodation
3/3/2016 Delay in Cadillac tax doesn’t deter interest in private exchanges
3/2/2016 Survey shows inconsistent perspective on benefits trends between C-Suite and HR/Benefits managers
3/1/2016 VOI is a marker of wellness program success, says IFEBP
2/29/2016 Religious organizations file a plan B for contraception challenge
2/26/2016 Claim that hours were cut to dodge ACA mandate plausible under ERISA
2/25/2016 Despite dire predictions, ACA serves as economic stimulus
2/19/2016 Student health plans that might violate ACA given time to comply
2/18/2016 Why averaging full-time and full-time equivalent employees matters to the IRS
2/17/2016 No dismissal of fiduciary duty claim for failure to mention COBRA investigation
2/16/2016 1095 confusion: Prepare answers to employee questions ahead of time
2/12/2016 8 million people enrolled in private exchanges for 2016 benefit plan year, Accenture finds
2/11/2016 The size of your workforce matters for ACA compliance, says IRS
2/10/2016 Fact sheet lays out joint employer responsibilities under FMLA
2/9/2016 ERIC critiques EEOC’s proposed GINA regulations
2/8/2016 IRS issues guidance on expatriate health plans for 2016 fee year
2/5/2016 HHS outlines HIPAA requirements for patient information access
2/5/2016 IRS revises user fee program for employee plan rulings and letters
2/4/2016 HHS, Treasury provide resources for surviving tax season
2/4/2016 IRS revises employee plan determination letter procedures
2/3/2016 Tax 101: ACA compliance, step by step
2/3/2016 TE/GE procedures for issuing rulings updated
2/2/2016 Most states have at least three health insurance carriers offering product options, BCBSA study finds
2/2/2016 IRS highlights changes to VCP Compliance Fees, including reduced fees for most 401(a) and 403(b) plans
2/1/2016 IRS gives ALEs five important ACA facts
1/29/2016 Whether injured engineer was ‘disabled’ and ‘qualified’ were triable issues under ADA’s amendments
1/28/2016 Employer-sponsored health insurance plan deductibles rising faster than premiums
1/27/2016 Health care surcharge for smokers leads to decreased smoking in the workplace, SHRM survey finds
1/26/2016 Dependent coverage mandate reduces workers’ wages
1/25/2016 Webinar reveals mixed news for ACA forms and what to do about it
1/25/2016 IRS issues notice of planned update to guidance on Employee Plans determination letter program
1/22/2016 Are you an ALE?
1/21/2016 Employers will add more financial well-being programs in 2016
1/21/2016 PBGC semiannual regulatory agenda addresses missing participants, cash balance plans
1/20/2016 PBGC issues final regs providing application process, notice requirements for partitions of multiemployer DB plans
1/20/2016 IRS provides guidance and procedures for retroactive parity for transit and parking benefits
1/19/2016 IRS to hold hearing on Obergefell proposed regs
1/19/2016 IRS issues post-Obergefell retirement and welfare plan guidance
1/18/2016 HHS report shows rate increases in individual and small group plans are moderate
1/18/2016 2015 Form 5500 annual return/report series issued
1/15/2016 After exhausting leave, employee unable to maintain FMLA suit
1/15/2016 PBGC study finds risk transfer pension plan events significant
1/14/2016 President signs tax extenders, spending bill that makes many tax provisions permanent, including two benefits provisions
1/14/2016 Healthcare reconciliation act savings upped $42B by 2016 appropriations act
1/13/2016 Millennials are less interested in, less knowledgeable about health insurance than other generations,(Jan. 4, 2016)
1/13/2016 EBSA highlights results of enforcement and compliance activity in FY 2015
1/12/2016 Benefit reduction reasonable without proof of appeal to Social Security
1/11/2016 Trade group that fought for reporting delay is pleased with transition relief
1/8/2016 IRS gives ALEs eight information reporting, offer of health coverage tips
1/7/2016 Disconnect shown between retirees and employers over retirement medical benefits
1/6/2016 IRS outlines ACA tax provisions for small employers
1/5/2016 CDHP enrollees more cost conscious than traditional plan enrollees
1/4/2016 IRS clarifies application of market reforms to group health care arrangements
12/23/2015 ERIC reiterates stance against Cadillac tax in letter to Senators
12/22/2015 Guidance issued on ACA’s state innovation waivers
12/21/2015 IRS issues new health and welfare plan guidance in wake of Obergefell decision
12/18/2015 Employer’s choice to ignore ERISA suit was ‘deliberate,’ so no relief from default judgment
12/17/2015 Tax tip reminds employers about 2015 transition relief
12/16/2015 Insurance holding company to pay $3.5M to settle HIPAA claims
12/15/2015 Kaiser says one in ten larger nonprofits have sought accommodation to ACA contraceptive requirement
12/14/2015 Employers struggle to engage employees in wellness programs
12/11/2015 High Court declines to address remedy for wrongful delays in benefit payments under ERISA
12/10/2015 More insurers set premiums that didn’t require MLR refunds in 2014
12/9/2015 Employers with more than 250 employees required to file ACA information returns electronically
12/8/2015 Employees view benefits package essential when accepting a job
12/7/2015 Streamlining consumer experiences, enrollment proposed for 2017 marketplace
12/4/2015 HSA enrollment shows dramatic growth, new census survey shows
12/3/2015 Artist asks Supreme Court to review Senate’s “gut-and-replace procedure”
12/2/2015 Majority of employers focusing health benefit strategies on avoiding the Cadillac tax
12/1/2015 Proposed rule strengthens internal claim procedures for disability benefits
11/30/2015 Interim no more, ACA insurance reforms promoted
11/20/2015 While majority of workers currently satisfied with benefits, fears of future affordability rise
11/19/2015 IRS gives employers a tip on ACA shared responsibility
11/18/2015 Senate committee asks how it can HELP improve mental health care
11/17/2015 Supreme Court will hear seven challenges to contraceptive mandate
11/16/2015 Q&A clarifies proposed GINA wellness program rule, calculation of 30-percent incentive cap
11/13/2015 Limitations period starts when absence classified non-FMLA, not when fired years later for too many absences
11/12/2015 Replacing Cadillac tax with cap on exclusion may be more effective
11/11/2015 Repealing major ACA provisions could save about $130 billion, says CBO
11/10/2015 Tax regs could help private exchanges but “wait-and-see” approach is advised
11/9/2015 Overall health coverage up, but employment-based coverage remains flat, EBRI reports
11/6/2015 EBSA: Stop-loss policies purchased to manage self-insured welfare plan risk are not plan assets,(Oct. 27, 2015)
11/5/2015 IRS issues proposed regulations defining terms related to marital status
11/4/2015 CMS clarifies impact of PACE Act on SHOP exchanges
11/3/2015 IRS issues 2016 adjusted limits for various benefits,(Oct. 23, 2015)
11/2/2015 FAQs address array of preventive care coverage issues
10/30/2015 Employees average six unscheduled absences per year, study finds
10/29/2015 White House Economic Advisor defends ‘Cadillac Tax’
10/28/2015 Cadillac tax impacting employers now, will continue to do so in future, report says
10/27/2015 Let employers know tax thresholds in advance, trade group tells IRS
10/26/2015 Your employees want financial wellness programs, even if they won’t use them
10/23/2015 Court again declines to decide whether equitable estoppel applies under FMLA
10/22/2015 ERISA procedures unavailable to preferred providers not within ‘beneficiary’ definition
10/21/2015 CMS offers enrollment guidance, including SHOP instructions for employers
10/20/2015 Some employees would rather clean toilet, do taxes instead of research health care benefits
10/19/2015 IRS releases 2016 PCORI fee
10/16/2015 Adults with health insurance are still experiencing barriers to dental coverage
10/15/2015 U.S. employers expect rate of increase in health care costs in 2015 to remain low but well above inflation
10/14/2015 IRS gives employers some key points on reporting requirements
10/14/2015 PBGC final regs exempt most plans and sponsors from many reportable events rules
10/13/2015 ACA Information Center for Applicable Large Employers available on IRS website
10/13/2015 IRS issues procedures for requesting economic hardship waiver from e-filing Forms 8955-SSA and 5500-EZ
10/12/2015 Consumers have more health plan options, but premiums vary widely
10/12/2015 PBGC issues final regs that require electronic filing of certain multiemployer plan notices
10/09/2015 2016 per diem rates issued for travel expense reimbursements
10/09/2015 IRS issues final regs on minimum required contributions for single-employer DB plans
10/08/2015 Government refuses to budge on out-of-pocket limits for family plans
10/08/2015 IRS issues transition guidance for cooperative and small employer charity plans
10/07/2015 IRS issues regs on administration of participant voting on multiemployer plan benefit suspensions
10/07/2015 Trending ACA topics are focus of ALI-CLE webcast
10/06/2015 Low health care cost increases don’t lessen Cadillac tax worries
10/05/2015 CCIIO explains what employee premium assistance notices you will and won’t receive in 2016
10/02/2015 Accommodation process substantially burdens religious exercise, says 8th Circuit
10/01/2015 Is the ACA providing a gentle push toward retirement?
9/30/2015 Workers continue to give low marks to overall health care system, but rate their own health plans favorably
9/29/2015 IRS intends to propose reporting rules for certain types of health care coverage
9/28/2015 Moderate health care growth continues, but average family premium surpasses $17,000
9/25/2015 Regardless of gender, work-life benefits are important part of overall job fit
9/24/2015 ACA reporting, excise taxes may confront HRAs
9/23/2015 Large employers continue to launch worksite clinics despite ACA uncertainties
9/22/2015 IRS Pays $11 Billion in Advance Premium Assistance Tax Credits
9/21/2015 CMS publishes limited relief for health insurance issuers having problems posting policies
9/18/2015 ERISA plan administrators must notify claimants of contractual suit-limitations periods
9/17/2015 More and more, Californians like the ACA
9/16/2015 Premium increases being finalized as open enrollment nears
9/15/2015 Are association health plans a viable small business health insurance option?
9/14/2015 HHS moves towards health care equity, proposes to leave sex discrimination behind
9/10/2015 Financial incentives greatly increase wellness plan participation
9/9/2015 Consumers give employer-based coverage a run for its money
9/8/2015 Employer plans that do not provide hospital coverage do not provide minimum value
9/8/2015 Employee Plans will stop answering technical questions by email soon
9/4/2015 PCORI’s updated framework answers questions, provides complete picture
9/4/2015 IRS provides tips on fixing SEP contribution errors due to use of wrong definition of compensation
9/3/2015 Infertility treatment age limit repealed in Connecticut to comply with ACA
9/3/2015 DOL panelists mull “advice” and who should drive fiduciary revamp
9/2/2015 HSAs with investment options draw larger contributions and have higher balances
9/1/2015 IRS posts draft instructions for filing some ACA information returns
8/31/2015 Aflac study shows benefits remain a key tool for retention and recruitment
8/28/2015 Fired employee’s FMLA win affirmed on liability but $160K award vacated for jury trial on damages
8/27/2015 Employees unaware of workplace wellness programs
8/26/2015 SHOP’s operational problems must be addressed for program to be a success
8/25/2015 Employers keep health care cost increases at bay with changes to benefit programs
8/24/2015 Issuers meet risk corridor program deadlines, CMS postpones results
8/21/2015 No substantial burden in ACA regulations’ opt-out provision for religious nonprofits
8/20/2015 Faster health spending growth attributed to ACA coverage expansion
8/19/2015 Phase out of reinsurance program is major factor driving 2016 premium rates
8/18/2015 Failure to file 2014 tax returns will prevent advance payments of premium tax credit in 2016
8/18/2015 Eleventh Circuit orders reconsideration of pre-Tibble fiduciary breach cases dismissed as time barred
8/17/2015 Confused about ACA reporting requirements? IRS explains what you need to know
8/17/2015 Short-term highway bill with pension provision signed into law
8/14/2015 ERISA doesn’t necessarily preempt state law bias claim based on LTD benefit plan
8/14/2015 ERISA did not preempt claim seeking replacement of missing ESOP certificates
8/13/2015 Repeal of excise tax would benefit middle- and upper-middle income employees
8/13/2015 IRS issues updated static mortality tables for 2016
8/12/2015 Majority of full-time workers had access to employer-provided medical care
8/11/2015 IRS, SSA highlight employer reporting under ACA
8/10/2015 IRS sets out additional approaches to excise tax on high cost plans, seeks comments
8/10/2015 EBSA clarifies fiduciary duty in selecting, monitoring annuity providers for benefit distributions from DC plans
8/06/2015 Performance recognition, flex-time and paid time-off policies most favored by employers, survey finds
8/06/2015 IRS takes aim at DB plan lump-sum risk-transferring programs
8/05/2015 Surgical costs assessed for notice violations, but no per diem sanctions
8/05/2015 Evidence of judicial action not required for recovery of attorney’s fees
8/04/2015 Grandfathered plans should be careful when modifying wellness programs
8/03/2015 “Satisfaction gap” narrowing between traditional health plans and CDHPs: EBRI
7/31/2015 Texas amends wellness program regulations to reflect federal standards
7/30/2015 States have taken steps to enhance Exchanges, but more can be done
7/29/2015 After design changes, health care costs will increase 4.5 percent in 2016
7/28/2015 Enrollees spent less on meds in Q1 2015 vs. Q1 2014
7/28/2015 401(k) plan participants allowed to pursue claim for disgorgement following transfer of account assets to pension plan
7/27/2015 Insurers, pharmacy companies, unions join forces to kill Cadillac tax
7/27/2015 IRA’s FMV includible in income: assets used to fund business, pay salary
7/24/2015 Employer did not give employee chance to cure medical certification; FMLA claim revived
7/24/2015 IRS takes aim at DB plan lump-sum risk-transferring programs
7/23/2015 Employers plan to take little action in modifying health care strategy in 2015
7/23/2015 Supreme Court’s recognition of same-sex marriage will further extend spousal rights to retirement benefits
7/22/2015 Segal reports surprising findings on multiemployer plan changes since passage of ACA
7/22/2015 IRS takes aim at DB plan lump-sum risk-transferring programs
7/21/2015 HRA bills introduced in Congress
7/20/2015 Sky-is-falling hiring predictions failed to materialize, ADP says
7/15/2015 Over 10,000 small businesses providing coverage through SHOP Exchanges
7/14/2015 IRS issues draft ACA Forms 1094-C, 1095-B and 1095-C
7/13/2015 Interim transition relief continues for expatriate health plans, IRS says
7/13/2015 PBGC interim final regs specify application process, notice requirements for partitions of multiemployer DB plans under MPRA
7/10/2015 Exempting HRAs from ACA limits would expand coverage for employees, CPAs say
7/9/2015 Employers consider unconventional strategies to manage double-digit drug cost increases
7/9/2015 IRS issues temporary, proposed regs, application procedures for reduction of multiemployer DB plan benefits; Special Master appointed
7/8/2015 DOL offers $1.25M to study paid leave programs
7/8/2015 EBSA schedules hearing on definition of fiduciary proposed regs/proposed class PTEs, extends comment period
7/7/2015 Implementing FSA carryover increased employee participation: ECFC
7/6/2015 Small firms are not self-insuring to avoid ACA compliance
6/26/2015 Investment in HR technology continues to grow: Towers Watson
6/25/2015 Employers still offer health coverage, despite predictions of doom
6/25/2015 IRS semiannual regulatory agenda includes guidance on funding rules, multiemployer plans
6/24/2015 IRS transition relief for small companies offering employer payment plans ends on June 30
6/24/2015 EBSA report on quality of benefit plan audits performed by CPAs finds deficiencies
6/23/2015 Health care spending growth rate down, but affordability is key
6/23/2015 Decedent’s sole beneficiary pays for “honorable” choice to share distribution with siblings
6/22/2015 HHS finalizes changes to rules on Summaries of Benefits and Coverage
6/19/2015 Salaries are key factor in health crisis preparedness, insurance literacy, benefits enrollment
6/18/2015 Insurers expect larger premium increases for employers in 2016
6/17/2015 Cadillac tax threatens employer HSA contributions
6/16/2015 Possible fixes for post-King v. Burwell disruptions are outlined by actuary organization
6/16/2015 Employer erred when it calculated pension benefit without reference to “compensation”
6/15/2015 CMS sheds light on SHOP transition to full online functionality
6/15/2015 EBSA semiannual regulatory agenda addresses rules on fiduciaries, VFC program
6/12/2015 CDHP enrollees tend to be older, more educated and have higher incomes: EBRI
6/11/2015 Employers plan to expand use of onsite health centers
6/11/2015 IRS establishes permanent program to provide relief to plan administrators who fail to timely file Form 5500-EZ
6/10/2015 EBSA semiannual regulatory agenda addresses rules on fiduciaries, VFC program
6/10/2015 Supreme Court confirms continuing duty of fiduciaries to monitor and remove imprudent plan investments
6/09/2015 CMS clarifies Medical Loss Ratio reporting and rebate requirements
6/08/2015 UPS can apply lifetime limits to its retiree health plans
6/05/2015 District court must rethink fiduciary status of ERISA plan manager, Fifth Circuit rules
6/04/2015 High deductibles leaving the underinsured with thousands in medical debt
6/03/2015 Medical loss ratio rule a big gain for consumers
6/02/2015 Majority of companies planning to make changes to pre-65 retiree strategies
6/02/2015 Denial of severance benefits upheld, despite executive’s claim he was forced out
6/01/2015 Self-insured, large group health plans don’t escape from annual limitation rule
6/01/2015 Corrected retention agreement failed to avoid income inclusion for executive’s retention bonus
5/29/2015 Doctor’s note plus knowledge of workplace incident may have been sufficient notice under FMLA
5/28/2015 How does ACA affect your small business? IRS offers tips
5/28/2015 Companies are paying close attention to Fifth Third decision, Towers Watson survey finds
5/27/2015 Employers don’t plan on exiting health care game
5/26/2015 IRS webinar reviews ALE status, employer shared responsibility provisions
5/22/2015 Blue Cross was not obliged to send COBRA notice to insureds where Hostess Brands was plan administrator
5/21/2015 Small business workers rate their benefits poorly
5/20/2015 Trade association joins growing movement to repeal the ‘Cadillac’ tax
5/19/2015 Employees like wellness programs but don’t stay engaged
5/19/2015 IRS releases update to Priority Guidance Plan
5/18/2015 Plans must cover the full range of FDA-approved contraceptive methods with no cost-sharing
5/18/2015 Civil action appropriate avenue to contest arbitrator’s award, not Arbitration Act rules
5/15/2015 Pipeline awards will funnel $700,000 to projects focusing on major health issues
5/14/2015 Satisfaction with job increases with number of benefits offered
5/14/2015 SEC proposes pay-versus-performance rules
5/13/2015 IRS released draft publication on filing ACA forms electronically
5/13/2015 IRS provides tips for speeding up determination letter application process
5/12/2015 IRS issues 2016 inflation-adjusted amounts for HSAs
5/12/2015 Employer’s equitable defenses no bar to multiemployer funds’ unpaid contribution claims
5/11/2015 Retirement confidence is slowly recovering, EBRI survey finds
5/11/2015 Congress called it a tax, so Anti-Injunction Act bars court challenge
5/8/2015 Only 10 percent of employers have implemented an ACA reporting solution
5/7/2015 Wait, What? It’s Over? Fewer Than 1 In 5 Knew Enrollment Deadline
5/7/2015 Fidelity seeks clarification of IRS position on documentation for plan hardship distributions, participant loans
5/6/2015 Double-Digit Increases In Pharmacy Costs Expected By 2016
5/6/2015 TIGTA recommends additional improvements to IRS strategy for addressing excess contributions to IRAs
5/5/2015 Senate Bill Would Protect ACA Subsidies After Court Ruling
5/5/2015 DOL attempts again to expand range of investment advisors subject to ERISA as fiduciaries
5/4/2015 Reinsurance Contributions Collections On Target For 2015
5/4/2015 IRS reminds plan sponsors that they should track loans, hardship distributions
5/1/2015 LTD Plan Complied With ERISA’s ‘Hold In Trust’ Requirement
5/1/2015 Widow’s bid for “preretirement spouse pension” barred by prior court win
4/30/2015 Underlying Cost Trend For Large Employers Remains Modest Despite ACA Concerns
4/29/2015 Workplace Wellness Programs Are Prevalent, But May Not Save Employers Money In The Long Run
4/28/2015 RDS Amounts And Medicare Part D Benefit Parameters For 2016 Are Issued By CMS
4/28/2015 Erroneous interpretation of plan that reduced benefits was “amendment” under anti-cutback rule
4/27/2015 DOL, HHS, And Treasury Answer Questions On Wellness Program Design
4/27/2015 IRS adds easier correction methods for automatic contribution elective deferral plans
4/24/2015 Strong Link Exists Between Employee Engagement And Employee Perceptions Of Total Rewards
4/24/2015 Float income retained by service provider was not plan asset
4/23/2015 PBGC issues proposed regs that require electronic filing of certain multiemployer plan notices
4/23/2015 Employees Lack Understanding Around How To Connect Health Care To Cost
4/22/2015 IRS reminds plan sponsors that they should track loans, hardship distributions
4/22/2015 CCIIO Designates Benchmark Plans
4/21/2015 Six Million Employees Enrolled Via Private Exchanges In 2015
4/20/2015 Penalty Relief Provided For Taxpayers Who Received Incorrect Or Delayed Forms 1095-A
4/20/2015 IRS provides guidance on reporting rollovers of airline bankruptcy payments for 2014
4/17/2015 CalPERS Exploring Options To Avoid ACA’s Cadillac Tax
4/17/2015 Proposed EBSA fiduciary rule could put rollovers at risk, ARA warns
4/16/2015 Trade Association Urges Passage Of Act Providing Employers With Certainty For Wellness Strategies
4/16/2015 DC plan participants continue to move towards target date funds, survey finds
4/15/2015 Mental Health Parity Journey Continues On Long And Winding Road
4/15/2015 IRS finds overall compliance high in EPCU diversification of investments project
4/14/2015 Employer Association Urges House To Pass Act To Ax Cadillac Tax
4/14/2015 IRS modifies 2013 version of EPCRS to provide improvements and updates
4/13/2015 Employer And Employee Contributions To HSAs Decreasing
4/10/2015 Supreme Court Grants Review Of “Equitable Relief” Case Involving Dissipated Funds
4/10/2015 Multiemployer funds awarded over $660K in unpaid contributions, plus damages
4/9/2015 IRS Issues Special Rule To Exclude Expatriate Health Plans From Annual Fee On Health Insurers
4/9/2015 EBSA rule adds deadline flexibility for 401(k) plans providing annual investment information to participants
4/8/2015 MLR Year 3: Consumers Benefit To Tune Of $5 Billion
4/7/2015 Wellness Program Incentives On The Rise
4/6/2015 Insurers Likely Won’t Be Required To Use New SBC Templates Until 2017
4/6/2015 IRS extends temporary nondiscrimination relief for closed DB plans
4/3/2015 Insured Made Whole Under ERISA Could Not Recover Additional Equitable Relief For Same Injury
4/3/2015 DB plan participants need better information when offered lump sums replacing their lifetime benefits, GAO says
4/2/2015 Five Years In, ACA Has Had Major Impact On Health Care Industry
4/2/2015 Republican Senators warn OMB director about proposed fiduciary rule
4/1/2015 Let Employers Show Employees The Money For Getting Healthy, Group Urges Congress
4/1/2015 PBGC announces availability of 2015 premium filing instructions and My PAA for 2015 premium filings
3/31/2015 Effective Wellness Programs Provide Financial Incentives: EBRI
3/31/2015 PBGC guarantee for multiemployer plan participants will cover smaller share of benefits in future plan insolvencies
3/30/2015 ACA’s Small Business Rules Could Trigger Higher Premiums For 2016
3/30/2015 PBGC remains on GAO’s high-risk list
3/27/2015 Workplace Health Programs Are Key to Improving American Life Expectancy And Health
3/26/2015 Benefits Were 31.6 Percent Of Total Compensation In December 2014, BLS Finds
3/26/2015 Unambiguous plan terms defeat estoppel claim regarding service credit computation
3/25/2015 Use E-File For Health Provider Information Form, IRS Advises
3/24/2015 Wellness Programs Can Lower Medical Cost Growth Rates, If They Are Designed Well
3/24/2015 Lawmakers demand information on DOL-SEC consultation on proposed fiduciary rule
3/23/2015 GOP Lawmakers Unveil Alternative To ACA
3/23/2015 IRS’ website reflects changes to EP determination process that begin in 2015
3/20/2015 Views on Employment-Based Health Benefits: Findings From The 2014 Health and Voluntary Workplace Benefits Survey
3/20/2015 IRS changes addresses and user fees for 403(b) pre-approved plan applications
3/19/2015 Nontraditional Wellness Initiatives Are Emerging, Survey Finds
3/19/2015 IRS clarifies plan correction options for 457 plans
3/18/2015 More pension plan sponsors likely to adopt settlement strategies to better manage risk, survey finds
3/18/2015 CBO Projects ACA Will Set Fed Back $1.2 Trillion Over Next Decade
3/17/2015 Bill Would Eliminate ‘Confusion’ Over Wellness Programs Caused By EEOC Scrutiny
3/16/2015 HHS Affirms “Skinny Plans” Do Not Meet Minimum Value Requirement Under ACA
3/12/2015 Actuaries Urge HHS: Prevent ACA Marketplace Insurer Insolvency
3/12/2015 PBGC requests information on MPRA provisions concerning plan partitions and facilitated mergers
3/11/2015 Most Workers Like Current Wage/Health Benefit Mix, But Discontent Is Growing
3/11/2015 Most companies are improving automatic features in 401(k) plans to help employees increase their savings, survey finds
3/10/2015 IRS Sets Out Approaches To Excise Tax On “Cadillac Plans”
3/10/2015 White Houses directs EBSA to propose rule imposing fiduciary standard on brokers
3/9/2015 Most Employers Provide Paid Leave, Finds Study Conducted Jointly By Families And Work Institute And SHRM, But Not As Many Provide Leave To Caregivers, Part-Time Employees
3/9/2015 Most Employers Provide Paid Leave, Finds Study Conducted Jointly By Families And Work Institute And SHRM, But Not As Many Provide Leave To Caregivers, Part-Time Employees
3/6/2015 Push For Earned Sick Leave Continues
3/5/2015 Towers Watson Explains Why Answers To The Top 10 Employee Questions On Private Exchange Enrollment Matter
3/4/2015 Life After King v. Burwell: Is HHS Ready?
3/3/2015 IRS Issues Limited Transition Relief From Excise Tax For Failure To Satisfy ACA Market Reforms
3/2/2015 As CHIP Funding Expiration Looms, Dems Take Action
2/26/2015 Self-Purchasers Are Confident, But Feel Unprepared For High Medical Costs
2/26/2015 Employers offering more tools, resources to improve retirement planning, financial outcomes for workers
2/25/2015 Bill Would Expand Small Employer Tax Credit Eligibility
2/25/2015 House approves measure on tax-free IRA charitable distributions
2/24/2015 FAQs Address When Supplemental Health Coverage Constitutes Excepted Benefits
2/23/2015 GOP Lawmakers Unveil Alternative To ACA
2/20/2015 Health Savings Accounts And Health Reimbursement Arrangements: Assets, Account Balances, and Rollovers, 2006–2014
2/20/2015 IRS anticipates issuing proposed regs that would allow state or local retirement systems to cover public charter schools employees
2/19/2015 Survey Finds Most Companies Are Improving Automatic Features In 401(k) Plans To Help Workers Increase Savings
2/19/2015 PBGC announces end of moratorium on enforcement of 4062(e) cases
2/18/2015 HHS Finalizes Tying Provisions For Issuers With Substantial Share Of Small Group Market
2/18/2015 Reformation is “appropriate” remedy for notice violations in cash balance conversion
2/17/2015 Benefits Landscape Evolves In Response To ACA
2/17/2015 Elimination of accrued early retirement supplement violated anti-cutback ruleElimination of accrued early retirement supplement violated anti-cutback rule
2/13/2015 SHRM Survey Highlights Employers’ Great Concern Over Controlling Health Care Costs
2/13/2015 Court must apply ordinary contract principles to lifetime contribution-free retiree health care question
2/12/2015 Get Your Processes In Place Now For Sec. 6055/6056 Reporting, HighRoads Warns Employers
2/12/2015 EBSA issues final rules on DB annual funding notice requirements under PPA
2/11/2015 EBSA Issues Final Rule On New Annual Funding Notice Requirements For DB Plans
2/10/2015 Employee Participation in Wellness Programs and Flexible Work Arrangements on Rise
2/09/2015 Focus on ACA Employer Mandate in 2015, Expert Advises Employers
2/09/2015 EBSA highlights results of enforcement and compliance activity in 2014
2/06/2015 Survey Shows Employers Offering More Tools And Resources To Improve Financial Outcomes for Workers
2/06/2015 Termination of retirees’ monthly benefits under plan’s change of control provision violated ERISA
2/05/2015 Few Mid-Tier Employers Plan to Eliminate Healthcare, According to Survey
2/05/2015 EBSA issues guidance on changes to annual funding notice requirements under HATFA
2/04/2015 Democrats Move On Paid Parental Leave For Federal Workers
2/03/2015 Court Must Apply Ordinary Contract Principles To Lifetime Contribution-Free Retiree Health Care Question
2/02/2015 Federal Filings Allow Peek Behind The Reasons For Increasing Health Insurance Rates
1/30/2015 More Than Half Of Employers Feel Unprepared To Manage ACA Compliance Requirements
1/30/2015 IRS revises employee plan determination letter procedures
1/29/2015 IRS revises user fee program for employee plan determination letters
1/29/2015 Voluntary Benefits Are Important To 9 Out Of 10 Employees, Aflac Survey Shows
1/28/2015 Widow’s Claim For Survivor Retirement Benefits Was Time-Barred
1/28/2015 President’s tax reform proposal includes “Auto-IRA” requirement
1/27/2015 IRS FAQs Clarify After-Tax Contribution Rollover Rules
1/26/2015 Senator Begins Health Care Agenda Targeting The ACA
1/23/2015 Onsite Clinics Can Reduce Costs, Improve Employee Productivity
1/23/2015 Illinois employers with 25 or more employees will be required to establish a retirement savings plan
1/22/2015 Coverage, Use Of Preventive Services Has Spiked Among Those 19-26
1/22/2015 Corporate pension funding levels declined in 2014
1/21/2015 15 Percent Of U.S. Population Now Enrolled In CDHPs
1/21/2015 Employer failed to timely demand arbitration under approved AAA rules
1/20/2015 House Passes Bill Repealing PPACA’s 30-Hour Rule
1/20/2015 IRS expands automatic approval of funding method changes in takeover plans
1/16/2015 ACA Prompt Employers To Consider New Alternatives For Pre-65 Retiree Medical Benefits, Survey Shows
1/16/2015 IRS FAQs clarify after-tax contribution rollover rules
1/15/2015 ICI Data Shows DC Participants Continued To Save In First Half Of ‘14
1/15/2015 Widow’s claim for survivor retirement benefits was time-barred
1/14/2015 The 10 Steps DC Plan Sponsors Should Take In 2015
1/12/2015 How not-for-profits are taking responsibility to encourage positive savings behaviors
1/9/2015 History Of Threats To Coworkers, Other Misconduct Defeat ADA Claims
1/9/2015 Treasury final regs establish myRA accounts, DOL says myRA not covered by ERISA
1/8/2015 ACA Has Not Changed Americans’ Perception Of Shopping For Health Insurance
1/8/2015 IRS announces changes to determination letter procedures for incomplete applications, requests for additional information
1/7/2015 Employers Unfamiliar With Health Plan Quality Information
1/7/2015 IRS semiannual regulatory agenda includes guidance on funding rules, eligible combined plans
1/6/2015 Orthodontists Who Braced For Mandate Can’t Challenge Delays
1/6/2015 President signs multiple bills affecting pensions at year-end 2014
1/5/2015 Potential Risk Is Too High For Small Firms Wanting To Self-Insure
12/24/2014 Realignment of TE/GE shifts preparation of certain technical guidance involving plans to Office of Chief Counsel
12/23/2014 Hybrid plan transition rules would not mandate that prior plan designs be treated as improper, Treasury officials say
12/19/2014 How Responsive Are Your Millennial Employees To Your Wellness Efforts?
12/18/2014 Employees Paying More, Getting Less From Employer-Based Plans
12/18/2014 ESOP fiduciaries remain subject to suit for failure to drop inflated company stock from investment menu
12/17/2014 Nearly Half Of HR Chiefs Say Wellness Programs Are Ineffective
12/17/2014 PBGC final regs clarify treatment of benefits rolled over from DC plan if DB plan is terminated and trusteed by PBGC
12/16/2014 Largest Health Insurers Hold Onto Enrollment In Majority Of States
12/16/2014 IRS amends safe harbor explanations that are provided to recipients of eligible rollover distributions
12/15/2014 Wellness Programs Versus The EEOC: Who Will Win?
12/12/2014 Health Care Provider Allowed To Sue ERISA Plans For Payment Of Benefits
12/11/2014 Massachusetts Succeeds With Coverage, Struggles With Costs
12/11/2014 PBGC deficit widens due to deterioration in multiemployer program
12/10/2014 IRS Releases Guidance On Hardship Exemptions From ACA Individual Shared Responsibility Payment And Minimum Essential Coverage
12/09/2014 HHS Proposes Standards For Insurance Issuers And Marketplaces In 2016
12/09/2014 IRS clarifies application of once-a-year limit on IRA rollovers
12/08/2014 Mental Health Parity Information Is Updated On EBSA Website
12/04/2014 Many Factors Contribute To Low SHOP Enrollment: GAO
12/04/2014 Society of Actuaries releases new mortality tables
12/03/2014 Experts Review ACA Small Business Provisions
12/03/2014 Expert reviews role of valuation in ESOP cases
12/02/2014 Employers Scaling Back Health Coverage For Spouses And Dependents
12/01/2014 Number Of Self-Insured Group Plans Remained Stable from 2010 To 2011: DOL
12/01/2014 Failure to make required minimum distributions from IRA was due to reasonable error, excise tax waived
11/25/2014 Majority of IRA owners hold “extreme” asset allocations, EBRI finds
11/24/2014 Failure to make required minimum distributions from IRA was due to reasonable error, excise tax waived
11/21/2014 Marketplace Enrollees Are Using Their Benefits: Express Scripts
11/21/2014 Cadillac Tax Will Wallop Retiree Plans By 2020
11/20/2014 Wyden, Harkin ask agencies to review impact of pension “de-risking” strategies
11/20/2014 DOL plans fiduciary guidance on consolidating multiple IRAs
11/19/2014 Spending Per Privately Insured Rose 3.9 Percent In 2013, But Falling Utilization Offset Rising Prices
11/19/2014 Employer groups support legislation to provide relief from nondiscrimination testing for frozen DB plans
11/18/2014 State Laws That Prohibit Low Attachment Stop-Loss Contracts Would Not Be Preempted By ERISA: EBSA
11/18/2014 PBGC increases maximum monthly guarantee for 2015
11/17/2014 Cash Is Not King For Employers’ Reimbursement Of Individual Policy Purchases
11/17/2014 PBGC updates premium rates for 2015
11/14/2014 ACA Will Have Modest Impact On Employer-Sponsored Coverage
11/13/2014 Projected Savings Needed For Health Care In Retirement Continue To Fall
11/13/2014 IRS allows 401(k) plans to offer target date funds that include deferred income annuities in investments
11/12/2014 Sky-Is-Falling Fears About Employer Mandate’s Impact On Workforce Unfounded
11/12/2014 2015 Social Security cost-of-living adjustment will be 1.7%
11/11/2014 Employer Plans That Do Not Provide Inpatient Hospital Coverage Do Not Provide Minimum Value: IRS
11/11/2014 Date of request authorizing contribution to IRA treated as contribution date, IRS concludes
11/10/2014 IRS Issues 2015 Adjusted Limits For Various Benefits
11/10/2014 Many retirement plan dollar limits to increase under 2015 COLAs
11/07/2014 Former Employee’s Claim That Application Was Rejected Due To Prior FMLA Leave Revived
11/06/2014 Familiarity With Defined Contribution Health Plans, Exchanges High, But Misconceptions Abound
11/06/2014 PBGC posts guidelines on making premium payments
11/05/2014 Nearly One-Third Of Companies Delayed Health Plan Renewal Date To December 2014
11/05/2014 Contributing employer to multiemployer pension plan could not sue plan trustees for negligent plan asset management under federal common law
11/04/2014 EHBs Vary Widely From State To State
11/03/2014 ACA Compliance Issues Pose Formidable Challenge For Mid-Sized Businesses
11/03/2014 PBGC issues guidance on effect of HATFA on annual financial and actuarial reporting
10/31/2014 Americans Concerned About Exchange Out-Of-Pocket Costs
10/30/2014 Climate Of Health Reform Impacts Employee Benefits Structure
10/30/2014 IRS simplifies tax treatment for individuals in certain Canadian retirement plans
10/29/2014 Give Employers More Time To Comply With ACA Reporting Requirements, Industry Group Urges
10/28/2014 Quarter Of Employers Still Have Not Determined Impact Of Excise Tax On Health Plans
10/28/2014 Employers looking to enhance 401(k) investment structures, Towers Watson survey finds
10/27/2014 CMS Announces Availability Of ACA Reinsurance Enrollment And Contributions Form
10/27/2014 Financial services provider was not a fiduciary subject to liability for allegedly excess fees
10/23/2014 Flexible Work Arrangements Benefit Employers And Employees
10/23/2014 IRS issues final regs that require filing certain retirement plan returns on magnetic media
10/22/2014 Chief HR Officers Give Negative Reviews To ACA’s Impact On Employee Health Care
10/22/2014 Compliance initiative looking for 409A violations, IRS official says
10/21/2014 Health Reform Will Impact This Year’s Benefits Communication Strategy
10/21/2014 EBSA issues proposed regs on electronic filing of top-hat plan statements, apprenticeship and training plan notices
10/20/2014 IRS, HHS, DOL Clarify “Reasonable Method” For Reference-Based Pricing
10/20/2014 Plan amendment offering lump-sum payment option did not violate minimum distribution requirement
10/16/2014 Growing Private Exchange Market Already Serves At Least 2.5 Million People
10/16/2014 No “appropriate equitable relief” available to non-vested participant who mistakenly received benefits
10/15/2014 Health Benefits Cost Trends Decrease In 2015, But Prescription Drug Costs Rise: Segal
10/15/2014 IRS notes that errors on IRA contribution form may cause tax problems
10/14/2014 ACA May Encourage Self-Employment
10/14/2014 Guidance issued on the effect of HATFA on PBGC premiums
10/13/2014 District Court Follows Halbig Analysis
10/13/2014 Maroni named Acting Director of PBGC
10/10/2014 Jointly Employed Manager Covered By FMLA
10/10/2014 Wyden tells Senate hearing that tax incentives for retirement are insufficient
10/9/2014 Private Exchanges Are A Viable Option For Employees In 2016, Say Nearly A Quarter Of Employers
10/9/2014 Proposed regs provide transition rules for satisfying market rate of return requirements for hybrid plans
10/8/2014 Exchange Make-Up Varies, But Most Large Issuers Participate
10/8/2014 IRS officials review plan correction procedures, offer tips
10/7/2014 Half Of Employers Expect To Trigger Cadillac Tax In 2018
10/7/2014 IRS issues final regs providing guidance on hybrid defined benefit plans
10/6/2014 Departments Finalize Excepted Benefits Rules For Dental And Vision Coverage, EAPs
10/1/2014 IRS Issues Final Regulations On Deduction Limitation For Remuneration Paid By Health Insurance Providers
9/30/2014 Cafeteria Plans May Allow Revocations Of Health Plan Elections For Additional Reasons
9/30/2014 Senate panel to look at pension rules in tax code, Wyden says
9/29/2014 IRS Clarifies Employer Mandate’s Look-Back Method
9/29/2014 IRS issues guidance on pension funding stabilization under HATFA
9/24/2014 41 Percent Of Employees Spend Less Than 15 Minutes On Benefits Selection
9/23/2014 Health Benefit Cost Increases Will Edge Up In 2015
9/23/2014 Bank’s “wealth accumulation plan” is ERISA “pension plan”
9/19/2014 Employer Mandate Isn’t Pushing Workers Into Part-Time Gigs
9/19/2014 ERISA Advisory Council to meet via teleconference on September 29, 2014
9/18/2014 Majority Of Companies Value Healthy Work-Life Balance
9/17/2014 Health Spending Growth Remained Slow In 2013: CMS
9/16/2014 Small Businesses In Five States Will Get Early Access To SHOP Exchanges
9/16/2014 Fiduciaries held to higher standard in proving plan loss was not caused by procedural imprudence
9/15/2014 Vast Majority Of Large Employers Offered Health Benefits To Workers
9/15/2014 Accounts of “consistent 401(k) participants” grew 6.8% from 2007-2012, EBRI finds
9/09/2014 California Gets On Board With ACA Waiting Period Rule
9/09/2014 Certain Puerto Rican retirement trusts are eligible to use group trusts
9/08/2014 Draft Instructions For ACA Reporting Forms Released
9/08/2014 Trustees’ conflicting interpretations of “retirement” was “paradigmatically” arbitrary and capricious
9/05/2014 FMLA Claims Reinstated Because Employer Couldn’t Prove Employee Received FMLA Notice
9/05/2014 Satisfaction With CDHPs Gradually Rising
9/04/2014 EBSA issues request for information on use of brokerage windows by individual account plans
9/03/2014 Satisfaction With CDHPs Gradually Rising
9/02/2014 Who Still Wants COBRA?
9/02/2014 Plan terms permit benefit suspension during post-NRA employment
8/28/2014 How SHOP Exchanges Could Be So Much Better This Year
8/28/2014 EBSA updates guidance on finding missing participants of terminated DC plans and making final distributions
8/27/2014 EEOC Launches First Direct Attack On Employer Wellness Program
8/27/2014 Fed survey finds many households not adequately prepared for retirement
8/26/2014 Big Tax Tab Possible For Employers Who Fund Individual Medical Coverage Via Cafeteria Plans
8/26/2014 DB plan participants were entitled to enhanced benefits under plan’s unambiguous change of control provision
8/25/2014 IRA withdrawals tied to RMD requirements, EBRI study finds
8/22/2014 New York Anti-Subrogation Law Saved From ERISA Preemption
8/22/2014 PBGC announces new navigation features on its website
8/21/2014 Midyear HSA Assets Reach $23 Billion
8/21/2014 ICI study shows long-term downward trend of 401(k) fees
8/20/2014 Brokers’ Private Exchange Sales Remain Low While Voluntary Benefit Sales Rise
8/20/2014 IRS provides guidance on plan amendments required before terminating plans
8/19/2014 Weight to be given evidence must be reflected in ALJ’s decision says court
8/19/2014 Retiree allowed to sue to enforce ERISA guaranteed rights without exhausting plan remedies
8/18/2014 Many Doubt Open Enrollment Will Be Smooth After Last Year’s Rocky Rollout
8/18/2014 Millennials emerging as “retirement super savers,” Transamerica survey finds
8/15/2014 Who’s Still Uninsured? Location Makes A Difference
8/15/2014 No plans to establish determination letter program for individually designed 403(b) plans: IRS official
8/14/2014 Majority Of Uninsured Young Adults Believe Marketplace Coverage Is Unaffordable
8/14/2014 Senate panel approves ERISA shutdown benefits bill
8/13/2014 ACA’s Impact On Hiring, Benefits Affects Ability To Compete
8/13/2014 Highway bill with pension provisions passes Senate, cleared for President
8/12/2014 HSA Contributions Can Create Surprisingly Large Nest Eggs For Retiree Health Expenses
8/11/2014 86 Percent Of Full-Time Workers Had Access To Health Benefits: BLS
8/7/2014 Warner Asks Administration To Again Delay ACA Employer Mandate
8/7/2014 EBRI analyzes impact of “leakage” on 401(k) plan accumulations
8/6/2014 IRS Issues Final And Proposed Regulations For Claiming The Premium Tax Credit
8/6/2014 Eighth Circuit reverses Tax Court’s denial of taxpayer’s partial rollover contribution
8/5/2014 Employers Brighten Smiles With Extended Dental Coverage
8/4/2014 Halbig, King Decisions Overturning Subsidies May Hinder ACA Implementation
8/4/2014 Roth IRAs most often created by contributions, ICI study finds
8/1/2014 Health Insurer That Paid Another Insurer’s Claims Is Not Entitled To Reimbursement
7/31/2014 HSAs More Popular Than HRAs Among Small To Mid-Size Employers And Employees
7/30/2014 Just One-Third Of Organizations Have Quantified Cost Of ACA
7/30/2014 PBGC issues moratorium on enforcement of 4062(e) cases
7/29/2014 Would Employees Quit Their Job If They Could Buy Comparable Health Coverage Elsewhere? 40 Percent Say Yes
7/29/2014 PBGC report underscores increased risks to some multiemployer plans
7/28/2014 ERISA-Governed Health Plans That Cease Providing Contraceptive Services Must Disclose Changes
7/28/2014 Service provider empowered to determine amount of revenue sharing payments subject to liability as functional fiduciary
7/25/2014 Employee Received All Leave To Which He Was Entitled, FMLA Claims Properly Dismissed: Third Circuit
7/25/2014 IRS withdraws proposed IRA regs that conflict with Bobrow decision
7/24/2014 ACA Will Lead To Continued Decline In VEBAs
7/23/2014 Consider How Today’s Health Care Decisions Will Impact Your Workforce In Near Future
7/22/2014 HSA Enrollment Increasing, But HSA Proficiency Remains Low
7/22/2014 Roth IRA balances grew faster than traditional IRA balances, EBRI study finds
7/21/2014 Automatic Enrollment Will Burden Retail Industry Due To High Turnover Rates
7/21/2014 More 403(b) plans offer target date options as part of streamlined investment platforms
7/18/2014 Participation In Voluntary Benefits Expected To Grow
7/17/2014 ACA Will Play Role In November Elections, But Might Not Get The Lead
7/16/2014 Discussion Letter Clarifies GINA, ADA Boundaries In Fitness-For-Duty Exams
7/16/2014 IRS issues final regs on purchase of longevity annuity contracts by plans
7/15/2014 Health Care Under ACA Is Not Better, According To Small Business Owners
7/14/2014 Small Employer Health Insurance Credit Final Regulations Retain Uniform Percentage Rules
7/14/2014 No presumption of prudence for ESOP fiduciaries, Supreme Court rules
7/11/2014 Denial Of Benefits For Intoxicated Operation Of Boat Not Abuse Of Discretion; Exclusion Term “Vehicle” Not Ambiguous: Fifth Circuit
7/10/2014 Majority Of Health Insurance Leaders Believe Most Employers Will Offer Benefits Through Private Exchange By 2016
7/10/2014 Fiduciary breach claim by ESOP participants not barred by three-year “actual knowledge” limitation
7/09/2014 Employers Adjust Employee Benefits To Emphasize Health Care And Wellness Even With Rising Costs
7/08/2014 Eligible Employees In Same-Sex Marriages Would Get FMLA Protections Under Proposed Rule
7/07/2014 Departments Finalize Allowable Bona Fide Orientation Period Under ACA’s 90-Day Waiting Period Limitation
6/30/2014 Election to make required plan contributions in company stock did not subject bank to fiduciary liability
6/27/2014 Supreme Court Declines To Review Decision Allowing Equitable Recoupment Of Benefit Overpayments
6/27/2014 IRS rules certain stock appreciation rights are exempt from Code Sec. 457A
6/26/2014 HSA Balances And Distributions Increase With Age: EBRI
6/25/2014 Paying For Risk Corridor Program May Violate Federal Law, Contend Sessions And Upton In Letter To HHS
6/25/2014 Inherited IRAs do not qualify for bankruptcy exemption, Supreme Court rules
6/24/2014 Employers Interested In Exploring Stricter Rules Around Health Benefits And Reference-Based Pricing As Part Of Their Health Strategy
6/24/2014 Plan sponsors made errors in majority of Form 5500 returns, EPCU found
6/23/2014 Majority Of Employers Believe ACA Has Had Negative Impact On Their Company
6/23/2014 401(k) plans remain EP exam priority, IRS official tells ASPPA
6/20/2014 No Plausible FMLA Claims By Employee Fired After Exhausting 12-Weeks Of Leave, Despite Employer’s Promise To Combine Leaves
6/20/2014 DB participants’ Tax Court anti-cutback challenge estopped by prior Seventh Circuit decision
6/19/2014 Most Employers Plan To Continue To Offer Health Benefits Despite ACA Changes
6/18/2014 Companies Worldwide Spending More On HR Technology
6/17/2014 Employers Increase Wellness Budgets And Use Of Incentives To Participate
6/17/2014 PBGC final regs streamline certain multiemployer plan reporting rules
6/16/2014 House Small Business Committee Chairman Seeks SHOP Enrollment Data
6/16/2014 Employees fail to establish fiduciary misrepresentation as cause of plan loss following stock drop
6/13/2014 Negative Sentiment About ACA Continues, But Law Could Prompt Some To Retire Early
6/12/2014 Huge Opportunities For HSAs In Coming Era Of Private Exchanges
6/12/2014 Study claims PBGC premium increases would adversely affect economy, jobs
6/11/2014 ACA Provides New Health Coverage Options For Those Taking Social Security Benefits Early
6/10/2014 Wake Forest Law Professor Delivers Positive Review Of ACA’s MLR Provision To U.S. Senate Committee
6/10/2014 IRS establishes pilot program to provide relief to plan administrators who fail to timely file Form 5500-EZ
6/9/2014 Over Four Years Later, Most Companies Still Do Not Feel Prepared For ACA Changes
6/9/2014 Employee turnover can trigger partial termination of plan, IRS official notes
6/6/2014 Terms Of Will Not Sufficient To Effectuate Beneficiary Change, Eighth Circuit Rules
6/6/2014 IRS provides relief from Form 5500 late filer penalties
6/5/2014 IRS provides guidance on adopting mid-year amendments to safe harbor 401(k) plans to reflect Windsor decision
6/5/2014 Small Businesses Can Offer Big Benefits
6/4/2014 CMS Provides Information On Process For Paying ACA’s Reinsurance Fee
6/3/2014 Health Coverage For Typical Family Of Four Costs $23,215 In 2014
6/2/2014 Shift To Part-Time Employment Was Underway Before Enactment Of ACA
5/30/2014 ACA Mandate Penalties May Not Be Necessary, After All
5/29/2014 Employers May Find Future Health Plan Savings On The Marketplace
5/29/2014 PBGC issues disaster relief for victims of severe storms, tornadoes, straight-line winds, and flooding in Florida
5/28/2014 CMS Issues Final Rule Governing Exchanges, Qualified Health Plans For 2015
5/27/2014 Penalties Apply To Employer Payment Plans That Do Not Comply With ACA’s Market Reforms
5/27/2014 PBGC issues final regs on unpredictable contingent event benefit phase-in rules
5/23/2014 Supreme Court Declines Review Of How Much Weight To Give To SSA Disability Determinations When Insurers Make Benefit Determinations
5/22/2014 Employers Significantly More Informed About Coverage Options This Year Compared To 2013
5/22/2014 Alternate payee subject to income tax on 401(k) distribution received under QDRO
5/21/2014 IRS Considers Additional Employer Mandate Guidance, Draft Forms For ACA Information Reporting Expected Soon, Officials Say
5/21/2014 IRS issues Form 5500 penalty relief
5/20/2014 Majority Of Benefit Decisionmakers Believe Cost Of Health Care Will Rise Due To Health Reform
5/20/2014 Former employee could pursue monetary relief via reformation of SPDs distributed when DB plan was converted to cash balance plan
5/19/2014 Employers Likely To Shift Retirees To Private Exchanges
5/19/2014 More employers adding Roth 401(k) features, Aon Hewitt reports
5/16/2014 Employer’s Proposed Changes In Funding Retiree Health Care Benefits Not What Parties Bargained For In CBA
5/16/2014 Target date fund investors more confident of reaching retirement goals, according to survey
5/15/2014 Higher Health Care Costs For Employees And More Private Exchanges Are Expected Trends For Near Future
5/15/2014 IRS waives 60-day rollover deadline for IRA owner whose failure to accomplish rollover was due to abusive actions of her spouse
5/14/2014 Final Information Reporting Rules Issued For Insurance Purchased On Health Insurance Exchanges
5/14/2014 SSA to discontinue its letter forwarding service on May 19
5/13/2014 ACA-Related FAQs Address Limitations On Cost-Sharing, Summary Of Benefits And Coverage
5/13/2014 Tax Court declines to revisit Bobrow
5/12/2014 Clarification Of Coverage Options For COBRA-Eligible Workers Released By DOL
5/12/2014 IRS identifies errors on power of attorney and representative forms in determination cases
5/09/2014 Decrease In Difficulty Paying Medical Bills Predates Full Implementation Of ACA: CDC
5/08/2014 Mandated Contraceptive Coverage Supported By Majority Of Americans
5/08/2014 Most traditional IRAs created through rollover contributions, ICI survey finds
5/07/2014 Consumer Group Provides Top Ten List For Increasing Coverage In Future Enrollment Periods
5/07/2014 Trial court’s reduced fee award to pension fund not abuse of discretion
5/06/2014 Groups Comment On Allowable Bona Fide Employment-Based Orientation Period Under ACA
5/06/2014 ERISA suit challenging failure to remove proprietary investment funds time-barred
5/05/2014 More Mandated Health Benefits Laws On The Way From The States
5/05/2014 TIGTA recommends IRS enhance controls to prevent improper SEP deductions
5/02/2014 Defined Contribution Benefits Model Is Attracting More Employers
5/02/2014 PBGC announces availability of 2014 premium filing instructions and My PAA for 2014 premium filings
5/01/2014 Most Small Business Owners Have At Least Heard Of The ACA’s Small Business Tax Credit
5/01/2014 TIGTA report says that IRS fails to pursue millions of dollars in potentially improper claims for the saver’s credit
4/30/2014 EPCU finds plan sponsors fail to complete all steps in termination process
4/29/2014 EPCU finds plan sponsors fail to complete all steps in termination process
4/25/2014 Attorneys’ Fees Available Under Correct Application Of Five-Factor Test, Second Circuit Rules
4/25/2014 President signs bill to provide new rules for cooperative small employer charity plans
4/24/2014 Senate passes UI bill with pension offsets
4/24/2014 Companies Embrace Health Plan Consumerism Strategies To Comply With ACA, Avoid “Cadillac Tax”
4/23/2014 Uninsured Rates Drop Among Children, Disparities Narrowing
4/23/2014 IRS provides guidance on amending plans to comply with Windsor decision
4/22/2014 ACA Impacts Employers’ Retirement Benefits Strategy
4/22/2014 Fiduciaries liable for failure to monitor recordkeeping costs, but recordkeeper evades liability for use of float income
4/21/2014 PBGC proposed regs clarify treatment of benefits rolled over from DC plan if DB plan is terminated and trusteed by PBGC
4/18/2014 ACA Will Have Little Effect On Costs Or Coverage In Near Term For Most People
4/17/2014 Plans That Don’t Conduct Standard Transactions Should Be Exempt From Certification Of HIPAA Compliance, Group Suggests
4/17/2014 IRS provides simplified safe harbor procedures to validate rollover contributions
4/16/2014 Cost Of ACA To Large Employers Could Be Up To $5,900 Per Employee
4/15/2014 HHS To Process Medicare Requests For Eligible Recipients In Same-Sex Marriages
4/15/2014 Financial health of large corporate plans improved in 2013, Towers Watson reports
4/14/2014 Law Eliminates Deductible Limits For Employer-Sponsored Plans In Small Group Market
4/14/2014 IRS announces deadline to submit determination letter applications for pre-approved DC plans
4/11/2014 Reforms Have Potential To Change Insurance Map Of The Country
4/11/2014 IRS modifies 403(b) pre-approved plan procedures, extends filing deadline
4/10/2014 Implementing Total Replacement CDHP Resulted In Decreased Prescription Use: EBRI
4/10/2014 Congress approves new pension rules for cooperative small employer charity plans
4/09/2014 IRS Provides Safe Harbor Under Health Insurance Providers Fee For Premiums Written For Expatriate Plans
4/09/2014 IRS provides guidance on withdrawal of Cycle C cash balance applications
4/08/2014 IRS Provides Guidance On Health FSA Carryovers And HSA Eligibility
4/08/2014 Retirement confidence rebounds, but overall savings remain low, EBRI survey finds
4/07/2014 Victims Of Domestic Abuse Are Eligible For Exchange Premium Tax Credits: IRS
4/07/2014 Employers must arbitrate “sham” mass withdrawal claim
4/04/2014 Association Lacked Standing To Challenge ACA Mandates
4/03/2014 Employee Satisfaction With Benefits Reaches Highest Level In Over A Decade
4/03/2014 IRS announces it will adopt “aggregate” IRA rollover limit for post-2014 rollovers
4/02/2014 Seventeen States, Washington, D.C. Will Run SHOP Marketplaces
4/01/2014 Employers Have Opportunity To Implement Strategic Health Care Changes In Post-ACA World
4/01/2014 Laid-off union workers fail to advance conspiracy claim under ERISA Sec. 510
3/31/2014 ERIC Comments On Proposed Excepted Benefits Rule Center Around EAPs
3/31/2014 Post-Windsor guidance for qualified retirement plans in pipeline, Treasury official predicts
3/28/2014 Establish A Monitoring Process to Ensure Compliance, Finance Association Recommends To Government Employers
3/27/2014 ERRP Contact Center Closing Soon, CMS Announces
3/27/2014 PBGC issues final regs simplifying its premium payment rules
3/26/2014 Mercer Finds No Significant Increase In Employee Health Care Enrollment For 2014
3/26/2014 EBSA issues proposed regs that would require service providers to furnish “guide” to required service and fee disclosures
3/25/2014 CMS Requires Provision Of Nondiscriminatory Coverage For Legally Married Same-Sex Spouses
3/25/2014 Investment representative who did not exercise authority over failed plan investment was not ERISA fiduciary
3/24/2014 IRS Encourages Small Employers To Check Out Small Business Health Care Tax Credit
3/24/2014 IRS provides guidance on how to correct late safe harbor 401(k) plan notice
3/21/2014 Clarification And Expansion Are Sought For Proposed Regulations On Amendments To Excepted Benefits
3/21/2014 President’s FY 2015 budget proposal would limit retirement tax deductions, allow PBGC to set risk adjusted premiums
3/20/2014 Despite Low Increases In Benefits Costs, Employers Are Rethinking Health Coverage Strategies: Towers Watson/NBGH
3/20/2014 Rep. Camp’s tax reform proposal would curtail tax incentives for retirement plans
3/19/2014 Enrollment In Health Insurance Marketplaces Increases To 4.2 Million; Number Of Uninsured Dropping
3/18/2014 Final Rule Details Provisions Of 2015 Stabilization Programs
3/18/2014 Retirement readiness improves in 2014, but varies by income and 401(k) access: EBRI
3/17/2014 Final Regs Allow Combined Reporting By Applicable Large Employers And Health Insurance Providers
3/17/2014 International pension plans continued to grow in 2013, Towers Watson finds
3/14/2014 ACA Has Limited Impact On Excluded Medical Services List
3/13/2014 Seventh Circuit Denies Injunctive Relief To Notre Dame In ACA Contraceptive Mandate Challenge
3/13/2014 Viewed deferentially, administrator’s second attempt to interpret floor-offset plan still unreasonable
3/12/2014 Seventh Circuit Denies Injunctive Relief To Notre Dame In ACA Contraceptive Mandate Challenge
3/12/2014 IRS waives 60-day deadline for rollover made by SEP-IRA to correct RMD error made due to erroneous financial advice
3/11/2014 Health Reform May Push Employers Into Offering Voluntary Benefits
3/11/2014 Court upholds PBGC’s benefit determinations for pilots in U.S. Airways’ pension plan
3/10/2014 Cutting Spousal Coverage Could Have Unexpected Consequences: EBRI
3/10/2014 Most households favor retaining tax incentives for DC plans: ICI survey
3/07/2014 Family and Medical Insurance Leave Act Introduced In Senate
3/06/2014 Future Of Private Exchanges Bright, According To Aon Hewitt
3/06/2014 Bankruptcy trustee could not sue bankrupt company’s former owner for terminated plan liabilities since suit was not for PBGC and plan beneficiaries
3/05/2014 Supreme Court Asked To Review ERISA Plan Administrator’s Right To Seek Compensatory Money Damages
3/04/2014 Uncertainty Lingers For The Rising Costs Of The Small Group Market: CMS
3/04/2014 ERISA successorship test properly applied to find that “interest” was transferred between predecessor and successor companies
3/03/2014 Regulations Implement 90-Day Waiting Period Limitation
3/03/2014 More plan sponsors revising investment policy to manage risk, Aon Hewitt reports
2/28/2014 Providers Ask High Court To Set ERISA Pleading Standard In Benefits Recovery Claims
2/27/2014 Employee Provided “Care For” Terminally Ill Mother Within Meaning Of FMLA On Final Family Vacation: Seventh Circuit
2/27/2014 Once-a-year limit on IRA rollovers applies to all IRAs held by taxpayer
2/26/2014 Commonwealth Fund Puts Impact Of Young Adult Marketplace Participation In Perspective
2/25/2014 Counting Hours Is Crucial To Comply With ACA’s Employer Shared Responsibility Provisions
2/25/2014 Current levels of social security plus 401(k) savings could be enough for most employees: EBRI
2/24/2014 Where’s The Authority To Delay? House Committee Asks Treasury To Explain Decision
2/24/2014 Arbitration clause in separate agreement governs dispute over ERISA plan benefits
2/21/2014 ERISA Preempts State Health Care Information Reporting Law Due To Effect On Uniform Benefit Administration
2/20/2014 Information Requested On Continually Delayed SHOPs
2/20/2014 401(k) plan participants are increasingly using target date funds, ICI reports
2/19/2014 ACA Exchange Plans Have Some Advantages Over Employer Plans
2/19/2014 Harkin introduces “USA Retirement Funds” bill
2/18/2014 Final Regulations On Employer Mandate Delay Compliance For Medium-Sized Employers
2/18/2014 President authorizes Treasury to establish MyRA accounts
2/14/2014 Decision By Committee Does Not Insulate Employer From Potential Liability For FMLA, ADA Claims
2/13/2014 EEOC Reinstates Examples Of Commonly Required Accommodations For Workers With Disabilities
2/13/2014 Erroneous arbitration ruling could not be vacated absent manifest disregard of law
2/12/2014 Redefine ACA’s Definition Of Full-Time Employee To 40 Hours Per Week, Hearing Witnesses Say
2/12/2014 PBGC proposed regs would streamline certain multiemployer plan reporting rules
2/11/2014 Amicus Brief On Government’s RFRA Position In Hobby Lobby Is Filed By 18 Senate Democrats
2/11/2014 Single payment immediate annuity with fixed benefit payments funded by IRA rollover was exempt in bankruptcy
2/10/2014 Cutting Spousal Coverage Could Have Unexpected Consequences: EBRI
2/10/2014 Judgment on merits is final decision and appealable whether unresolved claim for attorney’s fees and costs is based on statute or contract
2/07/2014 Family and Medical Insurance Leave Act Introduced In Senate
2/06/2014 Future Of Private Exchanges Bright, According To Aon Hewitt
2/06/2014 Plans may temporarily use prior Forms 5300 and 5310, IRS advises
2/05/2014 Supreme Court Asked To Review ERISA Plan Administrator’s Right To Seek Compensatory Money Damages
2/05/2014 IRS extends deadline for submission of on-cycle applications for opinion and advisory letters for pre-approved DB plans
2/04/2014 More Employers Producing SBCs In-House
2/04/2014 GAO finds clarity of required pension reports and disclosures could be improved
2/03/2014 IRS Proposed Regs Govern Penalties For Failure To Maintain Minimum Level Of Health Insurance
2/03/2014 Elimination of retroactive “banked hour” benefits would violate ERISA’s anti-cutback rule
1/31/2014 Supreme Court Denies Review Of ERISA Administrator’s Benefit Denial
1/31/2014 PSCA urges Treasury to apply same sex marriage rules prospectively
1/30/2014 FAQs Provide Guidance About ERRP Record Keeping And Disposal
1/30/2014 Plan funding levels increased sharply in 2013, Towers Watson finds
1/29/2014 Deductibles In More Than One-Third Of Small Group Health Plans Exceeded ACA Limits
1/29/2014 Increasing number of “job changers” holding on to retirement savings, EBRI reports
1/28/2014 HHS Doing “Regulatory Gymnastics” To Create Exemption For Certain Self-Insured Plans, Group Says
1/28/2014 TE/GE procedures for issuing rulings updated
1/27/2014 IRS Regs Allowing Premium Tax Credit For Federal Exchanges Purchases Did Not Violate ACA, District Court Rules
1/27/2014 Procedures updated for furnishing of technical advice by Employee Plans or Exempt Organizations Technical Offices
1/24/2014 ACA Will Most Likely Have Positive Impact On Employees’ Health Coverage
1/24/2014 Deferential review of plan’s denial of benefits OK, despite evidence of disclosure failures
1/23/2014 About Half Of Employees Seeing More Taken Out Of Paychecks For Health Care In 2014
1/23/2014 Numerous changes have been made to determination letter procedures
1/22/2014 Proposed Rule To Allow Extension Of Cancelled Health Insurance Policies Is Illegal, Eleven State Attorneys General Contend
1/22/2014 Certain user fees for employee plan determination letters increase for 2014
1/21/2014 PCIP Program Extended To End Of March
1/21/2014 IRS semiannual regulatory agenda includes guidance on funding rules, eligible combined plans, hybrid plans
1/20/2014 IRS, HHS, DOL Issue Guidance On Risk-Reducing Meds, Cost-Sharing, MHPAEA, And Reward Programs
1/20/2014 IRA investors manage retirement decisions carefully, ICI finds
1/17/2014 Options Exist For Employees Who Do Not Like Their Employers’ Health Insurance Coverage
1/16/2014 National Health Spending Rose Only 3.7 Percent In 2012
1/16/2014 IRS announces establishment of uniform system for employee plans voluntary compliance
1/15/2014 PBGC moves flat-rate premium due date for large plans to same date that variable-rate premium is due
1/15/2014 Issuers May Defer Portion Of Premiums In 2013 MLR And Rebate Calculations
1/14/2014 Wellness Programs Lower Costs For Workers With Chronic Conditions
1/14/2014 Participant’s bid for higher interest rate on delayed pension payment fails
1/13/2014 IRS Issues Medical Loss Ratio Computation Rules
1/13/2014 PBGC semiannual regulatory agenda addresses multiemployer plans, cash balance plans, filing deadlines
1/10/2014 CDHPs Cover 28 Percent Of Those With Health Insurance: EBRI
1/10/2014 Most workers find retirement income projections helpful, according to LIMRA survey
1/09/2014 Some Employers Are Planning On Encouraging Full-Time Employees To Obtain Coverage Through Marketplace
1/09/2014 EBSA semiannual regulatory agenda addresses rules on brokerage windows, lifetime income, target date plans, abandoned plans
1/08/2014 Plan Sponsors Need To Understand Differences Between Public And Private Exchanges
1/08/2014 ERISA plan’s 3-year limitations period for judicial review of adverse benefit determination is enforceable, Supreme Court rules
1/02/2014 ERISA Plan’s Three-Year Limit On Filing Suit Is Enforceable Despite Its Start Before Exhaustion Of Internal Review Process
12/30/2013 IRS Issues Guidance On Post-DOMA Benefits Issues
12/23/2013 Portman, Cardin urge Treasury action on nondiscrimination regs for DB plans
12/20/2013 Complying With Business Aggregation Rules For ACA’s Employer Mandate Could Be Complicated And Confusing
12/19/2013 Employers View The Health Care System As Wasteful And Underperforming
12/19/2013 Coalition of business groups campaign to preserve retirement tax incentives
12/18/2013 EBSA, IRS, PBGC Release Advance Copies Of 2013 Form 5500 Annual Report
12/17/2013 IRS Issues Final Regulations On Implementation Of Additional Medicare Tax
12/17/2013 PBGC’s deficit increases to $36 billion
12/16/2013 Development Weaknesses Exist In ACA Health Care Premium Tax Credit Project: TIGTA
12/16/2013 Incorporation by reference of SEC filings into SPDs is a fiduciary act
12/13/2013 IRS Issues Guidance On ACA’s Health Insurance Provider Fee
12/13/2013 PBGC amends regulation on allocation of assets in single-employer plans for 2014
12/12/2013 Proposed Regs Issued On Premium Stabilization Programs And Adjustments For Recent Transitional Relief
12/12/2013 Reporting for hard-to-value IRA investments is optional for 2014, IRS says
12/11/2013 Enrollment Not An Option In 2014 For SHOP Marketplaces
12/11/2013 Guidance on DOMA, lifetime income, fiduciary rules are priority projects for IRS and EBSA, speakers tell ASPPA conference
12/10/2013 IRS Official Explains Rules For Health FSAs
12/10/2013 PBGC seeks comments on termination premiums
12/09/2013 Supreme Court To Hear Controversial Contraception Cases
12/09/2013 Final rules allow for reduction or suspension of safe harbor 401(k) nonelective and matching contributions
12/06/2013 Premiums And Cost Sharing Across Health Insurance Marketplaces
12/05/2013 Employer-Sponsored Health Insurance Increased Slightly In 2012
12/04/2013 Offering Benefits Still Gives Employers Competitive Advantage
12/03/2013 Representatives Of Applicable Large Employers Meet IRS Resistance At Hearing On Information Reporting Regulations
12/03/2013 PBGC issues 2014 table showing present value of maximum benefit guarantee
12/02/2013 Individuals And Small Businesses With Cancelled Health Coverage Are Given Transitional Relief
12/02/2013 Participants fail to provide evidence to support demands for penalties and fees after notice violations
11/26/2013 PBGC increases maximum monthly guarantee for 2014
11/25/2013 Investment manager not disqualified from acting as QPAM because of deferred prosecution agreements entered into by affiliate
11/22/2013 Supreme Court Declines Request By Special Needs Trust To Review ERISA Plan’s Right To Reimbursement
11/21/2013 Nearly Half Of Workers Do Not Know How ACA Will Impact Them
11/21/2013 ASPPA recommends relaxing restrictions on mid-year amendments of safe harbor 401(k) plans
11/20/2013 Allow Flexibility In ACA Reporting Requirements Business Group Urges IRS
11/20/2013 PBGC updates premium rates for 2014
11/19/2013 Seventh Circuit Enjoins ACA’s Contraceptive Coverage Mandate For Business Corporation
11/19/2013 Overbroad interpretation of “job classification” resulted in wrongful denial of early retirement benefits
11/18/2013 Final Regulations On Mental Health And Substance Use Disorder Parity Issued
11/18/2013 House passes bill to defer DOL fiduciary regs until SEC acts
11/15/2013 Employers Pay An Average Of $6,118 Per Employee For Health Coverage
11/15/2013 2014 Social Security cost-of-living adjustment will be 1.5%
11/14/2013 Treasury Official Says No Postponement Of Individual Mandate Needed, Explains New FSA Carryover Rule
11/14/2013 PSCA survey shows continued growth in DC plans
11/13/2013 CMS Updates FAQs On Composite Rates In Federally-Facilitated SHOP
11/13/2013 Some retirement plan dollar limits to increase under 2014 COLAs
11/12/2013 IRS Issues 2014 Adjusted Limits For Transportation, Long Term Care, Adoption Assistance, MSAs
11/12/2013 IRS seeks comments on TE/GE Compliance Check Questionnaires
11/11/2013 IRS Will Allow Some Unused Health FSA Funds To Be Carried Over To Entire Subsequent Years
11/11/2013 Retiree failed to prove that pension income should have been excluded from taxes or that taxes were paid
11/08/2013 Failure To Return To Work Or Provide Estimated Return Date Doomed Teacher’s ADA Disability Bias Claim
11/07/2013 “Extreme” IRA allocations more likely among younger workers with smaller balances, EBRI finds
11/07/2013 “Extreme” IRA allocations more likely among younger workers with smaller balances, EBRI finds
11/06/2013 Medicare Beneficiaries To Save Again In 2014 With Historically Low Premiums And Deductibles
11/06/2013 Drop in recordkeeping fees drives continued decline in plan costs, survey shows
11/05/2013 CMS Releases Official Guidance On Six-Week Delay In Penalty For Not Carrying Insurance
11/05/2013 AICPA backs fewer retirement plans, simpler rules for small businesses
11/04/2013 Employer’s withdrawal liability was dischargeable in bankruptcy because it did not qualify as debt created via fiduciary “defalcation”
11/04/2013 HHS Finalizes Exchange Program Integrity Rule
11/01/2013 Health Plan Cost Increases Averaged 3.3 Percent In 2013: Aon Hewitt
11/01/2013 Total retirement assets were $20.9 trillion in 2nd quarter 2013, ICI reports
10/31/2013 Small Business Owners Give High Ratings To Features Of New SHOP Marketplaces
10/31/2013 Plan’s refusal to change distribution method upheld: participant’s claim of clerical error “not credible”
10/30/2013 Majority of U.S. Workers Believe ACA Will Increase Health Insurance Premiums: NBGH
10/30/2013 Employers offsetting auto-enrollment costs through reduced matching contributions and low default rates, study finds
10/29/2013 Supreme Court Asked To Review Next Set Of ACA Challenges
10/29/2013 IRS provides guidance on changing plan years to delay effect of MAP-21 PBGC premium increases
10/28/2013 Employers And Plan Sponsors Prepare For ACA’s 2014 Changes
10/28/2013 Former employee’s suit to recover benefits under terminated plan time barred
10/25/2013 Employer Held “Honest Belief” Discharged Employee Was Abusing FMLA Leave
10/25/2013 IRS modifies Favorable Determination Letter 2002 for Form 5300 filers
10/24/2013 Employees Disengaged From Health Plan Enrollment
10/24/2013 EBSA should provide additional guidance to plans holding alternative investments, OIG says
10/22/2013 Estimated Savings Needed For Retiree Health Continues To Decrease
10/22/2013 Employer groups urge DOL to clarify 401(k) fee disclosure guidance
10/21/2013 CDHPs Second Most Common Plan Offered To Employees: Aon Hewitt
10/21/2013 Since MPPAA barred exception to “pay now, dispute later” rule, district court lacked authority to ban interim payments
10/18/2013 Employee’s Claim That Employer Should Be Equitably Estopped From Denying FMLA For Ineligible Absence Fails
10/17/2013 Automatically revoking beneficiary designations on legal separation can lead to plan errors, IRS advises
10/17/2013 Slowest Rate Of Health Plan Cost Increase In 14 Years Projected For 2014: Segal
10/16/2013 CMS Reminds Plan Sponsors Of Responsibilities During ERRP Website Shutdown
10/16/2013 Automatic IRAs, refundable savings credit could benefit lower-income workers, GAO finds
10/15/2013 CMS FAQs Address Federally-Facilitated SHOP Premiums, Contributions.
10/15/2013 IRS provides refund and adjustment procedures for overwithheld employment taxes on benefits and wages of same-sex spouses
10/14/2013 Lack Of Awareness Of ACA Provisions Persists
10/14/2013 Plan participants not blocked from suing as class to recover investment losses
10/11/2013 Employer Failed To Show It Would Have Fired Employee For Work Issues And Faking Need For FMLA Leave
10/11/2013 IRS waives 60-day rollover requirement where gambling addict withdrew IRA funds without knowledge or consent of IRA owner
10/10/2013 Employers Try To Boost Success Of Health And Productivity Programs
10/10/2013 401(k), 403(b) participants concerned about quality of investment advice: AARP survey
10/09/2013 Employees Generally Like Their Own Health Plan, But Not The Health Care System: EBRI
10/09/2013 IRA owner’s partial transfer of IRA balance to another IRA was modification to series of substantially equal payments
10/08/2013 Medicare Part D Creditable Coverage Notices Required Before October 15
10/08/2013 Form 8955-SSA penalties assessed in error, IRS says
10/07/2013 Universal Simplification Of ACA Employer Reporting Unlikely
10/07/2013 Claim to recover benefits under ERISA was barred by statute of limitations
10/04/2013 Majority Of Employees Will See Changes During 2014 Open Enrollment Season
10/04/2013 IRS seeks comments on waivers of minimum funding standards, diversification requirements for DC plans
10/03/2013 “Spouse” and “marriage” include same-sex legally married couples, DOL says
10/03/2013 HHS Issues New HIPAA Model Notice Of Privacy Practices
10/02/2013 IRS Provides Simplified Procedures For Overwithheld Employment Taxes On Benefits, Wages For Same-Sex Spouses
10/02/2013 IRS will only issue guidance on electronic filing of information returns in pubs on its website going forward
10/01/2013 CMS Issues Proposed Rule That Would Implement ACA’s Basic Health Plan In 2015
10/01/2013 Service provider was not fiduciary subject to liability for allegedly excessive fees assessed plan participants
09/30/2013 Supreme Court Asked To Hear Hobby Lobby Case, Religious Exemption To Contraceptive Coverage Requirement At Issue
09/30/2013 Delivery of summary prospectus satisfies conditions of PTE 77-4, EBSA advises
09/27/2013 Benefits Were 30.8 Percent Of Total Compensation In June 2013, BLS Finds
09/26/2013 Number Of Uninsured Decreases Slightly In 2012: Census Bureau
09/26/2013 Advisory Committee on Actuarial Examinations to meet October 18, 2013
09/25/2013 EBSA Guidance Clarifies That “Spouse” And “Marriage” Are Determined By State In Which Same-Sex Marriage Was Recognized, Not Current Domicile
09/25/2013 Plan sponsorship and participation grows since recession, EBRI reports
09/24/2013 Employees Can Avoid Tobacco Surcharge In SHOP Exchange If Also Enrolling In Tobacco Cessation Program
09/24/2013 Taxpayer who worked for British Consulate was common law employee and ineligible to contribute to SEP
09/23/2013 Agencies Issue Guidance On Application Of ACA’s Market Reforms To Employer Health Care Arrangements
09/23/2013 IRS issues proposed regs that require filing certain retirement plan returns on magnetic media
09/20/2013 Employees Concerned About Impact Of Health Reform
09/20/2013 IRS seeks comments on obtaining letter rulings on acceptability of substitute mortality tables
09/19/2013 No Fines For Employers That Fail To Comply With Certain ACA Notice Provisions
09/19/2013 Employer groups support creation of PBGC missing participant program for individual account plans
09/18/2013 Health Plan Will Not Fail To Qualify As HDHP Because It Provides Preventive Care Without A Deductible: IRS
09/18/2013 IRS stresses importance of internal plan controls
09/17/2013 IRS Issues Proposed Rules On Information Reporting Under ACA
09/17/2013 IRS official and private practitioner highlight compliance problems with 403(b) plans
09/16/2013 EBSA Issues Clarification Of Procedure For Notice Of Coverage Options And 90-Day Health Benefits Waiting Period
09/16/2013 Antenuptial agreement did not waive spouse’s right to QPSA
09/13/2013 Changes On The Horizon For HR Structures, Service Delivery
09/12/2013 Satisfaction With CDHPs Rise Over The Past Seven Years: EBRI
09/12/2013 IRS will recognize all legal same-sex marriages for federal tax purposes
09/11/2013 As October 1 Nears, Majority Of Employers Have Yet to Communicate ACA-Related Employee Benefits Changes
09/11/2013 EP exam director provides tips on taking hardship distributions
09/10/2013 CMS Finalizes Rule On Exchange Standards, SHOP Operation
09/10/2013 Surviving same-sex spouse entitled to death benefits
09/09/2013 All Legal Same-Sex Marriages Will Be Recognized For Federal Tax Purposes; FAQs Address Benefits Issues
09/09/2013 Women lag behind men in saving for retirement: Aon Hewitt report
09/06/2013 Employers Should Focus On Potential Impact Of ACA On Workforce Disability And Absence Management: DMEC
09/05/2013 IRS Finalizes Regulations On Shared Responsibility Payment For Not Maintaining Minimum Essential Coverage Under ACA
09/05/2013 Employer groups weigh in on proposed lifetime income disclosure rules
09/04/2013 IRS Issues Proposed Guidance On Employee Health Insurance Tax Credit Of Small Employers
09/03/2013 Employers Expect To Make Modifications To Health Care Strategy Due To ACA
09/03/2013 2013-2014 IRS Priority Guidance Plan includes many employee benefits projects
08/30/2013 Insider information could not be used to rebut presumption of prudence
08/30/2013 Insider information could not be used to rebut presumption of prudence
08/29/2013 Expert Addresses State Exchange Concerns Of Small Businesses
08/29/2013 IRS provides overview of determination letter review process
08/28/2013 ERISA Advisory Council to meet via teleconference on September 23, 2013
08/28/2013 Incentives Can Engage Consumers To Improve Health And Lower Costs
08/27/2013 Lawmakers Await IRS Regulations For Tax Treatment Of Same-Sex Couples
08/27/2013 Individual whose failure to recharacterize was due to attorney’s error was granted extension to recharacterize Roth IRAs back to traditional IRAs
08/26/2013 Family Health Premiums Rose By 4 Percent In 2013: Kaiser/HRET
08/26/2013 Employee could not redesignate beneficiary of survivor benefits subsequent to retirement
08/23/2013 HSA Assets Grew To $18.1 Billion At End Of Second Quarter In 2013
08/23/2013 Omitted IRA distribution due to financial institution’s error and subsequent make-up distribution were not modification of substantially equal payments
08/22/2013 Obama Administration Launches Educational Health Care Website For Business Owners
08/22/2013 Expenses paid by 401(k) participants in mutual funds continued to decline in 2012, ICI reports
08/21/2013 Growing Number Of Companies Favoring Individual Market-Based Strategies For Post-65 Retirees
08/21/2013 Low interest rates impact retirement readiness, EBRI finds
08/20/2013 Most Employers Have Analyzed How Health Reform Will Affect Health Care Plan Costs
08/20/2013 EPCU announces 457(b) compliance check project
08/19/2013 Drop in value of employer stock fund was not reasonably foreseeable by fiduciaries
08/19/2013 DOL Clarifies Same-Sex Spouse FMLA Rights
08/16/2013 Nonprofit Insurer Breached Fiduciary Duty By Charging Plan For Michigan “Pass-Through” Fees
08/16/2013 IRS extends deadline to submit opinion and advisory letter applications for DB mass submitter plans
08/15/2013 DOL renews memorandum of understanding with SEC on sharing retirement and investment information
08/15/2013 Importance Of Employer-Sponsored Voluntary Benefits And Services Expected To Surge: Towers Watson
08/14/2013 General Awareness Of Health Reform Law Has Increased To 74 Percent
08/14/2013 IRS semiannual regulatory agenda includes guidance on funding rules, hybrid plans, longevity annuity contracts
08/13/2013 IRS Clarifies Exception To Deduction Limitations On Payments Under Expense Allowance Arrangements
08/13/2013 PBGC issues proposed regs to make premium payment rules less burdensome
08/12/2013 CCIIO Issues 2013 County Data For ACA Notices For Non-English Speakers
08/12/2013 Presumption of prudence did not apply absent plan terms requiring or encouraging investment in employer stock
08/9/2013 Employers Need To Start Communicating Now About Health Exchanges: Benz Communications
08/8/2013 Majority Of Employees Concerned About Covering Out-Of-Pocket Medical Costs
08/8/2013 DOL allows 401(k) plans to re-set deadline for providing comparative chart of investment information to participants
08/7/2013 Voluntary Benefits Help Simplify Employees’ Lives
08/7/2013 President signs bill to rename spousal IRAs after former Sen. Hutchison
08/6/2013 Enrollment Continues To Decrease In Health Reform’s Temporary High-Risk Pool
08/6/2013 IRS seeks comments on funding waivers, diversification and CODA rules
08/5/2013 Health Insurance Premiums Continue To Rise, But Are Moderating
08/5/2013 PBGC seeks comments on collection of information for survey on its multiemployer program
08/2/2013 Workplace Health Coverage Falls, Despite Economic Recovery: EBRI
08/2/2013 State law tortious interference claim was not completely preempted by ERISA
08/1/2013 Massachusetts Repeals Employer Mandate Through State Budget
08/1/2013 PBGC semiannual regulatory agenda addresses multiemployer plans, cash balance plans, missing participants, premiums
07/31/2013 IRS Issues Q&As For PCORI Trust Fund Fees Due On July 31
07/31/2013 EBSA semiannual regulatory agenda addresses rules on lifetime income, fiduciaries, fee disclosure, target date plans, abandoned plans
07/30/2013 Employers Increasingly Relying On Wellness Programs
07/30/2013 IRS issues updated static mortality tables for 2014 and 2015
07/29/2013 74 Percent Of Full-Time Workers Have Access To Retirement Plans, 85 Percent Have Access To Health Care Plans: BLS
07/29/2013 Inherited IRAs do not qualify for bankruptcy exemption, Seventh Circuit holds
07/26/2013 Majority of Employers Already In Compliance With ACA Mandate
07/26/2013 PBGC issues disaster relief for Alaska
07/25/2013 ERRP Operational Processes To Terminate July 31
07/25/2013 DOL seeks comments on EBSA-sponsored information collection request concerning PT Class Exemption 84-14
07/24/2013 CMS Finalizes Certification Standards For Health Insurance Exchange Navigators, Certified Application Counselors
07/24/2013 Revenue sharing payments in which plan has beneficial interest could constitute plan assets
07/23/2013 Delay In Health Reform Penalties For Employers Leaves Many Issues Still To Resolve: Mercer
07/23/2013 House passes bill to rename spousal IRAs after former Sen. Hutchinson
07/22/2013 IRS Provides Transition Relief For 2014 Information Reporting Requirements And Employer Shared Responsibility Provisions
07/22/2013 Under QDRO terms, ex-spouse entitled to share of participant’s post-RIF separation benefit
07/19/2013 Delay Of Employer Mandate Will Allow Government To Issue More Guidance, IRS Confirms
07/19/2013 Most effective plan communication is simple, flexible: American Benefits Council
07/18/2013 White House Defends Delaying Health Care Mandate
07/18/2013 PBGC issues RFI on missing participants in individual account plans
07/17/2013 Exemption For Contraceptive Coverage For Religious Employers Is In Final IRS, EBSA, HHS Regs
07/17/2013 DB plans outperformed DC plans by largest margin since mid-90s, Towers Watson reports
07/16/2013 Obama Administration Postpones Implementation Of Employer Mandate To 2015
07/15/2013 DOMA Ruling Raises Benefits Questions For Employers Seeking To Comply With The Law
07/15/2013 FASB defers certain disclosures for nonpublic employee benefit plans
07/12/2013 Health Care Access Can Be A Problem For Employees, Regardless Of Plan Type: EBRI
07/12/2013 IRS seeks comments on 403(b) regs
07/11/2013 EBSA Issues Model Notices Of Coverage Options In Spanish
07/11/2013 No evidence that plan was maintained pursuant to collective bargaining agreement for purposes of making multiemployer plan election, EBSA opines
07/10/2013 Speakers Ask IRS To Expand And Clarify Exemptions To Health Insurance Provider Fee
07/10/2013 Benefits committee’s rejection of participant’s attempt to disavow election of calculation method upheld
07/9/2013 CMS Issues Guidance On State Alternative Applications For Health Coverage
07/9/2013 Nominations sought for ERISA Advisory Council
07/8/2013 IRS Issues Notices On Determining Minimum Essential Coverage; Transition Relief For Employees At Companies With Non-Calendar Year Plans
07/8/2013 EBSA proposes to amend PT class exemptions to remove references to “credit ratings”
07/2/2013 DOL seeks comments on EBSA-sponsored information collection request concerning Class PTE for transactions between plans and investment companies
07/1/2013 Labor Department launches online retirement toolkit
06/28/2013 One Quarter Of HR Professionals Said Keeping Up With Regs Is Biggest ACA Challenge
06/28/2013 EBSA provides compliance guidance for employee benefit plans adversely affected by Oklahoma tornado
06/27/2013 CDHP Prevalence Grew In 2012; Reduces Office Visits, Prescriptions
06/27/2013 ERISA did not bar enforcement of terminated employee’s release of claim for additional benefits
06/26/2013 Nearly Half Of U.S. Employers Contemplating Changes To Reward Programs In Light Of ACA
06/26/2013 IRS EP developing 401(k) plan self audit tool
06/25/2013 Employee Benefits Being Impacted By New Laws: SHRM
06/25/2013 EBSA issues comment letter on FASB proposal to defer certain disclosures for nonpublic employee benefit plans
06/24/2013 Plan’s benefits committee abused its discretion by denying claim for retroactive pension benefits
06/24/2013 HHS Issues Proposed Regs On Financial Integrity, Oversight Standards For Exchanges
06/21/2013 Complaints For Sex Discrimination In Health Care Coverage Filed Against Five Employers
06/21/2013 EBSA announces approval of process for JP Morgan Chase Bank and ADP to terminate and wind up abandoned DC plans
06/20/2013 Nearly 20 Percent Of Employers Expect Costs To Rise Significantly Due To Health Reform: Mercer
06/20/2013 ERIC urges PBGC to withdraw proposed regs on reportable events
06/19/2013 ACA Compliance—What Employers Need To Think About Now
06/19/2013 PSCA survey shows increase in savings and participation in 403(b) plans
06/18/2013 PCORI Fee Is Deductible Under Sec. 162: IRS
06/18/2013 EBSA proposes amendments to PTE 80-26 involving plan/IRA guarantees of payments and loans
06/17/2013 Expert Points To Impending Changes From ACA That Employers Should Consider
06/17/2013 IRA distributions made before RMD date larger than those of older households, EBRI finds
06/14/2013 Fewer Employers Plan To Continue Offering Pharmacy Benefits To Medicare-Eligible Participants
06/14/2013 Personal guarantees by IRA owners of note for corporation owned by IRAs were prohibited transactions
06/13/2013 Idaho State University Settles HIPAA Security Case For $400,000
06/13/2013 Senate bill would clarify tax rules applicable to church plans
06/12/2013 Health Care Law Applies Multiple Definitions Of Insurance Company, Federal Bar Association Speakers Say
06/11/2013 GAO Provides Updated Information On ERRP And PCIP Spending
06/10/2013 HHS Finalizes SHOP Special Enrollment Periods Under ACA
06/07/2013 Annual 401(k) Benchmarking Survey highlights plan sponsor focus on employee retirement readiness
06/07/2013 Health Insurance Premium Rates Remain Steady In Lead Up To ACA Implementation
06/06/2013 Decline in security’s market price not enough by itself to sustain fiduciary breach claim
06/06/2013 Guidance On MLR Reporting For Fixed Indemnity Plans Issued By CCIIO
06/05/2013 Final Regs On Nondiscriminatory Wellness Programs Issued By IRS, HHS, EBSA
06/05/2013 LIMRA study details growth of 403(b) market
06/04/2013 Court Approves Consent Judgment Against School Board On Multiple FMLA Violations
06/04/2013 Holding more than one type of plan leads to higher equity allocations, EBRI finds
06/03/2013 Most Underestimate Health Care Cost Needs In Retirement
06/03/2013 Pension plan’s interpretation of its break-in-service rules upheld on appeal
05/31/2013 Majority Of Employers Plan To Keep Coverage After ACA Implementation
05/31/2013 PBGC seeks comments on collection of information for survey on its multiemployer program
05/30/2013 CRS Reviews Mandatory Appropriations And Fund Transfers In ACA
05/30/2013 IRS grants tax relief to victims of severe storms, straight-line winds, and flooding in Illinois
05/29/2013 HHS Changes PCIP Payment Rates Beginning June 15
05/29/2013 IRS provides tips on avoiding processing delays with VCP submissions
05/28/2013 EEOC Settles First GINA Lawsuit
05/28/2013 ERISA does not bar post-distribution action to enforce waiver against beneficiary
05/24/2013 Employer Wellness Programs Need Guidance to Avoid Discrimination: EEOC
05/24/2013 DC plan participants continue to save, ICI data shows
05/23/2013 FAQs From CMS Address Health Insurance Marketplace Issues
05/23/2013 General release of claims does not bar unaccrued ERISA whipsaw calculation claims
05/22/2013 IRS Issues Rules Relating To Computation Of Medical Loss Ratio
05/22/2013 EBSA issues advance notice of proposed regs on reporting of lifetime income streams
05/21/2013 In 2014, States With Federally-Facilitated Exchanges Can Not Run State-Based SHOP Exchanges
05/21/2013 Seventh Circuit applies Moench presumption at pleadings stage to dismiss stock drop case
05/20/2013 EBSA Issues Guidance On Notices For Health Care Coverage Options And COBRA Elections
05/20/2013 Selection of mutual funds and share class did not transform provider of annuities into functional fiduciary
05/17/2013 Colorado Expands FMLA Leave To Cover Civil Unions, Domestic Partners
05/17/2013 IRS posts VCP submission kit for plans that missed 4/30/12 deadline to adopt pre-approved DB plan
05/16/2013 Lower Health Spending Growth Is Due To Structural Health Changes
05/16/2013 Government plans can’t rely on determination letters for issues involving pickup plans, excess benefit arrangements
05/15/2013 Employer-Sponsored Retirement System Plays “Critical Role”
05/15/2013 Employer-Sponsored Retirement System Plays “Critical Role”
05/15/2013 Corporate pension plan funding levels fell again in 2012, Towers Watson finds
05/14/2013 Employees Are Not Ready For CDHPs: Survey
05/14/2013 Structural reforms needed to stabilize multiemployer system, GAO says
05/13/2013 IRS Issues 2014 Inflation-Adjusted Amounts For HSAs
05/13/2013 401(k) participants using in-plan advice have more positive retirement outlook: Mercer
05/10/2013 CDHP Enrollees Less Likely To Be Young: EBRI
05/10/2013 ERISA Advisory Council to meet June 4-6, 2013
05/09/2013 Speakers From Different Groups Strongly Disagree On Employer Mandate Regulations
05/09/2013 Grant of security interest in IRA to broker/dealer not PT: lien inapplicable if in conflict with ERISA or Code
05/08/2013 Rate For Young Adult Health Care Coverage Improves While Others Decline: Commonwealth Fund
05/08/2013 Waiver of 60-day rollover requirement granted to taxpayer who was not provided written notice of rollover requirements
05/07/2013 Regulations Will Not Be Issued On ACA’s Provider Nondiscrimination, Clinical Trials Provisions: EBSA
05/07/2013 IRS provides anti-cutback relief for certain ESOP amendments
05/06/2013 IRS Proposes Regulations On Minimum Value Of Employer-Sponsored Health Plans
05/06/2013 Use of online calculators and financial advisors boost retirement confidence, EBRI finds
05/03/2013 Senator Introduces Bill To Modify ACA’s Definition Of Full-Time Employee
05/02/2013 Majority Of Employers Have “Wait And See” Approach With Exchanges
05/02/2013 IRS and DOL should take steps to improve rollover process for 401(k) participants, GAO advises
05/01/2013 Insurers Spent Less Than 1 Percent of Premium Dollars on Health Care Quality Improvement In 2011
05/01/2013 Exhaustion of plan remedies not required if participant “reasonably” believes no remedy exists
04/30/2013 CMS Sets Termination Dates For Processes Under ACA’s Early Retiree Reinsurance Program
04/30/2013 Remand to plan required to determine participant’s access to SPD containing designation information
04/29/2013 EBSA’s Latest FAQs Include Guidance On SBCs
04/29/2013 Administration renews proposal to allow PBGC to set risk-adjusted premiums
04/26/2013 Health Insurers Anticipate Increase In Self-Funding By U.S. Employers
04/26/2013 Templeman discusses audit results of potentially frozen money purchase plans
04/25/2013 Supreme Court Grants Review Of Statute Of Limitations Issue In ERISA Disability Case
04/25/2013 President’s FY 2014 budget proposal would impose cap on total accruals of tax-favored retirement benefits
04/24/2013 Workers Want Better Benefits Communication
04/23/2013 Failure to investigate alternatives to retail class of mutual funds breached duty of prudence
04/23/2013 Continuance Of Employer-Sponsored Health Care Grows: IFEBP
04/22/2013 Equitable Defenses Cannot Override Express Plan Terms In ERISA Action For Equitable Relief, Supreme Court Rules
04/19/2013 CAHI Tracks 2,271 State Health Insurance Mandates
04/19/2013 PBGC’s insurance programs remain on GAO’s “high risk” list, but improvements noted
04/18/2013 Health And Wellbeing Programs Miss Productivity Connection
04/17/2013 Less Than 20 Percent Of Health Plans Will Retain “Grandfathered” Status In 2013
04/17/2013 PBGC proposed regs would create new structure for reportable event waivers
04/16/2013 CMS Releases Proposed Certification Standards For Health Insurance Exchange Navigators
04/16/2013 Employers express ongoing commitment to 401(k) plans, survey shows
04/15/2013 Number Of Self-Insured Plans Decreased From 2009 To 2010: EBSA
04/15/2013 PBGC says its new risk-based policy benefited healthy companies by nearly $1 billion
04/12/2013 Nearly Half Of Employees Believe Cost Of Health Insurance Will Rise Due To Health Reform
04/12/2013 IRS official outlines developments in EP Examinations of retirement plans in U.S. territories
04/11/2013 Proposed Regulations Issued On Deduction Limit For Compensation Paid By Health Insurance Providers
04/11/2013 Administrator’s denial of participant’s request to roll over benefits to IRA was based on reasonable plan interpretation
04/10/2013 Small Business Owners Still Confused By Health Reform
04/10/2013 IRS establishes program for pre-approval of 403(b) plans
04/09/2013 Medical Loss Ratio Reporting Procedures For 2012 Reporting Year Announced
04/09/2013 Presumption of prudence inapplicable where plan did not require investment in company stock
04/08/2013 SHOP Exchange Choices Under Health Reform Delayed Until 2015
04/08/2013 PBGC announces missing participant program address changes
04/05/2013 Employers Increase Use Of Technology To Improve Employee Health Engagement
04/05/2013 New phone number announced to check status of VCP submissions
04/04/2013 Over 80 Percent Of Employers Offered Incentives To Participate In Health And Wellness Programs
04/04/2013 Retirement confidence remains low, EBRI reports
04/03/2013 Majority Of Global Employers Have Wellness Strategy
04/03/2013 Slightly fewer plans in “green zone” in 2012, Segal finds
04/02/2013 IRS Posts Retiree Drug Subsidy Taxation FAQs
04/02/2013 PBGC updates e-4010 instructions to reflect PBGC guidance on effect of MAP-21 on 4010 reporting
04/01/2013 Perceived Retirement Savings Needs Outpace Reality For Many: EBRI
04/01/2013 Perceived Retirement Savings Needs Outpace Reality For Many: EBRI
03/29/2013 Employees More Engaged During Benefits Selection Process In Health Exchange
03/29/2013 Court lacked jurisdiction to hear appeal of denial of class certification in fiduciary breach action
03/28/2013 Communications Firm Offers Five Considerations For Incentive-Based Programs
03/28/2013 IRS official describes future guidance under Code Sec. 436
03/27/2013 Agencies Issue Proposed Regulations On 90-Day Waiting Period Limitation Under ACA
03/27/2013 Brookings proposal to cap 401(k) tax incentives draws fire from ASPPA
03/26/2013 Most States That Have Chosen Benchmarks Have Selected Largest Small-Employer Plan
03/26/2013 Moench presumption bars duty of prudence claim against ESOP fiduciaries after stock price drop
03/25/2013 EBSA issues guidance on annual funding notice requirements under MAP-21
03/25/2013 EBSA Extends Transition Period For State External Review Process Under ACA
03/22/2013 PPOs Still Dominate Health Insurance Market; CDHP Prevalence Growing
03/21/2013 Tightly Managed Specialty Pharmacy Benefits Can Cut Specialty Drug Costs In Half
03/21/2013 “Blue Book” clarifies application of distribution restrictions following in-service Roth conversions
03/20/2013 Majority Of Employers Plan To Offer Health Benefits Over Next Three To Five Years
03/20/2013 IRS finds Form W-2 errors showing 401(k) excess deferrals
03/19/2013 House Panel Considers Tax Impact Of Health Reform Law
03/19/2013 EBSA posts guidance on target date funds for plan fiduciaries
03/18/2013 Transitional Relief Provided For Expatriate Health Plans Under ACA
03/18/2013 IRS posts 403(b) Fix-It Guide to its website
03/15/2013 Health Care Costs Expected To Increase 5.1 Percent In 2013: Towers Watson
03/15/2013 District court’s choice of remedy for backloading violation not an abuse of discretion
03/14/2013 Employment-Based Health Insurance Continues To Decline
03/14/2013 PBGC issues updated pension insurance data tables
03/13/2013 EBSA Issues Self-Compliance Checklists For ACA, HIPAA
03/13/2013 Most households think tax incentives for retirement plans should remain national priority, ICI reports
03/12/2013 HHS Amends SHOP Standards In Proposed Rule
03/12/2013 Taxpayers who reported 2010 Roth conversions reminded to report half of income on 2012 returns
03/11/2013 HHS Finalizes Rules On Premium Stabilization Programs, Exchange User Fees, SHOP Program, And MLR Under Health Reform
03/11/2013 Cash balance plan class action certified, despite Dukes concerns
03/08/2013 Spending On Wellness Incentives Has Doubled In The Last Four Years
03/08/2013 IRS posts VCP submission kit for 403(b) plans
03/07/2013 Most Employers Do Not Understand True Cost Of Complying With Health Care Reform
03/07/2013 IRS Employee Plans unveils operating priorities for FY 2013
03/06/2013 Interim Final Rules Published On ACA’s Employee Whistleblower Protections
03/06/2013 Employee benefits practitioners advised to review Circular 230 closely
03/05/2013 Profit-sharing plan and IRAs were not exempt from debtors’ bankruptcy estate
03/05/2013 HHS Issues Final Rule On Insurance Reforms, Rate Review Program
03/04/2013 CMS Releases Parts C And D Proposals, Reduces Part D Deductible For 2014
03/04/2013 U.S. retirement assets to reach $22 trillion by 2020, LIMRA predicts
03/01/2013 Enrollment Tops 100,000 In Health Reform’s Temporary High-Risk Pool
03/01/2013 DOL extends comment period for proposed amendments to PT Class Exemption 2006-06
02/28/2013 Less Than 2.5 Percent With Employer-Sponsored Coverage Switched Health Plans To Reduce Costs Or Increase Quality
02/28/2013 EBSA provides guidance on application of ERISA to certain “cleared swap” transactions conducted pursuant to Dodd-Frank Act
02/27/2013 IRS Updates FAQs About Small Business Health Care Tax Credit
02/27/2013 Tax law changes open door for increased Roth 401(k) adoptions, Aon Hewitt reports
02/26/2013 EBSA Addresses Coverage Of Preventive Services
02/26/2013 IRS releases update to Priority Guidance Plan
02/25/2013 HHS Finalizes Rule Outlining EHB And Minimum Value Standards
02/25/2013 PBGC reports reveal financial strains in multiemployer pension system
02/22/2013 Employees See Rewards From Workplace Wellness Programs
02/22/2013 IRS seeks comments on possible modifications to method used to calculate adjusted AFRs and issues interim guidance
02/21/2013 Third Circuit Denies Motion To Stay In Case Challenging ACA Enforcement Provisions
02/21/2013 Penalties not appropriate where ESOP trustee failed to provide participant with stock sale documents
02/20/2013 CMS Establishes System Of Records For Health Insurance Exchanges
02/20/2013 Choice of taking annuity vs. lump-sum driven by individual plan rules, EBRI finds
02/19/2013 Employers, Families Save Money With CDHPs
02/19/2013 PBGC extends reportable events guidance for post-2012 plan years
02/15/2013 Less than Half Of Small Businesses Offer Employee Benefits
02/15/2013 Participants in overfunded pension plan lacked constitutional standing to bring claims under ERISA
02/14/2013 Expiration Of Health Coverage Tax Credit Will Affect Participants’ Costs And Coverage Choices: GAO
02/13/2013 DOL Issues Final Rule Expanding FMLA Protections For Families Of Eligible Veterans, Airline Personnel
02/13/2013 EBSA issues update to Delinquent Filer Voluntary Compliance Program
02/12/2013 Proposed Rules Clarify Definition Of Religious Employer Under ACA’s Contraceptive Coverage Requirement
02/12/2013 Employers offsetting costs of automatic enrollment by reducing rate of required matching contributions
02/11/2013 IRS Provides Guidance On Liability For ACA’s Shared Responsibility Payment; FAQs Provided
02/11/2013 Corporate shares transferred in trustee-to-trustee transfer to retirement plan in corporate spin-off were employer securities of corporation
02/08/2013 Larger Employers More Aware Of Need To Proactively Manage Employee Pharmacy Costs
02/08/2013 ERISA Advisory Council to meet March 1, 2013
02/07/2013 Health Account Balances Resume Growth, EBRI Finds
02/07/2013 Employers making retirement readiness a top priority, Aon Hewitt survey finds
02/06/2013 March 1, 2013 Deadline For Compliance With Health Insurance Exchange Notice Provisions Extended
02/06/2013 PBGC’s denial of shutdown benefits OK given evidence that shutdown occurred after plan termination
02/05/2013 HHS Issues Proposed Rule On Determination Of Individuals’ Eligibility For Exemption From ACA’s Shared Responsibility Payment
02/05/2013 EBSA seeks comments on survey regarding pension benefit statements
02/04/2013 IRS Issues Final Rule On ACA Health Insurance Premium Tax Credit
02/04/2013 IRS seeks recommendations for e-signature standards
02/01/2013 Improving Health Care Market Functionality Could Result In Substantial Savings For Employers And Families
02/01/2013 Unpaid employer contributions to 401(k) plan were not plan assets for which company officers were liable as fiduciaries
01/31/2013 Enrollment Nears 100,000 In Health Reform’s Temporary High-Risk Pool
01/31/2013 401(k) participants continued to diversify investments in 2011, survey finds
01/30/2013 Only 38 Percent Feel Positive About Health Reform
01/30/2013 Large plan sponsors finish 2012 with record deficit, Mercer reports
01/29/2013 WHD Clarifies Definition Of “Son Or Daughter” For Purposes Of FMLA Leave
01/29/2013 DB administrators properly used SSA’s definition of “widow’s benefit” to calculate surviving spouse’s pension benefit
01/28/2013 HHS Issues Final Rule To Strengthen HIPAA Provisions
01/28/2013 Procedures updated for furnishing of technical advice by Employee Plans or Exempt Organizations Technical Offices
01/25/2013 Some Employer Health Strategies Are Helping Workers Improve Their Health
01/25/2013 GAO recommends PBGC adopt risk-based premium structure
01/24/2013 HHS Proposes Guidance For Health Insurance Exchanges, CHIP
01/24/2013 Numerous changes have been made to determination letter procedures
01/23/2013 Deadline For Employers To Communicate The Availability Of State Health Insurance Exchanges Approaching
01/23/2013 User fees for employee plan determination letters stable in 2013
01/22/2013 IRS Issues Guidance On Application Of Retroactive Increase In Excludable Transit Benefits
01/22/2013 PBGC semiannual regulatory agenda addresses cash balance plans, missing participants, rollovers, premiums
01/21/2013 IRS Issues 2013 Adoption And Transportation Benefit COLAs
01/21/2013 Tax deal to avert “fiscal cliff” allows for in-service Roth conversions
01/18/2013 Evidence Of Employer’s Dissatisfaction Is Sufficient To Forestall Employee’s FMLA Claim
01/18/2013 IRS issues update to EPCRS
01/17/2013 U.S. Health Spending Grew 3.9 Percent In 2011
01/17/2013 EBSA semiannual regulatory agenda addresses rules on lifetime income, fiduciaries, fee disclosure, target date plans
01/16/2013 CMS Delays Start Of HIPAA Enforcement Actions For Operating Rules Until March 31, 2013
01/16/2013 PBGC issues 2013 premium payment filing instructions
01/15/2013 HHS Announces First HIPAA Breach Settlement Involving Less Than 500 Patients
01/15/2013 U.S. retirement system working: ICI report
01/14/2013 Several States Receive Conditional Approval For Their Health Insurance Exchanges
01/14/2013 IRS provides tips on how to correct failure to timely deposit 401(k) salary deferrals
01/11/2013 Mercer Lists Top Five Priorities For Employer-Sponsored Health Plans In 2013
01/11/2013 Benefits Council warns that taxing 401(k) contributions would lead to fewer plans
01/10/2013 Benefits Were 30.8 Percent Of Total Compensation In September 2012, BLS Finds
01/10/2013 Multiemployer plans need more help, PBGC chief tells House panel
01/09/2013 Enrollment In CDHPs Continues To Rise: EBRI
01/09/2013 Retirement plan participation stabilizing, EBRI finds
01/08/2013 IRS Issues Guidance On ACA’s Employer Shared Responsibility Provisions
01/08/2013 Mercer identifies top pension risk management priorities for 2013
01/07/2013 IRS Issues Proposed Regulations On Employers’ Shared Responsibility For Health Coverage Under ACA
01/07/2013 Loan or hardship distribution due to Hurricane Sandy still subject to early distribution tax, IRS official says
01/04/2013 Health Care Costs Projected To Increase At A Slower Rate In 2013: Buck Consultants
01/04/2013 Retirement benefits remained “mostly intact” during recession, Transamerica survey finds
01/03/2013 U.S. Chamber of Commerce Requests That HHS Extend Comment Periods For Three Proposed Rules Implementing ACA
01/03/2013 HCE’s entire vested benefit from disqualified ESOP taxable, not just annual increase in disqualification year
01/02/2013 Majority Of Americans Live In States Where Health Insurance Premiums Are 20 Percent Or More Of Median Income
01/02/2013 EBSA issues proposed regs and proposed PT class exemption on abandoned plans
12/28/2012 Governmental plans participating in group trusts may need to be amended, IRS notes
12/27/2012 IRS seeks volunteers to test
12/21/2012 Prevention Is Key To Reducing Health Care Costs For All Employees, Even Those With Chronic Conditions
12/21/2012 2012 Form 5500 annual return/report series issued
12/20/2012 Consumers Saw Nearly $1.5 Billion Financial Benefit From ACA’s Medical Loss Ratio Requirement In 2011
12/20/2012 Use of CBA’s alternate method for calculating contributions OK when employer fails to provide records
12/19/2012 Majority Of U.S. Employers Likely To Provide Health Coverage In 2014
12/19/2012 IRS issues 2012 cumulative list of changes in plan qualification requirements
12/18/2012 HHS Details Accepted De-Identification Methods For PHI
12/18/2012 PBGC reports record $34 billion deficit for fiscal year 2012
12/17/2012 IRS Releases Final Regulations On Fees For Health Insurers To Fund Patient Center
12/17/2012 Plan contributions bounced back in 2011, PSCA survey shows
12/14/2012 Self-Insured Plans Growing, Driven By Large Employers
12/14/2012 Vast majority of large firms offer only 401(k) plan to employees, survey finds
12/13/2012 States Have “Great Deal Of Latitude” When Setting Up Exchanges, CRS Reports
12/13/2012 IRS again extends deadline to amend DB plan to satisfy Code Sec. 436 rules
12/12/2012 Common Questions Updated On Early Retiree Reimbursement Program Website
12/12/2012 Duty of prudence not breached by fiduciaries’ failure to act in wake of decline of value in employer stock
12/11/2012 OPM Proposes Rules On Multi-State Plan Program For Health Insurance Exchanges
12/11/2012 DOL recovers nearly $220 million to compensate employee benefit plans and others impacted by Madoff’s Ponzi scheme
12/10/2012 HHS Proposes Rules On Premium Stabilization Programs, Exchange User Fees, SHOP Program, And MLR Under Health Reform
12/10/2012 IRS provides retirement plan loan and hardship distribution relief for Hurricane Sandy victims
12/07/2012 Health Reform Court Challenge Update
12/06/2012 More Workers Face Annual Deductibles In Health Plans
12/06/2012 Trustees of multiemployer pension fund did not act as fiduciaries when they amended the plan
12/05/2012 Same-Sex Marriage Legalized In Three More States; Implications For Employee Benefit Plans
12/05/2012 EBSA provides compliance guidance for employee benefit plans adversely affected by Hurricane Sandy
12/04/2012 HHS Issues Proposed Regulations On Insurance Reforms, EHBs
12/04/2012 Variable annuity purchased with 401(k) rollover exempt from bankruptcy estate
12/03/2012 Departments Issue Proposed Regulations On Nondiscriminatory Wellness Programs Under ACA
12/03/2012 IRS issues disaster relief for victims of Hurricane Sandy in Connecticut, New Jersey, and New York
11/30/2012 Aflac Presents 2013 Benefits Trends For Human Resource Managers To Monitor
11/30/2012 PBGC issues disaster relief for Connecticut, New Jersey, and New York
11/29/2012 ADEA Coverage Begins At Age 40
11/28/2012 ACA Deadlines Are Looming, But Employers Still Lack Clear-Cut Guidelines, Say Experts
11/28/2012 IRS final regs provide limited exception to anti-cutback rules for plan sponsor in bankruptcy
11/27/2012 Kodak Retirees Lose Health, Welfare Benefits
11/26/2012 Expert Discusses Impact Of Election On Health Care
11/20/2012 Deductible contribution limit for two DC multiemployer plans takes into account only employees who had allocations other than elective deferrals
11/16/2012 Treasury, IRS Announce Special Relief To Encourage Leave-Donation Programs For Victims Of Hurricane Sandy
11/16/2012 PBGC changing enforcement approach to target pension plans at risk
11/15/2012 Final Rules Update 2013 Medicare Payments For ESRD, Home Health, Outpatient Hospital, and Physician Services
11/15/2012 Multiemployer plan erred by not using actuary’s “best estimate” of funding shortfall to compute withdrawal liability
11/14/2012 Treasury Department Upholds Health Care Tax Credit Rule
11/14/2012 ASPPA launches initiative to save 401(k) plans from tax reform
11/13/2012 Most Small Businesses Do Not Understand Requirements Of Health Reform Law
11/13/2012 Employers doubt retirement readiness of 401(k) participants, Towers Watson reports
11/12/2012 Only Half Of Workers In Small Firms Offered And Eligible For Health Insurance: Commonwealth Fund
11/12/2012 Americans are more worried about their retirement finances, survey finds
11/09/2012 FSAs Face Big Change In 2013
11/08/2012 Wellness Programs Can Help Small Employers Save Money: Study
11/08/2012 Sixth Circuit declines to apply presumption of prudence at pleadings stage
11/07/2012 HR Managers Say Employees Do Not Understand Benefits; Improving Employee Communication Is Top Priority
11/07/2012 GAO recommends IRS, DOL coordinate oversight of multiple employer plans
11/06/2012 Enrollment Reaches 86,000 In Health Reform’s Temporary High-Risk Pool
11/06/2012 IRS seeks comments on 417(a)(7) regs
11/05/2012 Retiree Health Savings Needs Drop Due To ACA Provision
11/05/2012 DOL seeks comments on annual funding notice for DB plans
11/02/2012 Husband’s Medical Records Must Be Disclosed To Former Employer In Employee’s Lawsuit Based On FMLA
11/02/2012 2013 Social Security cost-of-living adjustment will be 1.7%
11/01/2012 Few Employers Offer Retiree Health Benefits, And The Number Keeps Dropping: EBRI
11/01/2012 Numerous retirement plan dollar limits to increase under 2013 COLAs
10/31/2012 Employer could withdraw from multiemployer defined benefit plan after plan entered critical status
10/30/2012 Employees Not Feeling Confident In Benefits Elections This Open Enrollment Period: MetLife
10/30/2012 IRS seeks comments on regs on cash or deferred arrangements
10/29/2012 IRS Issues 2013 Adjusted Limits For Long Term Care, MSAs
10/29/2012 EBRI finds that 401(k) plans are growing, but IRA ownership is falling
10/26/2012 Create New Excepted Benefit Category For HRAs, Group Suggests
10/26/2012 IRS seeks comments on applications for enrollment to perform actuarial services
10/25/2012 Commentators Want IRS To Lose FSA “Use It Or Lose It” Rule, Treasury Official Says
10/25/2012 Disbursement of participant’s account balance incident to fraud by former spouse did not constitute forfeiture
10/24/2012 Future Guidance Will Address Additional Employer Shared Responsibility Questions, Government Officials Say
10/24/2012 IRS seeks comments on required distribution regs
10/23/2012 Aon Hewitt Provides Open Enrollment Tips For Workers
10/23/2012 Age greater factor than tax rates in determining benefits of plan contributions, ICI study finds
10/22/2012 Romney’s Plan Would Increase Uninsured To 72 million In 2022; ACA Would Decrease Uninsured To 27 million: Commonwealth Fund
10/22/2012 Cash balance plan may not reduce pre-conversion early retirement subsidy
10/19/2012 Employee Failed To Show He Engaged In Conduct Protected By ERISA Or FLSA, Eighth Circuit Rules
10/18/2012 Health Insurance Costs Will Decrease For Small Business Under ACA: Urban Institute
10/18/2012 IRS seeks applications for TE/GE Advisory Committee
10/17/2012 Plan Is Not Employee Benefit Plan Under ERISA: EBSA
10/17/2012 Raising default rate on 401(k) contributions would increase retirement security success: EBRI
10/16/2012 ERIC Urges Regulators To Ensure Employers Have Flexibility In Implementing Shared Responsibility Provisions
10/16/2012 Informal employee questions regarding benefits are “inquiries” protected by ERISA Sec. 510
10/15/2012 States Move Forward On Affordable Insurance Exchange Implementation
10/15/2012 Study suggests plan sponsors should redirect focus from fund performance to increasing deferrals
10/12/2012 Health Care Benefits Second Most Difficult Decision for Consumers: Aetna
10/12/2012 ERISA Advisory Council to meet October 30-31, 2012
10/11/2012 2013 Open Enrollment Season Foreshadows Significant Structural Changes In 2014 And Beyond
10/11/2012 Correction procedures at “top of the list” for forthcoming guidance, IRS official says
10/10/2012 Most Employers Considering Move Towards Exchange-Based Individual Market Strategies For Retiree Medical Programs
10/10/2012 PBGC mails plan administrators notice about 2013 premium filings
10/09/2012 Government May Provide Transitional Relief For Determining Employee Status Under ACA, Treasury Official Says
10/09/2012 2012 looks to be another challenging year: Mercer report
10/08/2012 Surveys Predict Single-Digit Health Care Cost Increases In 2013
10/08/2012 Employer groups urge Congress to pass bill to alleviate 401(k) plan “leakage”
10/05/2012 Employer Entitled To Make “Reasonable Modifications” To Retiree Health Care Benefits, Sixth Circuit Rules
10/04/2012 Americans Still Confident About Health Care, But Concerned About Cost, EBRI Reports
10/04/2012 Employees did not prove intent by seller and buyer companies to interfere with employees’ attainment of benefits
10/03/2012 Electronic Delivery Of Employee Health Plan Communications Continues To Grow
10/03/2012 EBSA launches 401(k) fee disclosure resource website
10/02/2012 Workplace Wellness Programs Can Significantly Reduce Health Risks, Study Finds
10/02/2012 Pre-PPA cash balance plan with valid NRA did not violate ERISA’s bar on backloading benefit accruals
10/01/2012 IRS/Treasury Discuss Shared Responsibility Payment Guidance And Safe Harbors
10/01/2012 Return of premium refunds to plan sponsor was not employer reversion
9/28/2012 Benefits Were 30.7 Percent Of Total Compensation In June 2012, BLS Finds
9/28/2012 PBGC technical update explains effect of MAP-21 on 4010 reporting
9/27/2012 IRS Deputy Miller Touts ACA Implementation
9/27/2012 IRS issues guidance on MAP-21 funding rules for single-employer DB plans
9/26/2012 CDHPs Second Most Common Plan Design Offered By Employers
9/26/2012 EBSA unveils online filing tool for plan sponsors to report service providers that fail to comply with fee disclosure rules
9/25/2012 Health Reform’s Pre-Existing Condition Insurance Program Fulfills Mission As A Bridge Program
9/25/2012 IRS may develop pre-approved program for ESOPs
9/24/2012 Firms With Many Part-Time Workers Weight Response To ACA Coverage Requirement
9/24/2012 Maintaining good internal controls key to improving plan compliance, says IRS official
9/21/2012 Health System Transformation, Increased Use Of Technology Needed To Improve Care And Reduce Costs: IOM Report
9/20/2012 Wellness Programs Save Employers $1 To $3 For Every Dollar Spent: IFEBP
9/20/2012 IRS modifies letter-forwarding program to help locate missing plan participants
9/19/2012 Positive Benefits Enrollment Experience Leads To Increased Perceived Value Of Benefits
9/19/2012 Decedent’s stepchildren not entitled to plan benefits under state equitable adoption law
9/18/2012 ERIC Urges Obama Administration To Clarify Dependent Coverage Requirements
9/18/2012 Arrangement involving service agreements between business and companies owned by Roth IRAs is abusive Roth IRA transaction
9/17/2012 Health Care Costs Rose 4 Percent For Families In 2012: Kaiser/HRET
9/17/2012 How to document compliance with rules governing hardship distributions for educational expenses
9/14/2012 Percentage Of Middle Age And Older Adults With Multiple Chronic Conditions Rose Significantly Over Ten Years
9/13/2012 California Employers Turn To Wellness Programs To Combat Preventable And Chronic Illnesses: SHRM
9/13/2012 PBGC issues guidance on determination of premiums under MAP-21
9/12/2012 Health Reform Provisions Prompt Retiree Medical Plan Sponsors To Retool, Aon Hewitt Reports
9/12/2012 ICI data show continued commitment to retirement saving
9/11/2012 Satisfaction Levels Rising Among CDHP Enrollees, But Traditional Plans Are Still Preferred
9/11/2012 IRS updates specifications for electronic filing of certain 2012 information returns, including Form 5498
9/10/2012 IRS, DOL, HHS Issue Guidance On ACA Shared Responsibility For Employers, Waiting Periods
9/10/2012 Retirement plan permitted to use plan-specific mortality tables after amending plan to provide annuity settlement window
9/07/2012 Many Employers Missing Key Opportunities To Use Benefits Communication To Improve Benefits Program Success
9/07/2012 Eleventh Circuit upholds $1.2M damage award; fiduciary admitted he violated PT rules
9/06/2012 Majority Of Employers Will Offer Health Coverage For The Foreseeable Future
9/06/2012 Transamerica survey reveals severe impact on retirement outlook for unemployed workers
9/05/2012 Health And Retirement Benefits: The Impact And Influence of Tax Incentives Considered
9/05/2012 IRS updates specifications for electronic filing of tax year 2012 Form 8955-SSA in calendar year 2013
9/04/2012 IRA owner liable for additional tax for early withdrawal from IRA after rollover from pension plan
9/04/2012 HHS Amends PCIP Program Eligibility